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  1. linesider

    Remember the old days.

    Hi andy. Wonder why its not like it was. I spent hours here
  2. linesider

    mirrocraft 16ft rebuild

    Got it totally stripped this weekend.Did leak test and had no leaks.Next step is to strip inside of hull and coat With rusteolum truck bed liner and then Flip over and start stripping the hull.Here is a few pics.
  3. linesider

    mirrocraft 16ft rebuild

    Not sure if this is right forum but ill put here and just move if need be.Just got this 16 footer and I plan on tearing it apart and rebuilding.Gonna put some flooring and decks mac lights and such.
  4. linesider

    motor question

    Im thinking about buying a small skiff type boat and trailer.But it does not come with a motor.how hard is it finding a motor that has a Tiller and hooking up to steering console.it seems all the motors i see are taller
  5. linesider


    So how did you do
  6. linesider

    Shore fishing in Oldsmar

    I'm guessing out going would be the right tide
  7. Bet that beauty tastes real good.
  8. linesider

    Suggestion For Fishy Spots

    While we are on suggestions for fishy spots.How about including what time of year to fish em and what are the best tides to fish them. For us less knowledgeable guys.Just a thought.
  9. linesider

    Caladesi Island

    Great job on them snook.how close in were u fishing the shrimp.also when u say free lineing shrimp do u do that with the bail open and letting tide take it
  10. I have to say,your one hell of a fisherman andy
  11. I agree with u Andy. Its a damn shame. Those people don't care about those people. And u wont here nothing from the lefty media either.
  12. linesider

    Still miss the Chesapeake Bay.

    Andy,Yes I remember those big tiderunner weakliest.I used to fish brandywine all the time.the cape may rips for big fluke
  13. linesider

    Still miss the Chesapeake Bay.

    Andy did u guys get red drum there.we never had them in del bay just big black drum.I was just wondering how far up they roam.
  14. linesider

    The fish were on fire all night & day!

    harbison wrote: He is just probably one of the single greatest threatsto our republic there are.But ill let Gary answer the question. He is much more articulate than me.
  15. linesider

    The fish were on fire all night & day!

    Gary why did u have too put the spooky dude on. I dislike him. Lol