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  1. Well they are here in full swing... Finding good fish on the beaches and all the passes. The skyway will hold the fish all summer long. We have put a lot of fish in the air over the past few weeks. A lot of big fish are here too. we have landed 2 fish over the 150 mark and jumped a few more. Some of my guide buddies have gotten a few 180+ fish. Same thing with sharks too....if you are fighting fish in the passes good chance you will have some sort of shark encounter so be careful landing those fish. If you are close to a beach, which you will be unless you are at the skyway have 1 guy on lookout while the other revives the fish. make sure you hold onto that fish for a few minutes to revive it.....20 seconds wont do it after a long fight. Last week my buddy fought a 150lb fish for over an hour and just as I went to grab it he started yelling "SHARK!!!". It was a 12-14ft hammerhead and he flipped his bail, and I slammed the throttle and drove circles around the shark...the tail hit the leader and the fish got away. There is no denying if a shark eats a tarpon, there will be blood! I have used both 7/0 hooks for threads/mullet/chunk bait and 5/0 for crabs. I haven't used anything other than 60lb flouro for the past 3 years and I usually use 7-10 feet of leader, maybe slightly shorter if im trying to make long casts on the beach but I prefer a longer leader. And always double that braid! Spider hitch to an improved Albright for me. As usual I put all the pics on twitter and snapchat. Lostmans1 on twitter and bigskip28 on snapchat. get out there and fly some poons!
  2. congrats on locking her down! we went out Monday and I landed one at 100 lbs at the bridge. still need a few weeks to really get cranking on the fish at the bridge and the passes but guys are finding good pods on the beaches. A lot of sharks out there right now too so get those fish in quick!
  3. lostmans1


    whats up people.....been focusing on work and haven't been fishing much during the colder months but nothing gets my blood boiling like tarpon season. Ill be out there this weekend and Monday and every other week after that. Im sure ill sprinkle in some weaker tide trips but boy am I ready to fly some poons. Saw a few around the skyway and a few around Egmont. Hoping more fish have moved in this week. Any old friends on here wanna get out there and hit em just give me a ring, you know im always down. ps: If you are new to poon fishing don't anchor at Egmont, keep an eye out for anchor balls and its corresponding line at the bridges, and when making runs to the back of the pack make a wide loop around everyone and don't run through the middle of everyone. Also make sure your lights are in working order. Be safe out there peeps and be respectful to your peers. For the record it is TOTALLY acceptable to blast the radio when you are hooked up to your favorite fight song.
  4. :DI haven't caught a fish on artificial since last week-- it took me 3 casts.....it took brad, oh wait, hes still trying lol
  5. I saw the date and the cost but any other information? what are the top prizes? and is that $100 entry per boat or angler?
  6. there is nothing better than new line for getting distance. You can do what these guys have already mentioned and that will prolong the life of your braid. depending on what reel im talking and which ones I use the most throughout the season I end up losing a lot of braid getting hung up or clipping a tangle out and clipping frayed line away, whatever the case may be I can always tell when something has to be done. I love getting new braid- I do it way to much and it helps that I have a few connections that will hook me up in the braid department. The biggest thing about putting on new braid is make sure that the pressure is consistent throughout. The only other thing we got is to turn around and cast the other way with the wind
  7. Most of us have also thought about this.....but at the end of the day the cost of using super glue on a boat is just not practical. I brought this up to an old salt a long time ago and he told me I don't need super-glue if I learn to tie a proper knot. FG is solid but the knot system I have been on lately for anything over 30 lb leader is the spider hitch to the reverse Albright. Anything under 30 lb leader I will spider hitch to a surgeons knot.
  8. ill be getting my crew together again this year! 40" or nothing less Tony! don't be coming in with no fluky 32" redfish this year!!!! see you boys at the captains party
  9. Look on google earth.....every canal up there by you will hold fish. especially at night. fish them all. make a record of what docks you caught fish on, or where you saw them. if youre night fishing and want to use artificials.....I know Im about to completely stun the fishing community with this comment.....but sometimes ill take a glow shrimp and a flashlight.....hold the shrimp to the flashlight in your palm for 15 seconds to "charge" it.....work it slowly along the edges of the lights and docks. Im a livebait guy all day but I have been known to deploy the glowing shrimp method once or twice to get a lunker
  10. Both conventional and spinning are good at certain times but I tend to opt for my spinning outfits most of the time mainly because its just more comfortable to hold and fish with and I can get that first 7 feet of line into the reel very quick when im on my game. I recently purchased a Star rod with a 30-100 lb line rating spinning rod with a Cabo 80.....you wanna talk about a down and dirty reel that's it....you sacrifice some smoothness but you gain so much power and drag its my go to for grouper and when im on my 2nd or 3rd tarpon of the day . I sport 60lb braid on it and for the grouper I will use 60-100 lb leader depending on where im fishing....usually 60 for red grouper on live bottom and 80-100 on wrecks and reefs. The main thing I will say about this is try them both....whatever you feel like you can gain line on quicker is what you should use when grouper fishing and make sure those drags are locked down. grouper should not be able to pull drag, that's why guys use pliers to lock down the star drags. gooduck! Also I have only fished veterans reef twice but both times we got some really nice gags off of that.
  11. I usually start with 6 feet of 25lb leader on the beach. Im a live bait guy and I will use whatever I can catch on the beach im fishing.....sometimes its whitebait, sometimes pinfish or mojarra, sometimes small whiting. If im not seeing any big lunkers around I have no problem going all the way down to 15lb flouro and using up to 10 feet of it. Another big advantage for me with using such a long leader is I can just clip and re-tie after each fish and don't need to retie a new leader after every fish. Casting isn't a huge issue with either, I don't need to throw the bait very far for the snook as most of time I want my bait right before the waves are crashing in front of the first trough. I haven't don't too much beach fishing this year because the bait isn't too thick where I fish because the water is so churned up and the fish aren't there like they normally are. Im waiting for that nice calm weather for a few days to get my beach back in prime condition so I can sight cast them fish. I miss it.
  12. ill take some free gear....... redfish are all over the flats tarpon are moving up into the bay and north snook are spawning in the passes trout like shrimp snapper fishing is great everywhere red grouper are thick from 40 ft to 100 ft- the deeper you go the bigger they are cobia are curious pm me and ill give you my address
  13. Limit is 5 per person- 10" min. length. they are very good to eat and something people all over florida target when they want dinner fare. They will eat any of our local baitfish and shrimp and sometimes will eat cut baits and squid.
  14. When we aren't tarpon fishing we have been taking the bay boat out on calm days to the 100 ft mark and doing well on ARS and red grouper. We have caught some very nice fat ARS grouper fishing and usually getting our limit of reds in the first hour or so drifting limestone bottom in 100-110 feet with live pinfish, whitebaits, and dead threadfins. Bonita are everywhere too and they can be seen from pretty far away attacking the bait schools. We have the red grouper numbers down and a bunch of snappers spots offshore but next on the list is trying to locate some good gag spots and permit spots. The lane snapper have been everywhere as well, and they fry up just fine
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