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    snookwhisperer got a reaction from andys in White Perch And Stripers.   
    I guess I've been wrong for along time about the broken line theory. Used to catch strippers on the St. Johns, on Little Lake George, at the croker hole. If it had a broken line it was a hybrid.
    Sorry Andy, glad you'r still catching fish "back up yonder".
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    snookwhisperer got a reaction from hooked4life in Snapper, Grouper, Tips And Tricks...   
    Go longer go lighter. When snapper won't bite, go longer flor leader and lighter # test leader. Also try less weight. Strart chuming more.
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    snookwhisperer reacted to Micklej1 in Hubbards 12 Hour Night Mangrove Snapper 4/15-16/2016   
    I fished the 12 hour night snapper trip with the Hubbards crew on 4/15/16. There were only 30 or so people on board so there was room to move around. I fished spot 19 all night. Every stop produced bites although every bite did not produce fish (snapper fishing ) i hung in there with a five hour energy at 12:00 a.m. and that kept me focused for the entire trip . Approximately 1/2 of the fishermen were out for the count by 2:00 a.m. I saw mangs, gags, red grouper, vermillion snapper, lane snapper, one red snapper, yellowtail snapper and porgies caught. We were fishing ledges the entire night the 1st mate told me. Very productive trip. I ended up with a limit of Mangrove Snapper (10), 5 Vermillion, 1 Yellowtail, 1 Lane snapper, and a grey snapper (grunt)
    Check out the pics.

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    snookwhisperer reacted to captainbaty in Want To See Snook Blow Ups Like This?   
    I can do the same thing at my dock with greenbacks or shrimp     but nice video
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    snookwhisperer reacted to poyssick in Trolling For Grouper   
    This will come together nicely
    Do not tell NOAA. OK? Please do not tell NOAA. Even if we are not gonna kill a fish, there is somebody with some title somewhere at NOAA that will not like us even telling you HOW to kill a fish when the DO let us kill fish.

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    snookwhisperer reacted to slingnbait in 3 Year Old Grandson Getting It Done   
    My grandson Finn who is 3 came over for the weekend over New Years eve.  We have a pond in the back that we fish for bass.  He was able to catch a few bass in the pond and later that day he asked me if we were going to go catch some snook. I told him that we were going in the big boat the next day snook fishing.  Finn was on a tear.  He caught a bunch of snook with one going over 25" and he caught it all by himself along with all the other fish he caught that day.   The kid LOVES to fish and I can not wait till he is about 5 when I have him throwing the net!  Here is a short video of that day!



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    snookwhisperer reacted to freaky in Sheepshead In The Bay   
    I got to go out with a buddy yesterday on his boat. We got out about 10 am and fished till pm . We ended up keeping 13 nice Sheeps, biggest was 18'' and we lost one at the boat that was a lot bigger, I'm guessing 20'' +. We had 6 keeper snappers and a couple of grunts. We were in 20' of water on rock piles using fish-finder rigs with shrimp. Most were caught before 1 pm, then the tide died and Flipper moved in and things died off from there. Good eats for supper tonite !
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    snookwhisperer reacted to jbdba01 in 20160116 - Thug Life   
    Between the hard rains, cooler water, and higher than expected winds it was a really tough bite.
    Hoping for any action at all I paddled out to the 6' marking and joined a pair of Osprey.  They were perched on the marker itself so I wasn't terribly confident in catching - normally I like to fish when they are fishing.  Regardless I switched to a Riptide Flats Chub Firefly pattern and figured I would try for some trout.
    Things were pretty uneventful until I hear a great deal of commotion behind me.  I saw that the Osprey had managed to catch a trout and in hot pursuit was what I thought was another huge Osprey.  As they got closer to me I saw that in fact it was a bald eagle.  No more than 50' above me they flew right by.  I had seen this before but it was a quick fight for lunch.  This one went on long enough that I decided to see if I could get some shots - I fumbled for the camera and just started randomly holding the button down.  Fortunately they came by again and I didn't bother trying to zoom in - there was just too much action to get in tight.
    Not very confident in the set of last 3 shots I just set the camera down and got back to fishing.  Things seemed to pick up and I closed out the last 45 minuted with 7-8 trout.  3 tourist trout, 3 mid teens,  1 lower 20's, and hes I managed to lose the big fish of the day on some rusty hooks.  The big fish was lost on the Mirordine.  Here's what I was throwing...

