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  1. Thank you Capt Steve that Means a lot. By chance are you doing the Rattle Snake Point tournament next week?
  2. Tomorrow night at 7:00 P.M. Capt Randy Rochelle is going to be giving a seminar on spring time kingfish. So for all you offshore runners this a seminar that you should not miss!
  3. Just let me know Glenn, you can reach me at [email protected] or call me at (813) 494-8943
  4. I had a great time guys, I can't wait for the next trip.
  5. I would like to thank everyone that came out Thursday night. It really does mean a lot to me and I can't thank you enough. I hope everyone enjoyed the seminar even though we were long winded and went over the basics I hope everyone walked away from there with some helpful info.
  6. Alan is the best down there for peacocks. One of the best fishing trips I have ever gone on, I recommend everyone going down there to catch one!
  7. are u still wanting to fish tomorrow if so when and where?
  8. 2fishshort I'm just taking out my kayak tomorrow I'm going to launch on the west side of the Gandy bridge and paddle north I'm planning on being out there around 9 or 9:30 to fish the low in the afternoon before this front comes through.
  9. Planning on heading out to fourth street tomorrow around 9ish if any one wants to join ill be there.
  10. one of these days ill be ale to tie myself a fly that doesnt look like crap lol.
  11. i would check out either of the sunshine skyway fishing peirs, depending on the age of your son there is plenty of bait still around the peirs for him to sabiki up and have fun with. Also there are bonito, snapper, grouper and still some kingfish being caught from the peirs so that might be an idea and it will save you some gass money coming from plant city.
  12. I hope everything works out with the rod over there at basspro i promise you will like that St Croix. I really do appreciate all the compliments, I still have along way to go but surrounding myself with people like Capt David, Gancy, Vance, and Gary will speed up my learning curve in the fishing world.
  13. Chris just stick to Tampa, we have an amazing tarpon fishery here and u won't have to deal with the madness of boca grande
  14. yes i didnt know it would blow up this fast lol, but i think this would be a great tournament. We can do either fresh or salt. im going to look for some good tides in the near future and see if we cant setup a day. Probably some time around march when its starting to warm up. this is going to be a blast!
  15. This is just another reason why not to fish tournaments. Now days they make you pay outrageous amounts of money for a little return. Also you have to rely on the honor code that someone is following the rules.
  16. Thats a Jacksonville Slam lol, they make up Slams in different areas. Like the keys is a Bonefish, Tarpon, and a Permit.
  17. Another decent area down around that way is Cockroach Bay all the little inlets and potholes usually hold some redfish and trout. Just keep trying new areas, when you do end up finding those fish it makes it that more rewarding.
  18. First off welcome to the forum, and glad to hear you got out with your dad to do some fishing. The Anclote Power plant may be a good place to try, a lot of big jacks, trout, ladyfish, etc. like to make their way over there this time of year.
  19. This week on Friday the 28th and Saturday 29th Tampa Fishing Outfitters will be holding their Customer Appreciation sale. Both days starting at 11:00 to 3:00 P.M. we will be serving free food and seminars. Also we will be having red tag sales and closeouts going on for good deals on fishing equipment. So come on out and enjoy some food and have a good time.
  20. This time of the yr is one of the best times to saltwater fly fish. I would stick with the 8wt and use the floating and the intermediate lines. Tides are going to be your friend down here, negative lows leave fish in certain areas and make the easier to locate. Good flies would be basic clousers, little redfish toads, little ep baitfish patterns, and some crab flies, these flies will just catch about anything that lives on the flats. If you tie your own I would recommend tying flouro weed guards into flys to keep grass off of them. Also the leader you are using is just fine you can go down to 15lb if you are comfortable. All the areas that you listed are very productive, just put the time in and you will be successful
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