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  1. Nice day out fishing and a great gesture by the guy with the big net!
  2. Not much of a report available for Fort DeSoto yesterday but I did see my first Cayo Skiff out on the water. That is a neat looking little skiff. If I could go back . . .
  3. Good seeing you guys out there as well. Going out to The Fort tomorrow. Hopefully I'll find some fish and have something to share with TOF.
  4. The Snook are making their way out to the beaches and I'm seeing fewer of them in the back waters.
  5. Why doesn't the video above just embed as a YouTube video?? https://youtu.be/vCxyiGitUzc
  6. My buddy just finally gave me the footage from this day on the water. This is my first attempt at posting/editing a fishing video so my apologies for any shortcomings. Like I said earlier, it wasn't a great day on the water and the video didn't capture everything, but working on this definitely makes me want to get more footage for future videos! I hope ya'll enjoy this! https://youtu.be/vCxyiGitUzc
  7. Good job putting him on those fish. He'll remember that forever!
  8. And half a year later... The boat is great so far. You really have to pick your days and almost let the wind determine where you're going to fish. Taking a chop on it is not fun at all but it will get through it. Still love it and it has been pure joying fishing it thus far.
  9. Welcome to TOF Bryan! Good luck fishing down here and definitely do whatever Dave told you to do. Tight lines to you as well!
  10. I'm back my TOF family! Completed a short scouting trip in Upper Tampa Bay on the 24th from around 9am (low slack tide) till about 1pm. The fishing is no where what it's been like past Decembers! Was mainly fishing topwater, mirodine, and select shrimp. I caught 6 snook and 2 reds all identically sized. Not great but definitely beats getting skunked. I was not seeing as many fish in the water as I usually do. Saw a few guides out there also making it rain whitebait but not much action there either. I'm planning on going back out tomorrow but will try my luck much further south. I will keep you posted. Feel free to drop me some odd December weather advice via message. Good luck and tight lines out there!
  11. Dave, fishing has been tough for me recently also. Fish are definitely not in their usual spots. You're not alone. I'll post a quick report here shortly.
  12. Nice steady bite on the Reds on a grass-lined magrove shoreline last weekend. Slack tide and all caught using a bone spook or free-lined shrimp.
  13. You must be a really light dude because that Snook looks like she's in the high 40's!
  14. Trust me, you probably won't end up saving any $$ in the long run. Buy new like Ron said and you know what kind of care and use your trolling motor has been through. Only exception is if you personally know someone that is selling you their trolling motor and you know what kind of use and maintenance it's been through. Even in this case, I'd still get a new trolling motor.
  15. I'm 100% positive what I ate in Louisiana was Redfish! No doubt about that! Look it up, "K-Paul's".
  16. Nice job on the snook. I, on the other hand, haven't had the best luck with Snook this winter. It probably has a lot to do with how much time I didn't spend on the water October-December.
  17. Never been to Betts but I'll make sure I drop in next time I'm across the bay. A Kayak club I was in back when I had my Prowler always used to have meets at Bill Jackson's...I never made it to a single club meet.
  18. gmendez694


    I think I might actually try my own aquaponics farm someday. Due to my field of work, this is a REALLY interesting topic to me!! If you do decide to go this route, let me know. I would love to be involved in your set-up and any help you may need.
  19. gmendez694


    I didn't read all of the threads in this topic so I'm not sure if it's already been said... I would be highly interested in aquaponics. You could raise your own bait fish, or whatever fish you want, and recirculate the water which is rich in nitrogen, phosphorous, and other vital minerals through your plants. This will save you money on fertilizers, water, and aquarium filters. And the idea is pretty cool. Look into it: Aquaponics.
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    You mean to tell me that you've never heard of the Redfish Radish Roundup method?!?!?!?!?!
  21. The best Redfish I've had was at K-Paul's Louisiana Kitchen
  22. I just finished reading about this in the TBT. Don't know how someone could do this.
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