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  1. Yah we will see, you can keep those 4 fish but you have to pay $1000 per a fish to keep lol.
  2. ragnar35 wrote: sometimes storms and ocean currents move the wrecks over time. Thats why some sites have different #'s. usually the dive sites have the most accurate and current coordinates.
  3. Also you have to have a d hooking device on your boat, the only thing i would recommend that will make your trip more successful would be netting a lot of bait to chum with. If you can get some of those small 2 to 3'' whitebait on the flats right now you can slowly chum those snapper off the bottom along with grouper, hog snapper, cobia and mackerel.
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    Welcome to the forum!!! and happy fishingMike Cole
  5. :woohoo: :woohoo: :woohoo: WWWWWWWOOOOOOOOWWWWWWWW :woohoo: :woohoo: :woohoo:
  6. That area that david pointed out is exactlly where i caught my red at yesterday. also there is plenty of snook there you just have to trick them into eating your arties.
  7. I went out there yesterday and did okay and managed one nice mid slot red. Saw a few snook but they didnt want to play. I notice that you are getting out in the morning which is the incoming tide. I really like to fish the flats on the lows over there. It leaves the fish in only a few areas.
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    Dont be fooled germ if there was a net on the boat he would have thrown it on the peacocks.
  9. I wouldn't be surprised if you get some juvi tarpon or snook right there next to U.S. 19
  10. thats when you need a radio on the boat so you can jam out when towing lol.
  11. That looks like a lot of good eatin right there!
  12. where are the rest of the pics at Dave?
  13. i would say around the 30 inch range but a very nice fish!
  14. they put a large mouth to shame, a 2 lbs peacock fights harder than any 8 lbs large mouth.
  15. Where- Tampa Fishing OutfittersWhen- July 27th 2011Time- 6:30 P.M. Instructor- Vance TiceTopic- Inshore FishingLocal fishing legend Vance Tice will be instructing you on the various techniques of shallow water flats fishing in Tampa bay. From the elusive backwater Snook to the super spooky tailing Redfish he will help you land the big one! This is a definite must see, where you can pick up on all the secrets of Tampa bay.
  16. I work over at Tampa Fishing Outfitters and we have sold alot of the terez casting rods. I have not used one myself but they feel good and they look good! If you want to see one and match it up to a reel come on in.
  17. Always a loop knot with live bait.
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