    At home I checked out all the shots and found a couple came out OK, but I really needed a better lens and probably should have used the viewfinder better.   Things happened pretty fast so I can live with it.  You may want to click to enlarge the shot.

    In tighter

    Looks like an eagle...


    Eventually the Osprey dropped the trout, but the Bald Eagle didn't get to it fast enough.  Seems the trout actually swam off because the Osprey couldn't get to it either after the eagle gave up.  
    Fishing wasn't exactly stellar, but the bird action made the day.
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    snookwhisperer got a reaction from flaswimbaiter in Landing Net Recommendation   
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    snookwhisperer got a reaction from flaswimbaiter in Cast Net Surprises   
    A 35" snook! The season was closed and you can't keep snook caught
    in a cast net. Only snook caught that day. lol.
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    snookwhisperer got a reaction from flaswimbaiter in Cast Net Surprises   
    A 35" snook! The season was closed and you can't keep snook caught
    in a cast net. Only snook caught that day. lol.
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    snookwhisperer got a reaction from flaswimbaiter in Cast Net Surprises   
    A 35" snook! The season was closed and you can't keep snook caught
    in a cast net. Only snook caught that day. lol.
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    snookwhisperer got a reaction from barrynfla in Back On The Forums   
    John, don't let the haters get to you.
    I've fished with Capt. John and can say without doubt
    he cares !
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    snookwhisperer reacted to tof_team in Tampa Bay To Anclote Inshore   
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    snookwhisperer reacted to slingnbait in Video Blog   
    Hello All, some of you know me as Slingnbait, others know me as Todd Foucher and some other nicknames I will not mention .  I have been asked by Gary Poyssick to start doing a video blog for Guy Harvey's The Online Fisherman Magazine.  To say that I am quite honored is an understatement.  I really enjoy helping fellow anglers with tips and techniques.  My video blogs will have an educational flare to them and be shorter than my usual video posts about my fishing trips.  I am really looking forward to doing this and getting a chance to put my huge green screens to good use for once.  I am looking for any feedbakc through this process so if there is something that you want to see, please let me know!  Thank you to everyone who has been supportive and interacting with us on our videos.  I have met alot of great people through this site and look forward to meeting many more!
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    snookwhisperer reacted to slingnbait in Unbelievable Snapper Bite!   
    With it being so hot and the tides not being the greatest we usually opt to go snapper and grouper fishing this time of year.  Lately we have consistently been putting very nice snapper in the boat.  We have come to the conclusion that we will not keep anything under 16" and that has not been a problem.  We have been getting them up to 19" and have lost some bigger than that.  We have also hooked some fish that we can not stop.  If the inshore bite is slow you can always depend on the snapper to get things going.  Here is the video from this last weekend.  I kind of go through our process and how we get the snapper going.  It takes alot of chum but it is worth it!

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    snookwhisperer reacted to SureStrikeLureCo in Surestrikelureco   
    Available now at Tampa Fishing Outfitters.Thanks for your support ladies and gentlemen. Check out my post on the new comers section of the forums to learn more about us.Stay safe on the water and Take A Kid Fishing

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    snookwhisperer reacted to tof_team in Tampa Bay Inshore   
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    snookwhisperer got a reaction from hoogies hooker in Pbx2   
    That's a nice flaty, and the snooks a real pig! Way to go.
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    snookwhisperer reacted to mikelib19 in Mixed Bag On The Flats   
    Had a plan to hit a spot I hadn't gone in a while and got on the road to be there at sunup. I thought the bait shop that I was going to hit would be open but they weren't yet. No big deal. My girlfriend would prefer live bait but I figured we would be fine with artificials. Carry on to the place we want to launch and the wind is blowing straight out of the south right at us. With a long paddle to where we wanted to fish, it wasn't going to work. Got back in the truck to hit an area that would be more sheltered. Not a strong start.
    Anyways, we finally get launched at our second spot and there are birds crashing bait everywhere. Throw some casts with the Sebile and turns out its ladyfish. That's fine, we now have cut bait. Got 1 trout mixed in and a handful of ladyfish and moved on to our usual fishing hole to let out some ladyfish chunks. As soon as the first chunk hits the water, we have a fish on. Weird fight. Get it it to shore and it turns out to be a bonnet head. Not a banner day up to that point but after that it was pretty much non stop reds that were top of the slot or over for the next 2-3 hours. My girlfriend also managed a 32" snook to top it all off. The red in the pic measured 28". The fish were all over the dead bait but I couldn't event get a look on the spoon or jigs. Had to leave them biting when the weather got too hot to handle. Hated to leave since it will be at least another week or so before I can get out again.

