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  1. I am sure you would love it. Capt. Carey is a great guy and the place is the perfect location for fishing the area.
  2. A good friend of mine Capt. Carey Gibson has cabins on an island in Homosassa. You want a cool adventure. Check it out. Give him a call. http://www.southernslamoutfitters.com/private-island-retreat.html You can tell him I sent you.
  3. captstevebetz

    Rod Repair At Tarpon Fishing Outfitters

    I have all of my rods repaired by Rick Redd here in Tampa. He is a local rod builder who works from his home. Reasonable and fast turn around and I know exactly where my rods are. I only use Okuma reels so I just box them up and ship them back to Okuma to have them serviced. If I was going to use a local outfit I would probably go to Tarpon Fishing Outfitters or Betts Fishing Center to have reels repaired. Betts also does rods. I used to do all of my own reel service myself but I just found its easier to send them out so I can concentrate or more important things I have to do.
  4. captstevebetz

    I'm Seriously Curious

    Social media is the new forums. Plain and simple. While this is the nicest forum I have ever been part of I don't spend very much time on it anymore due to the time I spend on social media. My advice would be if you want to keep the little bit of traffic that this forum has don't start bitching because people ask questions or people post locations. If you start going the way of the Cap. Mel forum you will end up with a forum like that. No amount of rebuilding will ever bring that forum back due to the new management and all the rules on how to post. You guys really have a good thing here. It just needs a little work from the members. Why don't you guys try and put a simple meet and greet together at one of the local restaurants like Hooters, Winghouse or something? That may help generate some activity again.
  5. captstevebetz

    Rod Repair At Tarpon Fishing Outfitters

    This is exactly why I do Not take my rods or reels to a tackle shop who sends them out for repairs.
  6. captstevebetz

    Coordinates For Clearwater Reef

    I had one of the Garmin 740s model. All the reefs should already be on your charts that are installed.
  7. captstevebetz

    Why Hire A Guide?

    I am sure it was to help pay for the site As always Gary writes a good article. You and I know this. Average Joe vacationer who finds this site has grand visions of something that can not be produced but books a charter through the site and walks away with a bad taste in his mouth. I have had the calls many times from potential clients wanting to catch fish that can not be produced in the Tampa Bay area. I end up having to educate them on our fisherie. Booking sites like this dont help matters any. But they dont care either. Because in the end they are just trying to make a buck off the captains back.
  8. captstevebetz

    Nbj & Hog Fish

    Todd, I didnt get any pics. I would like to get some heavier ones. It was a trip out of Homosassa back in June. We were actually fishing the Cobia tournament and while chummimg for Cobia and flat lining we broke out the Nekid Ball jigs to do a little snapper fishing. My self and a friend were using them. It was acutally the first time I had ever caught a hog fish. I caught a few and also some Mangos. We did tip them with shrimp as that did increase the bite. I really think using the Jig for the hogs is a good way to go. We basically would jig it up and down off the bottom and when you would feel the suttle tap from the hog fish set the hook. We got several keeper Mangos but came up short on the Hogs. It was exciting to know they do work.
  9. captstevebetz

    Fish Id: Grunt Or Snapper?

    Barry, I have caught them on Sabiki but they dont look anything like a pin fish to me.
  10. captstevebetz

    Why Hire A Guide?

    If you are going to promote a booking agency at least promote one that does not use decietful advertising. Really? On an inshore Tampa Bay trip the captain is going to put them on Yellow Tail? A captain who does not even have the proper permits is going to take them deep sea fishing for Marlin in the Gulf of Mexico? Here is my advice as to hiring a guide. Dont use a booking agency. Most times the cost of the charter will be inflated. Also when you hire direct you get to speak one on one with the Captain and get a feel for what he will provide on your charter. These booking agencys only want a peice of the pie. For the most part they have no clue about our fishing and only dole the charters out to the captains who are willing to pay them the most. If you want to hire a guide ask around for references. Look online for customer reviews of the Captain you are considering. Ask a lot of questions and tell the captain what your expectations are. If he is honest he will tell you wether its the right time to get those results or not. Believe it or not All captains are not in it just for a pay check. Some of us love what we do and want a return customer.
  11. captstevebetz

    The New Uber For Boats? How Is This Legal?

    Accepting a few bucks from a friend for fuel is one thing. Getting paid to transport someone whether it is for fishing or simply from dock to dock is a charter. Why should operators of fishing charters,cruises,ect. have to be licensed but Joe Weekender who wants to make a buck on the side shouldnt be? Personally I dont hope they succeed illeagaly. Both Coastyl Lyfe and its boat operators are in this for profit. Niether is doing this as a favor to mankind. IMO its a saftey issue. Do anyone of these weekend boat taxi drivers have to comply with any Drug Testing Programs? Do they have any real experience operating a Vessel on the water? Have they taken a Physical to know if they are in decent shape? Do they have any first aid training? Do they have proper saftey equiptment on the boat? You have no idea when you step onto the boat with one of these weekend water taxi drivers of who they are period. Plain and simple!
  12. captstevebetz

    Fish Id: Grunt Or Snapper?

    Its in the Grunt family but its actually called a Pig Fish. I used to catch a lot of them when I commercial hook and lined for Grunts.
  13. captstevebetz

    Nbj & Hog Fish

    I used the 1/2 to catch hogs and mangos but I was in 35' and that is the largest size I had. They do work!
  14. captstevebetz

    Mangrove Snapper On Fire!

    One of my favorite fish to eat and target.
  15. captstevebetz

    The New Uber For Boats? How Is This Legal?

    Its not legal if the operator of the vessel does not have the proper credentials. I looked into this and it appears that anyone with a boat can sign up with no credentials needed. The Coast Gaurd has been investigating this from what I have been told. There have been a lot of unlicensed people running charters latley and there is one I know of who was busted by the Coast Gaurd recently.