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  1. Norm Zeigler's Schminnow. Can buy them at his shop on Sanibel and while you're at it, have lunch or dinner at the Doc Ford restaurant just down the street.
  2. I can tell you what Rick Murphy (and Jeff Page) from Florida Insider Fishing Report and Sportsman Adventures has said repeatedly. Whether it be rigged weedless or open jig, just reel. Do not impart any other motion other than to just reel (similar to fishing a spoon). Once you stop and impart any other motion it breaks the vibration the paddle tail has created and the fish has to reacquire the lure all over again. You can reel slower or faster but don't stop or jig up and down. He said he learned this from the best bass fishermen and found it to be absolutely true. You also want the largest gap you can get when fishing weedless jigs. For that reason, I use a 5/0 swim/flutter jig in whichever weight you like, 1/4-3/16 oz for deeper and 1/16-1/8 for higher in the water column. I'm sure there are those who will disagree but then ask yourself, who catches more fish, Rick Murphy or them?
  3. Puglisi flies and Clousers. A guy at Don's makes a Puglisi look alike that works for that area.
  4. If you plan on camping, make a reservation. Camping spots have no electric or water but do have bathrooms and showers. You do have to realize, two idiots run the camping area so be forewarned. There are Chickees available for camping but you have to go through the National Park Service on site-they are good people unlike the bozos running the campground. There is a grass flat out front of the camping area where there are trout. Surprisingly, pilchards were on these flats as of Jan 13. Don't bother going to Snake Bite and east unless things have changed and you find clear water. Go either straight out or west towards East Cape. Southern most point of Bradley Key holds Barracuda and a few other species. Palm Bay, just south of Palm Key is a beautiful flat, clear water, potholes, turtle grass but we didn't find a single fish on it. As one captain told us everything changes daily! You might try going up East Cape Canal (fish the little cuts) to Lake Ingram. Should be tarpon in the canal. We did get snook and reds there but it was on shrimp and cut lady fish.The wilderness waterway going through Coot Bay to Whitewater Bay can be productive, maybe. There has been so much rain in the Everglades, it's tough! Get a Hot Spot map and/or Everglades National Park waterway map #11433. The triangular area between Bradley Key, Roscoe Key and Clive Key can be productive, maybe. You'll learn a lot but it will be frustrating. Be sure to visit Don's Bait and Tackle on US 1. They have a small fly shop and a lot of stuff for a small store. We stayed in Florida City at a the Southern Comfort RV Resort (they do have a small tenting area) so we had the option of Biscayne Bay or Flamingo depending on the winds (Flamingo, hour each way, 20 minutes to Biscayne Bay). Hope this helps a little. There is just so much to know, I can't cover it all. Hire a guide! I can recommend a couple if you like, Bob LeMay being one and Nester Alvisa another.
  5. The only reason to go to BPS is, if no other place has what you want, you might find it there. They have "lots of stuff" but prices are full retail so I prefer smaller shops closer to me. Ran into a shop in Homestead called Don's Bait and Tackle on US 1. Good live bait prices, and good ice prices. Had fly fishing equipment, trailer parts and just a lot of good stuff.
  6. jerrbare


    NC State here. Wilmington. If you look at various kayak tournaments on TV you'll see the most used kayak and the one virtually used by every tournament winner is a Hobie. They are fast and you can stand in them. I have two Tarpon 120's and like them a lot. Have a boat but wish I did have a Hobie instead. There are so many new ones out there since we bought ours years ago. Jackson Kayaks is said to have a good one. Try before you buy.
  7. For what it's worth, we were there last year at this time but if you will remember it was much colder than it is now. The water temp was upper 50s in the back country! We fished for a couple of days and couldn't find anything. One afternoon we ran into a captain and asked him what was going on. He said it was just too cold and the fish had lockjaw. Also a couple months later we ran into George Goztz from Florida Sportsman TV who we had seen in Chocoloskee just as he was pulling out from one of the ramps. He had shot a show that Dec. I saw the show and he did catch fish but it was one of the hardest shows he has shot and only caught fish by sheer luck. It was tough. So it wasn't us. Last Dec was tough but we did manage a few fish and believe me we covered a lot of territory! This year should be much better as it is not nearly as cold. Here are some spots you might try: SW corner of Joe Kemp Key (drop off from 2-8 feet, 5 different species right there), Shorter Bay for reds and way up the Turner River (N025.50.936, W081.20.064-high tide)( N025,51.068, W081.19.969). Closer to Chocoloskee is N025.48.241, W081.21.373 for reds, ladyfish and trout. Hope this helps.
  8. The reason for two different slot limits is the east coast have larger snook. Makes sense to me. And since I only catch and release snook, whatever slot limit is adopted, is OK by me. But watch out, once the powers that be get their mitts on changing anything, they will screw it up.
  9. The place we're staying is the Southern Comfort RV Resort in FL city and they do have tenting. Have never been there but it is close to Biscayne Bay (just off US 1) and 1 hour from Flamingo. We're there 1/3 to 1/16. Will probably go back as we have nothing planned for Feb and March. Dec is Pine Island and then the upper Peace River. Capt George Gozdz did a show on the Peace R and it looked really good.
  10. Phil, We're going to be there Jan 3-16th but not staying at the Park. After our last fiasco dealing with the morons running the Park we decided to stay in Florida City at another campground. That way we can go either to Biscayne Bay or Flamingo, depending on the weather.
  11. I'd like to know that myself, especially around Islamorada and Biscayne Bay. Try "ask a captain" with Capt Dave.
  12. That will be the day! "a Recreational Advisory Panel that will give private Gulf anglers a voice." Not as long as Roy Crabtree is in charge. Why would they listen, they never have before. This so-called Panel is just so they can say (feel good for politicians) we recreational angles have a voice. This is plain phony politics just like the rest of the present administration. OK. Explain the red grouper closure all of a sudden? Just because someone said red grouper are a little closer to shore, therefore we must close the fishery down! It's hard to get bait down to the grouper because there are so many red snapper higher in the water column. Lunacy!
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