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  1. Fisheries management? Go back to our last "discussion". All the conservation cronies agreed to catch limits because that was going to "save" all the grouper and snapper. Nevermind the FACT that you cant count how many fish that are A: Caught B: In the ocean. And guess what. The catch shares didnt 'save" anything. The fishery is still "unsustainable". And just as I said, when the farce doesn't work, the only answer is giving up more freedom. And once thats implemented and doesnt work, the solution will be the same. Pay more and give up more freedom. Mandatory reporting??? We are so far away from a free country now, its baffling. Our own side is advocating MORE restrictions? So the choice is, "you can either be kicked, or punched, which do you prefer?" Well, I dont want either. Its time to reverse course on this conservation scam. Advisory panels that support 50% of the agenda of the enemy? Laughable. I cant even believe Americans, a supposedly free people, have let this get this far. You literally cant go fishing with your kid without paying a politician. Amazing. Truly Amazing.
  2. Funny. I was always taught, follow the money and you'll find the motive. I dont profit (monetarily) from fishing. Neither do most of the commenters here. I know that because I go fishing with them. So my only motivation in commenting is to continue to do what I love. What's yours?
  3. Typical of the enviro-statist. Create a straw man that does not exist, knock it down, and then proclaim nobility. No one is keeping 50 redfish....who is arguing for that? It's great that you are trying to educate people on the coming extinction or whatever, I have zero issue with that. If you can convince people the world is ending unless they give up their freedom, and are successful, more power to you. If they voluntary choose to follow your lead, great. But in a free nation, I decide for myself. But that not what this propaganda is, is it? The phony groups that speak for all fisherman, the scare tactics, all of it. It's designed to give credibility to FORCE your belief system on free people by passing "regulations" at the point of a gun. Everyone knows that the commercial side catches and kills more in a week than all rec anglers in this state combined. Yet the victim is recreational because they don't have the lobby. I practice catch and release because I want to. its unfortunate that you don't find my level of participation acceptable. See, I remember when the scam of licenses and snook stamps and limits and the like was going to solve all these problems. Just steal more money and everything will be saved. Utopia is right around the corner. Wasn't that the mantra and justification for all of that? And when it fails it's always the same....you need us to give up more freedom. I assure you my ego isn't hurt. It's as big as ever. And neither is my belief system which is rooted in freedom. If people want to keep a snook or red snapper, they should be able to do it. Conservation is code for control. Nothing more. Phony masterminds who think they are better at controlling my life than I am. If "conservation" was really the aim, no one would attack the group that takes the least fish (recreational), they would attack the commercial side particularly in foreign countries. But no. The whole ecosystem is going to collapse because Vances wife ate one snook last year. Please
  4. Yes, same day, but, this was before the googan ripped through the flat. Know how you can tell? There's two tarpon in the pic. After the googan, there was none.
  5. Btw Josh. I had that same skiff. I cant tell you how many fish were caught on it. I would pull all those seats. Put a grab bar and a tiller handle. Then add a cooler to act as a platform on the bow. How it looks is irrelevant. I also added a manual jackplate from Bobs to get into skinny water. Great boat. I had no problem charging oysters, or anything else with that thing.
  6. @Phil....Your retired? Oh hell no. I'll need some skiff work down the road a ways. The skiff already likes you, so I cant go anywhere else.
  7. When those people come up and ask me what I caught, I tell them its none of their business and to go away. They get paid $$ from my taxes and fees to collect data on me that will inevitably used to limit my ability to go fishing. It's unbelievable. Whatever the "numbers" say won't matter. They already know the outcome. Limit fishing/hunting/etc. The phony "data" is just used to justify the next round of limitations. And again the fake argument. If we just limit ARS to one day, that will save everything. Then next year they will come back with more phony "facts" to claim how it didnt work and we need more restrictions. Then move to the next species. Redfish will be harder, but, its already started. They get everyone to agree that we should make a limit of one or two fish. That will fix everything. If we just did that, redfish will be saved! That of course wont work so they will have to impose a season on them plus you will need a special stamp. i.e. more $$. By the time anyone relizes what happened, redfish is off the list and move to the next one. None of this is new.
  8. I wasn't trying to insult you, and for the record, I'm 99.9% catch and release. But I am also 100% against all the rules state or federal that prevent people who do want to catch fish and eat them. Recreational fishing has zero impact on stocks at all. The math can never add up. The average fisherman in TB simply can never have enough time to catch enough of any species to impact anything. I dont believe in this phony conservation scam. It's code for taking freedom. When licenses and seasons were introduced it was promised that it would fix everything. Then a couple years later more rules are needed. Then more. The results never live up to the expectations that were promised when the rules went into effect. After seeing this over and over, you realize that they were never intended to. The real intention was simply to introduce more rules incrementally until fishing is done.
  9. Don't blame you. That is crazy though. locked and loaded for fishing guys?? Wow. They haven't caught any poachers recently or we would know. Good fish though.
  10. WTH??? Were you in a restricted area???? Wow!
  11. "I have absolutely no endeavors to continue fishing in an inshore industry that allows crap guides with less experience than I had when I was 6 years old to make a business out of fishing for free while spending $6000 a month in Google adwords to make themselves internet famous." This is exactly the point. People who make $$ on fishing and are supporting any version of this attack on fishing freedom do so for exactly what you stated. They don't want competition. Create a monopoly that PREVENTS competition using laws, regulations and government. Use the law to block out competitors. Create cool sound "conservation" laws like catch shares to help "save the fishing" when the real objective is to prevent competition. Next will be catch shares for inshore. Too much competition and only the "good" guides should be allowed to go fishing. How do you become a "good" guide? Pay for access no one else has of course.
  12. With all due respect, you said "It will be my duty to represent the fishing community". You dont represent the "fishing community" for the reasons you responded to Boggs with. Recreational anglers are being given a single day to fish FOR THEMSELVES. If the weather is bad that day? Oh well...See you next year. You need to work that Monday? Oh well see you next year. Recreational anglers (ie someone who isnt making $$ off fishing) should be the last group penalized by these regulations and instead theyre the first. Want to know why? Because they dont make $$ off of it and therefore dont have the power to give $$ to a lobbyist to speak for them. They dont get special licences that allow them to fish where no one else can. This entire thing is a scam the create a monopoly in Red snapper. There is no shortage of ARS, and if there was, it wasnt created by recreational anglers that go out 3x a year and catch two fish. Guides want a longer season so they can bring the people who used to be able to go out on their own, out on their charters. And of course take a little off of the top right? Just a little to "wet the beak" like the mob. It's not a country of freedom when a guy cant go out on his boat and go fishing with his son, but, his neighbor can because he has the right kind of permission from a politician or phony "conservation" group. COMPLETE SCAM.
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