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  1. palhockeydad

    Att: Loren

    That's the Andy I remember awesome awesome awesome. You have been doing this for a long time and I know the people you have taught are so appreciative and have a life long memory
  2. palhockeydad

    Reds For Days!

    Felt like I was there and wish I was thanks BROTHA
  3. palhockeydad

    Missin My Florida Brothas

    How are my pet trout doin sure do miss them. If you remember me say hello and let's talk feeshin
  4. Andy I am one in the same and not living in the FL living in the CA and haven't caught a decent FEESH in years. Still kicked I see good to hear from you as well
  5. palhockeydad

    happy new year

    wishing all my Florida breatheren a great new year
  6. palhockeydad

    My Key West Stealth SOLD

    Well the move is getting closer and closer really do not want to take this rig with me so her it goes $6500 and i will part with this boat.It is turn key and ready to go.This is truly the best bang for your buck i service on a regular basis and clean and rinse after every use
  7. palhockeydad

    My Key West Stealth SOLD

    :0))) price change
  8. palhockeydad

    Make your rod look like the day you bought it!

    Dont you guys worry about residue soaking into the cork and then getting on your hands when its time ti feesh again.I am a smoker and i use pro cure on my hands to cover up the odor but with bleach or even lemon pledge that scent will stick to you like glue and def change a feeshes mind on hitting a lure.For cleaning your cork if ya gotta do it a light light sanding will bring it back to life.Remember its feeshun and not a beauty contest rinse your gear and service the reel on a regular basis and GO FEESH. :fish-taunt: :*()^% :0))) :thumbsup:
  9. palhockeydad

    My Key West Stealth SOLD

  10. palhockeydad

    My Key West Stealth SOLD

    Dave n David lol thanks for the kind words i appreciate that.I will not be leaving the site but will be posting reports of my Feeshin endeavors out west. I will be moving to Culver City a a few miles from Venice Beach i gotta be by the water.
  11. palhockeydad

    My Key West Stealth SOLD

    Well i am selling my sled KW 1760 Stealth w/Yamaha 150 V Max I am moving back to Cali and this boat belongs here in Florida i could make it work out there but why.74# trolling motor jack plate trim tabs tilt n trim Lowrance HDS5 live-wells trailer.This boat flat gets it done will get up to 53mph but cruises at 40mph and handles the chop very well a dry ride for sure.Pic below and if ya like to come check it out or go for a sea trial let me know thru a PM thanks for looking and tight linesAsking $9000 with Lowrance and $8000 without This is a steal and should make someone very happy
  12. palhockeydad

    This BLOWS!

    Peaks and valleys we have had a really great run of real favorable weather this season so far and now its time to have some not so favorable.We cant have it nice all the time now its time to just deal with some fall weather and once that gets stable its gonna be WFO on the feeshin front i say patience and all will get better 10 fold :cheer: