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    Tarpon Leaders - Advice

    My setup is 50-65 lb braid, doubled with a spider hitch then to that I tie a reverse Albright where the braid is wrapped around the leader. I usuaully run 8-10 loops down the leader then interlock them coming back up the mainline. make sure you snug it down tight. my leader is either 60 or 80lb flouro and I use about 7 feet of that. That knot system will cast well and you can trim the tag ends down to the knot. goodluck
  2. lostmans1

    Tarpon Time

    lets get out in a few weeks. although you might have to endure victory music after each hookup....could be iration- time bomb or Notorious BIG- the ten crack commandments....you never know what that tarpon is fighting a beat to
  3. lostmans1

    Grilled grouper/snapper reuben sandwich

    my solution: cook the kraut, then pop a few flinstones chewables...boom
  4. lostmans1

    Tarpon Time

    its funny- I talked to a buddy this week and he said "tarpon aren't really my thing" . I said have you ever caught one? he said "no". lol....well my friend just wait til that addictions bites you like it has the rest of us and then you will understand.
  5. lostmans1

    Back In Action...sort Of!

    Take him up on that offer- steve is a cool dude with an awesome boat and knows how to fish!
  6. lostmans1

    Fishing Reel Maintenance

    I have taken my reels all over the bay to get serviced over the years. Keith from minnows to monsters has always been good to me and his prices are awesome. He will take the time to explain things on the reel and how they work and he will give you an honest opinion if you are in the market for new gear. Go check him out, he is good peoples.
  7. lostmans1

    Personal Best Snook Around Ami

    atta boy nick!
  8. lostmans1

    The Silver King

    yuuuuuuup! slowly but surely they are starting to filter in.....cant wait.
  9. lostmans1

    Fishing Journals.

    lol- bedtime stories. As far as adding details I can write as much as I want on a spot and sometimes all the spot will say is "snook" . Sometimes is it will say " Oyster bar that creates a big eddy on the south side and with a 2.0 or higher tide the redfish and snook will get up into that eddy and feed until the tide slows." Also the more I fish an area the more the spots will change. In the beginning there may have been a spot titled "redfish" with the description of "spotted redfish on this edge". Now that I understand fish move I will take those spots out and put spots that I know they will hold during certain times. I cant go to every flat i and put "redfish" on them because then my spot chart will get diluted. I can say with 100% certainty that schools of redfish have been on every flat inside and around tampa bay, and I have caught them on each of those flats. Moral of this story if you are new to fishing, or new to logging, is to give yourself as much help as you can. Use the maps that this website gives you and expand them with your own knowledge. One day you will come back to the map and say wow- look how much I have here and planning out trips and executing them will become easier. Another big thing I use those maps for is bait spots. If your a livebait guy, it never hurts to have bait spots on there as well.
  10. lostmans1

    Fishing Journals.

    I tried this for a year....I was able to refer back it for nothing more than general timing and patterns on when fish show up in what spots under certain conditions. My problem wasn't the writing it down, it was the continuing to refer back to it and I knew it wouldn't last. I know a lot of old guides who keep everything hand written and it sure is a wealth of knowledge but for the new generations or those that are somewhat computer savvy the use of Google Earth has been a god send. If you look at my google earth and zoom half way into tampa bay all you will see is a big cluster of hundreds of yellow marks...every few weeks I will log in and record the past fishing trips and do some virtual scouting around. If I can see a mark, click on it and all my information pertaining to that spot is there. that's the way to go! give It a try
  11. lostmans1

    Cast Net Technique

    For the flats- 1/4" mesh size 10' net is ideal. I have an 11 ft net now and love it. For markers- Last week with a ripping tide I was able to load up using the 11ft 1/4" net, but that's only because we got too aggressive with the 3/8" net. When throwing on a marker that bait will be holding tight so if you are throwing 5 feet away from the marker that's all it takes to come up with a goose egg. Personal experience has taught me that most markers that have bait will have a mix of threadfins- scaled sardines- Spanish sardines- pinfish. The threadfins will mark much higher in the water column on your bottom machine and the whitebaits will be holding close to the bottom. Find out which way the tide is going.....once that net hits the water the tide will take that net either into the pilings or away from it. figure that out and then adjust. the key is getting that net to sink next to those pilings. Let it hit the bottom even if that means you need to give the boat a little gas to keep you close while its sinking. For marker tossing I like a 1/2" mesh net. If you want to get serious about it don't spend a bunch of money on your deepwater nets. Instead get a 1/2" net and then double the weight on it. you will rip braille lines and get holes and you will need to patch and mend every now and then but that will get bait when other nets wont. If threadfins and "pork chop" whitebaits are the only thing on your list then a 5/8s mesh size will be even better. No matter where your throwing, either the flats or deep you never want to "set" that net directly over top if it. engine or drift away if you are in deeper water to create an angle. Also when it hits the bottom before you set it, give the net a few quick shorts jabs to slowly bounce those weights and the bottom. not only does that prevent all the weights coming up and bait escaping, it will also tend to knock baits out of the grass or off the bottom. Like anything it seems it can take time to learn little tricks but those are some of the things I have learned over the years. Good luck out there
  12. lostmans1

    Taking Breeder Iguanas Out The Fun Way. Video

    where is this at? Down in Boca Grande they had some "Guana Hunters" come out and were shooting them.....they were doing a lot of damage to homes and condos down there. I used to see them all the time but I have only seen 1 in the last 5 years since the shoot went down.
  13. lostmans1

    Poon Lures

    A few guys have been jumping 60-90lbers on our bridges at night using bait busters and bigger swim baits.
  14. lostmans1


