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  1. snookwhisperer

    Tampa Bay Gags

    Proper !
  2. snookwhisperer

    Am I On The Right Track

    I got a 37" yesterday on the flats around Apollo Beach, he was just swimming by and took a white bait tossed to him.
  3. snookwhisperer

    Raymarine Dragonfly Gps/fish Finder

    I've seen alot of comb. units that have a real lousy base map. They want you to buy a chip for your area. Water depth charts are usually a menu item.
  4. snookwhisperer

    White Perch And Stripers.

    I guess I've been wrong for along time about the broken line theory. Used to catch strippers on the St. Johns, on Little Lake George, at the croker hole. If it had a broken line it was a hybrid. Sorry Andy, glad you'r still catching fish "back up yonder".
  5. snookwhisperer

    White Perch And Stripers.

    That's a hybrid striper, you can tell by the broken bars running along its sides. Nice fish.
  6. snookwhisperer

    Southshore Tb 5/13

    Days like that, both of you will long remember.
  7. snookwhisperer

    Trolling Motor Feedback

    I recently purchased an Ipilot, moving up from a hand control Minn Kota. I'm still getting used to it, all this wind isn't helping! I bought it for the spot lock, and the North lock, (locks on a heading despite the wind, current etc.) I think I did the right thing?
  8. snookwhisperer

    6" Jack Plate - Needed Or Not

    I used to be in the same boat about jack plates, till my buddy used his to get shallower than me put puting into little cockroach bay. His boat was heavyer than mine, but the angle of the engine allowed him to move better trimed up. So for what's worth, I'd get one.
  9. snookwhisperer

    A License Not To Board

    I don't know about a lic., but I read that some Fl. politician was going to issue a bill that would allow you to have your boat inspected by the Coast Guard Reserves, have you put the safe boating sticker next to your registration numbers. Than if the FWC stops by and see the sticker, they will let you go with out inspecting you.
  10. snookwhisperer

    Snapper, Grouper, Tips And Tricks...

    Go longer go lighter. When snapper won't bite, go longer flor leader and lighter # test leader. Also try less weight. Strart chuming more.
  11. Great trip. Well worth staying up for!!
  12. It was a fun day, I really enjoyed it. I'd do it again in a heart beat!
  13. snookwhisperer

    Snook In Homosassa

    Nice fish Capt. John, nice too get to fish with family!
  14. snookwhisperer

    Minn Kota 36V 112 Trolling Motor

    I pilot?
  15. snookwhisperer

    Trolling For Grouper

    Sounds good, keep me in the loop.