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  1. Great catch. I all ways read that the Goofy Jig is bounced on the bottom. Is that what you were doing it or was it worked off the bottom? If you do not mind saying.
  2. When life gives you lemons make ceviche. OK now where do you buy Lionfish? NO not the ones at the pet store! Looks good thanks for the post.
  3. Selling the license could be quite good. Some where out there a drug imported would be happy to get one.
  4. Hmm I had a post and then pushed the wrong key, rats. Seem the web site is as unstable as some moderraters
  5. I tried the glue used by fly fisherman to see if the knot would go through the guides better. The glue made the issue worse. And the knot would tend to come undone. I think the knot would not bite down on the lines and the knot would not be as designed. Lots of work has gone into the design of the fishing knot so it will bite but not cut the line.
  6. My go to source is friends with boats.And retirement checks SS and IUEC (elevator union)And to stay on the water a old car and an old kayak.
  7. That is one big fish!Most of the cat fish I have seen would only be small bait for the one you have :)I have seen some big cat fish down in the old phosphate holes in the rivers and in some large sink holes.For salt water we have sail cats that are bigger and they love to hit top water plugs but talk about slime I do not one in my boat.Hope to see more posts welcome
  8. When out with friends. We drift pin fish. You have to find the rocks and you need 48 feet of water. I am sure grouper are in shallow water I have caught them in holes around the Fort but when out in the channel that is where all the hook ups are. So when out trolling mark the hard bottom. All so the bait has to be just above the bottom grouper must be lazy they will not come up off the bottom. So what ever you use for bait expect to lose a lot of it. If you are not hanging some times you are not near enough to the bottom. Now that said my hook ups with sharks and cobia the bait was off the bottom or I was bringing it up.
  9. If it is worth it depends on your age. At 65 you no longer need a license.
  10. Get to know people here hang out at the boat ramp. You will not need to buy a boat.Now get the cheapest Kayak you can and use the extra money to buy a good custom rod and go fish.
  11. opps link was too long I found it looking for Tampa Bay Bath maps It is a high detail picture of Tampa Bay sea bottom
  12. You might look for barometric maps they are for water while topo maps are for land.Any way you might enjoy this link to a Tampa Bay picturehttp://www.google.com/imgres?imgurl=http://www.baysoundings.com/spring2011/Stories-Images/Birds-Eye-CountyMap-LG.jpg&imgrefurl=http://www.baysoundings.com/spring2011/stories/Better-Than-Birds-Eye-View.asp&h=1038&w=1200&sz=399&tbnid=YRysZt3WfUls5M:&tbnh=90&tbnw=104&prev=/search%3Fq%3Dtampa%2Bbay%2Bbathymetry%2Bbay%2Bsoundings%26tbm%3Disch%26tbo%3Du&zoom=1&q=tampa+bay+bathymetry+bay+soundings&usg=__YJmnBYYXs8kJOY6mVFCEN_kPl28=&docid=fxE_nW7J3zfwcM&hl=en&sa=X&ei=oyjMUf-8KLSz4AOYlICYCQ&ved=0CEwQ9QEwBg&dur=1095It was on google images
  13. I know I like whiting better if I soak them over night in lite salt water. And mullet are placed in brine before smoking. But for red fish I just cut the blood line out. As far as some other fish I throw them back if they are strong tasting.
  14. I have talked to several retires that stock up on the crabs in the summer when they are easy to get and freeze and save them for the winter sheephead season. Do not underestimate the old guys in there small boats in the winter they are scarfing up the old sheephead.
  15. AAa so you do know it. Something I have noticed that in late winter I find it hard to find a red fish I all ways figured it was cold water and fish went to deeper water. May be not it could be a time of year thing.Another thing when the friends from the north are down they hit the trout and sheep head real hard.
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