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    snookwhisperer reacted to flaswimbaiter in Skyway Circus - Trout, Jetskis And Horses.. Oh My   
    Couldn’t believe my eyes, horses on the flats, wonder if they were fishing.  LOL  I decided to skip this spot not just because of the horses, but the overabundance of jetskis.  At my next spot I spent all evening getting doing a lot of casting but not catching, all I got was one bit which was a trout right before dark.   Not sure what happen to the skyway flats, in years past there were a good spot to fish in the afternoon, this year the flats seem devoid of lift.



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    snookwhisperer reacted to fishhawk in Bigger Snapper Are In   
    I mean up inside Tampa Bay.
    Talking with Todd (Slinginbait) today. He was going out to get thread fins for chum. Tomorrow he's gonna chum the mangroves' up and fair slay them. Meantime I had trouble getting the marina to put my boat in. Finally got out at noon.
    First place was the last. Storms kicked up. Pam got going right away and boated five nice snapper like this. 

    I played with a hung anchor, got that sorted out and then the storm came in. Did find out one thing. Beer can be cold at 2 PM.
    No chum, no thread fins, some shrimp, a spot and cooperating fish. Sad we can't keep grouper all year. I'm tired of those darn mangroves pooping on my feet. 
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    snookwhisperer reacted to slingnbait in Inshore (Tampa Bay) Snapper On Fire!   
    Knowing that the tides were going to be very slow over the weekend and the water buzzin' with boats my fishing partner and I knew that the snapper bite was going to be good.  Well, good is not the word for it!  It was AWESOME!  With these slower tides we like to do free lining for the snapper.  We use our inshore setups with 8# braid and 20# leader.  What I like to do is cut up alot of greenies and threadfins in chunks and just throw them over board.  Within minutes if the tide is slow enough you can watch the bottom machine and see the snapper come off the bottom and work their way through the water column.
    Once we get them up you can actually see them schooling behind the boat.  We see some very large snapper in the mix everytime we do this.  Our biggest of the day was over 4#'s and just a hair under 20".  We got our 2 man limit and not one was under 17".  Guess what they had in their stomachs?  YEP our chum that we were throwing.  I have been asked alot lately on how do we catch these fish on a consistent basis and the answer is, alot of chum and slow tides (at least inside tampa bay).  I have video but my time is becoming very limited.  So I am going to try to get something done with it.  Might be more educational than anything.
    Hope this helps some of you out there!

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    snookwhisperer reacted to thien in More Phenomenal Snook Action--New Pb By .5 Inches   
    Sunday Night
    Went out with a buddy who used to work at Holy Mackerel. He was throwing a Spool Tek, and I was throwing a Gulf Stream tail hawk. Within 15 minutes, I hook up to a lower slot fish.  About 30 minutes later, I catch another nice over slot. Sweet! Action's picking up pretty good.  10 minutes later, I look over to my left and hear drag pulling. Awesome! Good to know the SpoolTek works! Unfortunately, the fish comes unbuttoned. My buddy loses the lure 1 cast later haha. There goes $20! I continue fishing, and about 10 minutes later, I hook into a fish that pulled drag for 10 seconds! This was going to be my 40 incher or tarpon.  This fish fought like no other snook I've fought, as my drag was nearly locked. Unfortunately, the hook pulls. Dang! Oh well...Got there at about 9:45 and left around 11:30. Not bad for a little fishing.

    Tuesday Night
    After attending one of my teen's choir concert, I came home at about 9:45 pm. With snook on my mind, I decide to get in a bit of last minute snookin'. Got to the spot around 10:30 and hook up about 10 minutes later. I was surprised, as I expected the tide to get better in another 2 hrs. Wow, what a fighter, as she pulled drag like mad! My 40 incher? I bring her up and quickly measure her--nope..about 38.5. New PB by .5 inches lol. Set up the new mini tripod and phone adapter I bought and quickly took a picture, then I revived and released the beaut. Nothing more, so I left around 1.

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    snookwhisperer got a reaction from arrowshooter in Weird Baitfish   
    What he said  ^^^^^