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  1. Tournament Rules:-Mandatory Captain
  2. ethankiburz

    Docklight Tournament 9/27/14

    We had some interest in doing another one of these but adding a couple species to the list. So here it is!!!Tournament Rules:-Mandatory Captain
  3. ethankiburz

    FF for red's

    Ding Darling National Refuge has a ton of fish that will tail really well on the incoming. As long as you get the fly in front of the fish and move it right, the fish will jump on it. The key is to go out on a low tide and look for the birds because they are feeding on the same food. I would focus on the areas that have a bunch of birds in one a particular area.
  4. ethankiburz

    Gheenoe NMZ

  5. ethankiburz

    Gheenoe NMZ

    please email me at [email protected] for more pictures and information. boat comes with trailer and 6 hp mariner.
  6. ethankiburz

    Redfish Toads (Redfish Nasty)

    Redfish Toads were around before Tarpon Toads were and are an excellent choice when it comes to skinny water fish. This is my
  7. ethankiburz


    Don't know why there are two of the same picture
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    Very fortunate to get out to day. Was a big breezy when I got on the water about 2 pm. And checked a spot out and poled my friend, only to catch a small red about 18". Fooled around looking for fish for a while as usual just waiting on the tide to drop. Finally around 5 pm I started working the flat in about 1 foot of water. Saw a "V" moving in my direction and fired one out there (thinking it was a pair of redfish). Turned out to be a school of sheepshead and being my first one on fly. Hooked one other one but managed to shake loose. All in all it was a beautiful day and plenty of tails. Ended with 1 sheepy, 2 redfish (biggest being 33"), 1 trout
  9. ethankiburz

    Late Report 2/18/10

    Good Low Tide + Warming Water = Happy FishFished for about 6 hours, and the first 4 were slow until the tide dropped and there wasn't any water left on the flat. Found really good numbers of tailing fish of all sizes and tons of sheepies!!
  10. ethankiburz


    well Dave you gotta fish to catch fish!!!! haha and what about cobia at the plants? I haven't heard squat. Dont forget about those crappie!!
  11. ethankiburz


    It was a much needed fish.... SO spooky all day and just plain weird. Fish just weren't right.
  12. ethankiburz


    CREEEEEEKIN FOR REDDDDDSSSS. Doesn't get much better on a cold day!!! Good job
  13. ethankiburz

    Fly Fishing Tournament

    where do i sign up?!?!?!?!
  14. ethankiburz

    This is CRAZY!

    I want to see this fish in person.... I wont believe it til I do!!!! It's pretty far fetched to see a tuna in the ICW..... especially a yellowfin
  15. ethankiburz

    Grizzly Seaducer

    Derick I dont have your phone number anymore. When I work next I can find your business card then call you. But If you happen to see this before then, what are you interested in? and what will you be throwing them for?