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  1. fishindad

    20150822 - Southshore [Mis]Fire

    Great job! I have the same tether. Can be frustrating and liberating at the same time. More of the frustrating for me lately.
  2. fishindad

    Freshwater Snook Fishing Underrated

    Very nice catch!
  3. fishindad

    Alafia River Report

    Dang nice Red! Congrats!!!!
  4. Its the fishing time of year. Trying to restock and make some new colors. Caught some Macks on the old silver standby but I can't wait to try the new colors. I am intrigued by the Green / Bronze and Pumpkin Orange. Also got to use my new to me Ultra Minnow mold. Wow... that produces great looking jigs! Identical to Spro! Water temps are up, the flats are firing up. Time to get out there!
  5. fishindad

    Great Conditions, Not So Great Fishing

    Love bluefish. Great fighters!!!!!
  6. fishindad

    No More Pictures From Me

    I am a techie and I dont like windows 8. Terrible interface. Being bumped by a shark is scary stuff!!!!!
  7. fishindad

    Drifting The Flats - Part Deux

    Nice report. You are inspiring me. I need to get back into the routine of posting like this. Honestly surprised we have not run into each other yet out there! This is my favorite time of year. Weather is great and the fishing can really be great.
  8. fishindad

    Want To start fly fishing... Advice?

    Thats a nice setup to start. I am still using something similar and really like it.
  9. fishindad

    Jetty rock legs.

    Stay safe out there Andy! Fishing can be a contact sport!
  10. fishindad

    9/19/14 SJS - Mmmm - White Meat

    Nice! Its good to see those fish showing up again.
  11. fishindad

    Won't be wading for awhile.

    That looks painful. Get well soon!
  12. fishindad

    Tilley Hat

    :thumbsup: Fantastic hat. I have a VERY faded green one. Its served me well for MANY years. I bought a new tan one but I seem always to grab that old beat up green one. GREAT hats.
  13. fishindad

    Its almost that time of year!!!

    We recycle and get old ones from neighbors. Bottles are bottles!
  14. Where I finally enjoy getting out there again. This week, the mornings started to get cooler and the bait is starting to show up on the flats in smaller pods. I even saw some sharks starting to prowl again. I even found a couple of snook to play with. For grins, I dropped a couple of blue crab traps in as well. Fingers crossed. Its also that time of year for me when loading shotshells (200 so far), prepping the boat for duck season and my wine is bottled. Mulberry and Strawberry complete (36 bottles!! my largest batch so far). Loquat wine is about 45 days out. Gotta say ... the Loquat wine smells awesome. It wont be long now... A couple more weeks and the best 6-8 months of the year to be in Florida will be upon us. The Flats will light up with activity and then winter wadefishing will be a regular activity of mine. I cant wait.