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  1. Hmmm.Wife or boat?There are always some tough choices in life.
  2. Hi Andy,Somewhere the flounder are having a big party.get well soon.
  3. Don't scare me like that!I saw the No Fish Today subject and that Andy had written it.I thought that Andy got skunked.If that were ever the case, I'd put the rods and reels away for a while.Keep up the good work, Andy.I got to find me one of those pink buckets!
  4. Happy Birthday, Andy!!!I have been reading your reports for some time and you make it sound so easy.Keep catching all those fish. But leave a few flounder for the rest of us.
  5. Has anybody been up that way lately?Is the west side still all ripped up?Does anybody know what the plan is for that area?I have searched, but have not come up with anything.
  6. Just an update - I went over to 4th Street the first of the month and the area still looked just like the picture that Shannon posted.There was a small back-hauler on the site but nobody was working there.I did not see any type of sign describing what is going on or who is doing the work.It's almost like they pulled up all the concrete slabs and then just left them there in chunks and stopped working on the area.On the plus side (?), it wasn't crowded. My truck was the only vehicle there, but it was raining slightly.And yes, there were some cars parked on the east side of 4th Street.
  7. My slam is the pinfish/grunt/ladyfish trio.
  8. I am kind of late and it's not by Honeymoon Island, but I.C. Sharks on Gandy east of 4th Street rents them.
  9. Do you guys have any suggestions for reasonably priced clip-ons or those wrap-around types?
  10. If you are set on either of the two, that's great.But, if you are still in the looking mode, I suggest that you check out the Kayak Spreadsheet at the top of this category.There are a lot of types and brands to choose from so it might be best to check out as many as you can.Just my two cents worth.
  11. Just my opinion, but I sure agree with Andy S's comments.My job is close to Holy Mackerel on 49th Street. The guys in there have always done right by me. Find a good tackle shop close to you and get to know them. Tell them what you plan to fish for, where and how. If it's a good shop, they will set you up correctly. By the way, a lot of times it's a matter of you get what you paid for. One time, I bought what I thought was a nice Daiwa combo (not at Holy Mackerel) and was very happy with it. But then, in a couple of years, the reel developed some "issues" and I found out that parts for less-expensive reels are hard, if not impossible, to come by. There is no rule that says the name on the rod must match the name on the reel.
  12. Tim, would you like to adopt me as another brother?I have my own kayak and I can hook my own shrimp.Seriously, great job - I think one of the wonderful things about fishing is when you take somebody out and put them on a lot of fish.Just remember - he owes you big time at Christmas and your birthday!
  13. Mike, again let me say what a great job you did on the spread sheet!It should stay at the top of the Kayak Fishing Talk heading.And whenever a post comes in starting with - "I am thinking of getting a kayak..." - this should be their first stop.
  14. That is a great spread sheet. I could have used it years ago when I got my kayak.I have an Emotion Mojo Angler and I am happy with it.However, I never see any comments about it or that brand.Am I the only person in the area that has one?Any comments about the Mojo Angler?I got it at Sweetwater when they were on the side road back in 2005/
  15. Hi all and Happy New Year.fordee9r triggered a thought I had.When I fish, it's usually with shrimp out of a kayak. My hook and leader are tied to one of those tiny black swivels. I have tried tying leader-to-line, but my fat hands are just too clumsy.So here is my thought - how much does a tiny little swivel tied two feet from the hook affect the fishing? I keep telling myself that if the fish is so smart he knows to avoid anything connected to that swivel, then that fish is most likely too smart for me to catch him.What do you guys think?And I hope that 2014 is a great year for all of us.
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