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  1. All of u salty dogs have your knots and your system I'm sure. Over the a Last few years I have been helping a bunch of guys and ladies I work with get into kayak fishing and wading and I teach them 3 knots to learn. They are easy to tie with wet hands, in the wind, in chest deep water by yourself. And I have a super secret that, well isn't secret anymore I also show them that saves the day! Braid line to leader line. Spider hitch(in the braid) to a no name knot(in the leader) I think the other name is a Bristol knot. I use this for my inshore set ups 10# braid to 20# leader I also use it on my offshore and tarpon set ups. Very easy very quick to tie. Best part u won't burn up a bunch of leader retiring it. Once you learn the knots. And a live bait loop for my hooks and lures. I sometimes use a clinch knot but i won't tighten it all the way down I leave a loop kind like a shock absorber. Once the fish takes the lure/bait the loop tightens on its own, it kind of helps take some of the tension off the line at that first big strike. Know here's the secret.....ALWAYS KEEP 2 4inch pieces of smooth 3/4 inch dowel rod on you at all times. Use the dowel rods to finish the knot. I will tighten the knot to the point where it won't Loosen then wrap the leader around one dowel and the braid around the other and pull with firm even hard pressure, not jerking it, nice and smooth. You will watch the loops form and the knot set perfectly ever time. Good knots = no broken lines. Dowel rods = no more braid line cuts in your fingers. Just my thoughts, and watching newbies learn knot tying it seems to come easy for them.
  2. Wow man! Big moves have been going on around here! I have been traveling for the last 4 months and prepping for the travel the months leading up to the day we left so it's been awhile since I have posted or been on the site. Looks like big changes around here. I hope the site continues to be the #1 fishing resource it has been and only changes for the better. While traveling I have been sharing this site with all of the fisherman I have met along the way. We were just in Vietnam and Cambodia where I met 2 guys Eric and Derdrick from South Africa where they slay the tiger fish! I hope they post the photos that they showed me. Tight lines and congrats to everyone who has made this site what it is!!
  3. The diawa set up is sold. I still have the shimano set up ready to go
  4. This is a Magellan Meridian GPS. It comes with the Quick start up Guide asking 40$ PM me if interested thanks
  5. I'm selling my 6 foot wang anchor that I have used on my kayak.Great shape used maybe 4-5 times it just dosent work well with my system pm me if interested
  6. I saw a trout when I was stading and paddling out there that was 35+!!!!!no kidding!!! I thought it was a huge snook until it turned
  7. I took 7th place in the tournament out of maybe 30 guys. Good really good fisherman. The rain came the day before the tournament so of course it changed everything. If u want to slam the big big reds I would put a chunk of blue crab out. U really don't need live bait just throw weedless jerk baits and top waters, the charter captain I was with last November had his clients using weedless paddle tails in the electric chicken color
  8. I just got back from a 6 day trip and tournament over there. We had a great time killed the reds on top water and caught my first small tarpon on top water!!! What a bit man!!!So stay to the south like whale tail and eddy a creek area, the guy that won caught a 41" and 43" there with a weed less jerk bait. There is a good launch (kayak and small micro skiff)off bio lab road and if you follow that road bio lab rd way south u will find a couple of spots to drop in on the south west corner of the lagoon. If u go to eddy a creek u will need to wait for the park to open, (kayak)bio lab u can launch before sun up and be on the fish as the sunrises.In your boat hit the east side of the lagoon and be ready to cast slow quit and work every inch of that place. I hooked and lost a trout that was 30+ at the boat. I found as the day went on the fish started to tail more. What a place I love the lagoon!!!!
  9. Diawa Coastal 153HL low profile bait caster paired with aShimano V series VCA70F casting rod. Spooled with 50# braid 150$Shimano Corvalus CVL301 bait caster paired with Redbone 7'0 MH rod. The reel is spooled with 40# braid. 100$These reels are in very good condition. Kept dry in my office in rod racks. I have used bait casters and just don't want to mess with them anymore. Both set ups are great for pitching plugs on the flats.PM me if your interested in them thanks.
  10. I plan on hitting the lagoon pretty hard sept. 3 thru the 6th all early morning if you guys want to meet up and have a top water bonanza!!!
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