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  1. ST. CROIX Legend Elite Saltwater fly rod. model # esw909.49'0 - 9wt. - 4 pieceIt is used, minimal. But not abused. Normal wear for a rod less than a year old.$275 or trade for a 12wt rod of equal value. may add cash if you have a nice 12wt. local pickup or possibly meet you somewhere. If you want pictures you can email me at [email protected]
  2. capt mike

    Hookin' up on Lemon Bay

    nicely done! and happy eats lol
  3. capt mike

    Picnic Island

    all the creek mouth over there will be holding some nice snook and reds around the points. also this time of yr over there just check the flat alot of those reds over there roam around the flat going from pot hole to pot hole. i would chuck some gold spoons around and see if you couldnt locate a couple of fish then post up after you catch a few then chunk some lady fish or mullet and start wearing them out.good luck out there!
  4. capt mike


    If you start seeing birds diving and you find the Spanish mackerel schools, troll around there with a small Spanish mackerel or a blue runner.
  5. capt mike

    My best day ever at Weedon Island 9/24!

    Way To go, and nice report!
  6. capt mike

    First trip to Desoto and nothing went right

    I highly recommend going out with a guide not just to catch fish but to learn his methods and how he fishes the water. The more guides you go out with the more techniques you learn along the way.
  7. capt mike

    Big red at Weedon Island 9/18

    Congrats on the red I bet that take was a cool sight to see
  8. capt mike

    30 lb Flourocarbon Leader For Macs?

    These are all great ideas but I would check your drag pressure first. If your drag is to tight this will lead to much more cut offs. When I Mack fish I almost take my drag completely off then feather the spool with my hand to get the hook into the fish. Try it out and see if this helps.
  9. capt mike

    Captain Mike

    Tomorrow my mom is going to bring me a journal so I can document all the experiences I have gone through these past couple of days. I want everybody to know what exactly I have been going through so you can better understand the complications of a snake bite. Hopefully i can share my experiences with you which will be educational and entertaining at times. Also I just want to thank everyone again for all the words of encouragement and vists I have been receiving. I truly believe it has made a difference in my recovery time and health. And lastly I want to thank Capt Dave if it wasn't for him I would probably not be speaking to all of you right now. I'm truly honored to have Capt Dave as a friend and mentor in my life . I believe things happen for a reason and God put Dave on this earth to help the betterment of others. I am a living testament of this, and I hope someday I can be an amazing individual like him!
  10. capt mike

    Captain Mike

    I will be throwin up pancakes in no time lol
  11. capt mike

    Captain Mike

    Looks like I'm getting more anti-venom so this round two to get rid of this venom
  12. capt mike

    Captain Mike

    Jack you know if I could I would my friend
  13. capt mike

    Captain Mike

    Hey guys a little update looks like I will not be needing surgery so that's good news. Also my vitals look a little better so I'm feeling good and hope to see Yal soon!
  14. capt mike

    Captain Mike

    Hey guys thank you for all your support! Docs are sayin I'm doin pretty good, I just can't wait to get back on the water
  15. capt mike

    Tony's Tuna

    Go fish catch a big Tuna get $19,000 off of one fish. I need a to try my skills up north! LoL
  16. capt mike

    Wednesday Night Seminars

    This Wednesday night 9/13/2011 Vance Tice will be teaching How to troll for grouper at Tampa Fishing Outfitters. For those of us that are not familiar with trolling or trying to get into it I highly recommend this seminar. Vance will teach you the basics of trolling and will answer any of your more detailed questions about trolling. Again the seminar is September 14th at 6:30 P.M. here at Tampa Fishing Outfitters.
  17. capt mike

    Friday night Tarpon 8-26

    Nice little poon!
  18. capt mike

    Back to schooling Mullet

    Good job on the Feesh!!
  19. capt mike


    Original price- $300Sale price- $239At Tampa Fishing Outfitters3916 W. Osborne Ave. Tampa, Fl 33614(813)870-1234
  20. capt mike

    Would never expect this to happen

    haha with wades face on it!
  21. capt mike

    Would never expect this to happen

    Gotta love guides who think they own the water lol!
  22. capt mike

    8/21 Fishing Report

    Lostmans1 wrote: I agree!
  23. capt mike

    Bigass Fish

    Nicely done !
  24. capt mike

    fisherman's paradise anyone?

    i was out there by the barge the other day and they looked like they already had customets on it?they had a cat, a sportfish and a go fast boat docked up on it.