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  1. stowaway

    Kingfish from a kayak

    When the kings start to run on the beaches. There are plenty of kayaks out there fishing for them as well as tarpon. If you really want try a new kayak style of fishing. Check out our Yak Attack on the events forum. :thumbsup:
  2. stowaway

    Fishing College

    Fishing CollegeMay 24 & 25Call for more information (813) 973-71323 orsend a e-mail to [email protected] how to find and catch Redfish and Snook. The class will cover the area of Tampa Bay one of the most productive fishing grounds for these great game fish. We will start from the north Big Island area (Howard Frankland Bridge) and work our way south to Bishop
  3. stowaway

    The Online Fisherman Jacksonville Show WINNER

    Capt. David with some more fans.Here is the winner of the kayak Matthew Rogers
  4. stowaway

    The Online Fisherman Jacksonville Show WINNER

    More from Saturday. Capt. David with his #1 fan in Jacksonville.Capt. Mike Cole and some fans.
  5. stowaway

    The Online Fisherman Jacksonville Show WINNER

    Saturday in Jacksonville has been great. We have made 100s of new friends. :smiley-cool Here is some snap shots from the day. Capt. David with a fanCapt. David and some fansStowaway and some fansFamily time looking at our kayak we are giving away.
  6. stowaway

    The Online Fisherman Jacksonville Show WINNER

    FishinFoy$1 if you can catch up with me at some point at a event before you leave. I will see what I can do. Now for everyone stopping by to see us this weekend. We are in booth F5. Here is Capt. David R. and Capt. Mike Cole after we put up the booth. Stowaway Jr. stopped by as well.Enjoy
  7. stowaway

    The Online Fisherman Jacksonville Show WINNER

    Capt. Mike Cole will be going with Capt. David and I up in Jacksonville. The Kayak we are taking to give away is in my garage and ready to go. If your from the Jacksonville area come out to see us and maybe you can take home a new kayak. :smiley-cool
  8. Hello Fishing Fans,The Online Fisherman will have a booth this weekend at the Southeast US Boat Show. :thumbsup: Come out and meet Capt. David and his staff at booth FS.Where: Jacksonville Florida April 11th - 13th. Here is the link for more details.http://southeastusboatshow.com/We will be giving away a Pelican 10' Apex Angler Kayak at some point during the show. :smiley-cool So come out and register to win. We will also have some The On Line Fisherman shirts for sell as well.See you there,Stowaway
  9. stowaway

    Reel service

    Gary is the best around. He works for Southeastern fishing Tackle and Tampa Fishing Outfitters.Please head in to see the great staff at both these tackle shops. Tell them Stowaway sent you. :thumbsup:
  10. stowaway

    Sticken Pigz Red-Trout Slam Report!!

    Team The On Line FishermanTeam Action Yamaha (2nd place)Life is Good Stowaway and a fishing fanMark and StaffFishing FansTeam Reel Life (the winners)
  11. Hello Forum Folks,I went down towards Anna Maria Island for the day. We were at the first boat ramp going over to the beach on Hwy 64. Mark and the Stick N Pigz folks were having a fishing party. I saw red fish in every size. :worthy: People fishing with white bait and lures. It did seem that the top teams were using live bait. The trout I saw were huge as well. :thumbsup: The weather was awesome with sunshine and lite winds. The On Line Fisherman gave out some shirts and cash prizes. :smiley-cool The fishing from what I saw was awesome . So if your fishing for reds or trout heading that way my be the ticket.Here are some photos from my day.EnjoyTeam On line fishermanTeam Action YamahaLife is GoodMark and StaffFishing FansTeam Reel Life ( The Winners )
  12. stowaway

    New to site

    Awesome more flea market friends coming onboard. :worthy: Capt. David and I enjoyed talking with you. I hope to hear some great fishing stories in the near future as well. :thumbsup: Stowaway
  13. stowaway

    Flea Market Fish Mob

    Here are a few photos from the weekend. Enjoy :thumbsup: David and some new fansThe on line fisherman booth
  14. stowaway

    Happy Hooking

    Sending a Stowaway to meet new people at the Flea Market. Who would do such a thing. :thumbsup: Good meeting you on Saturday. Welcome to the big show and may your fishing in the bay be prosperous.