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  1. i hear people catching cobia left and right but i have yet to hook one this yr! i think i need a captain to take me out and show me where these brown bombers lurk!
  2. there is no fish in terra ceia only big houses and clean water! but no fish! im telling you to stay oput of there!
  3. poons are everywhere!!!! GREAT TIDES THIS WEEKEND!
  4. niccccceeeee lookin boat my friend!
  5. its been kind of hard lately to find a slot sized redfish all the ones i have been finding have been to big!
  6. you try throwing live bait at these snooks "such as white bait"?
  7. almost had the slam! nice fish from the yak!
  8. that looks like some good eats right there!
  9. What you talkin about i dont even know how to swim lol :laugh:
  10. got it off their website. And i will let you know when i find a decent amount of snook!
  11. Niceee lookin fish once again Andy you just tear up the fish down there! though im not as brave as you with the wading lol. i might get waist deep in the water anything past i get a little skiddish with the big tooth critters that like to roam the flats this time of yr lol. WTG!
  12. i know im not fishing from shore but i have seen large schools of school in North Pinellas behind Anclote Key " close to 60 fish" though South Pinellas i have not seen the large schools just groups of like 3 to 7 fish. But i ran to LongBoat Pass two days ago and saw a massive school around the docks close to like 100 to 150 fish. I just dont know where the big schools of snook are at in the South Pinellas area obviously im lookin in all the worng areas lol.
  13. what was the water temp like up there?
  14. nicccceee lookin reds i got to go over there and try that out one of these days
  15. fished the shell key aea today and slammed!!! the fishing is still hot!
  16. I have been seeing plenty of big Trout on the inside of mullet key. If you could some how catch bait at one of those peirs and transport them to the inside without them dying on you i would bet you would do pretty good on the deeper grass. Also big snook have been sitting in the pot holes out there!!!
  17. Im gonna have to follow you out to that trout hole one of these days steve! :whistle:
  18. Hello Tami and welcome to the Forum. I have been fishing quite a bit out of the fort desot srea alot lately and if i was to fish from land out there right now i would go to the north beach and fish bounces pass. I have been starting to find some of the smaller male snook starting to roam around there. I havent seen many big gals yet but im sure they are not to far behind. Also i would bring a little heavier setup out there. I have been hooking alot of tarpon not to far off the beach so good luck with the fishing!
  19. nice lookin snook there Andy! I think if you just hold it there for a quick pic its not to bad. I dont like it when i see it on the boat getting passed around like bowl of popcorn and its been out of the water for 30 minutes with 7 people getting their photo op with the fish . But back to the what i was sayin nice lookin snook!
  20. Glad that you found the site okay and you are enjoying it! If you are wondering about the redfish its been kind of slow in the anclote dunedin area. though the snook fishing is becoming very good. I have been finding large schools of snook around the north end of anclote key back tucked in behind the island. If you are lookin for scaled sardines they can be found around the shoal markers in front of the light house in about 4 feet of water. I would recommend getting out there before first light because the bait gets spooky when the sun gets high. Also throw a 8 to 10 foot net in a 3/8inch mesh. good luck and tight lines!!!
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