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  1. Flounder usually head offshore in the winter. Right now I would fish for them around the passes.
  2. Nice hog! That be some good eating there!
  3. Did anyone participate? I heard there were over 1000 fish turned in? Anyone have more information?
  4. This thing would need a price point of like 30 bucks to get me to try it.
  5. I always make sure the jig hits the bottom so it produces those little puffs of sand. I let it hit and rest for a few seconds and then twitch it up, repeat. Use a teaser with the jig because the fish is caught on the teaser about 90% of the time as was this snook. The snook fell for a yellow jig with a pink teaser. I have caught many species of fish on setups like this and I would have to say they are my most productive of artificials.
  6. The first tarpon I ever hooked was on a small greenback while fishing for spanish macks.
  7. I never watch fishing shows or porn for the same reason. I don't want to see other people do it I want to be doing it!
  8. Yesterday I was jigging for pompano with a goofy jig when it got slammed hard! The fish made a run that nearly emptied the spool of my little 3000 series reel. I could feel the fish shake its head as he went. I finally started to regain some of my line and the fish made a couple more runs. After 3 or 4 minutes I got the fish to the boat and saw a roughly 24 inch snook! My personal largest snook and the best catch ever on a goofy jig!
  9. Depends on what you are targeting. For grouper and AJ's I like the 4/0 and a 7 foot rod. I downsize if I am mango fishing.
  10. If you have never seen a scallop before you could possibly swim right by one. It takes a while to develop an eye for finding them. They don't look like the shells you may find on the beach. They do have camo! Look on top of the grass for those iridescent blue eyes along the opening of the shell. Go slow until you find a few and get a handle on what you are looking for. If you find one take a good look around because there may be more close by. Good luck!
  11. There are plenty of beach access points up at Indian Rocks. Some guys park in one spot and put their trailers in another. If the the trailer is small they put it in the back of a pickup truck or under their car. I fish there all the time and would enjoy company if you are of a mind.
  12. I was thinking low oxygen content in the water?
  13. I am confused as to why you can't see them. I see them with no problem.
  14. gulfscuba


    I lost a nice one while kayak fishing off IRB last Monday. I think he would have easily gone 20-25 lbs. Of course he hit the little spinning rod I was using for Spanish Macks. That set up was no match for the fish and I was surprised that I got him close to the boat!
  15. gulfscuba


    Everything appears to be made in China. Some items get very good reviews others not so. Have you ordered anything? Several items have tempted me to pull the trigger. Thanks for the heads up on the site. It's fun to look at from time to time.
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