    Depends on the fish and what your targeting....the most likely of the culprits would either be a black drum, redfish, or tarpon as all of them eat crabs. You can never rule out a shark either. We caught quite a few sharks last year while tarpon fishing and in some spots they were just a nuisance. But like these other guys have stated for redfish a quartered crab is best and I personally like using 1/2 of a crab for the black drum. No matter what kind of fishing I am doing I very rarely let them fish take the bait for too long before I try and stick em. Also If I am using a J-hook, I am much more prone to driving the hook home sooner rather than later. Tarpon- once I know the bait has been picked up I usually give them a 3 count before I reel up slack and stick them. Redfish- if its a bait not sitting on the bottom its 99% of the time an eat and run and that requires an immediate hookset...if its cut baits or chunked crab on the bottom I will usually give them a while to make sure they have eaten that bait. A lot of times you can feel them mouthing the bait then once they have a firm grip of it they will swim off and swallow it. Black drum- they will sit there and pick at big baits but if you a have a sensitive enough rod or feeling the line you will feel them mouthing the baits the same way reds will sometimes do. Most of the time when drum fishing around the bridges they pick up that bait and very slowly swim away. The key here much like your situation Is making sure the line is moving. As soon as it starts to move, lower the rod tip towards the fish, reel in that slack, and then drive that hook home. There will always be situation though when you get out there and do all the right things and the chips just don't fall where they should but that's just one of the things that takes practice and patience.
  15. lostmans1

    A Must See!

    lol that looks awesome....only bad thing though is landing that fish before it kills itself of exhaustion. a big girl might put you on a 6 hour sleigh ride
  16. lostmans1

    To Pinch The Tail Or Not?

    only proper way to measure a fish these days is to pinch the tail
  17. lostmans1

    Back In Action- Cash Prizes And All

    foxhole prayers started around 3 and by 5 we had our 90". sometimes quickly.....sometimes slowly We will get out soon.
  18. I haven't been on the forums for most of the winter mainly because I haven't been doing as much fishing. Had a few cobia trips and got on some winter time snook and reds but spring time is here, the fishing is great, and im pumped up again. Went out 2 weeks ago with Eric and we were gonna pre-fish some spots for the upcoming tourney that was held this past weekend out of Tarpon Springs in support of officer Kondek, the officer that was shot from Tarpon Springs. We ended finding some nice baits and some quality snook and trout but the redfish in that area can be tough. Eric is shown here holding a nice 36" snook caught on our scouting day Then that one is followed up by a 31" snook We caught a few more snook and some decent trout to 21" and had we been able to find some big redfish we would have been ok with that. We did go to one spot where Eric said he has always gotten reds in and we fished it hard but nothing but dinky snook and reds. Later on the ride home his buddy informs us that before we fished it, he was back there putting a hurting on those fish which may be why by the time we got back there they didn't want anything to do with us. Skip ahead to Friday night......Captains party. We get all of our goodies, enter the Calcutta, buy our other half of our boat for $25 ( some boats went for $100) and one of the favorites went for $200. We get out of that around 9 and haul butt back to the boat to start fishing....This was a no boundries tournament and fishing opened immediately following the captains party until check in at 4pm Saturday. Most guys were fishing the same spots we had already scouted so we took a gamble, and decided to fish the bay, mainly because we knew we could get a big redfish a lot easier. We started working some dock lights and caught some small snook. nothing over 24". We did have a few mogans slice us up so we moved on to what I thought would be where we could nail a big snook with the right tide....we fished it for about 2 hours but with the bugs and the tide just not coming in like we had hoped we pushed on. Came to a spot where we had spotted some fish on a previous scouting mission. It didn't take long before 3 tired guys at 3 AM started to find their mojo.....redfish after redfish after redfish......we must have landed 15 reds in a 30 minute period all ranging from 26-29". I was happy but we still need something over 33" to have a shot. After almost giving up on this spot we troll down to hit some more dock lights and as we are trolling, I flipped a big whitebait on a point and got hit....it didn't fight hard to I thought it may be a small red.....nope....nice trout. Got her in the boat and she measured 25.5 on the stick. I have never been so excited to catch a speckled trout in my life. We have a brief moment of celebration and we stop the boat and get more baits in the water...almost instantly Anthony gets slammed. We all knew it had to be a nice snook. it ran him 75 yards out and took a hard turn behind a pole and we put the trolling motor on full blast and chased her down. luckily the line didn't break because that fish had that line all the way around the obstruction and Anthony managed to get it out....she surfaced and it looked to be a good 34". he keeps fighting her and with no net- im holding the grips ready to get her.....as it gets closer it was not 34. she was nearing 40" and I threw the grips down and double thumbed that bottom lip and had Eric lift the belly into the boat. Snook laying on deck, and we go Ape-shit. Get her on the tape and she officially measured 39 1/4". Its 5AM and we still have a lot of time on the clock. we grinded for another 5 hours trying to upgrade the redfish but didn't find any over slots. around 11 AM we called it, we were beat. cleaned the boat, and was the first boat back to the weigh in. Our official card Snook 39.25 red 29.00 trout 25.5 93.75" for the slam The rest was history. team "No Boundries" took it down $2500 for first $1400 in Calcutta winnings 2-5th place were all in the high 80's for their slam. the coolest pic I thought was the slam sitting on the deck waiting to be measured. All fish were revived and released, and we released a few nice slot snook.
  19. lostmans1

    Using Anti-Reverse On Spinning Reel

    Eventually these companies will realize that NO ONE USES THAT!!!!!. I believe the only application I have even heard of people using it was pier fishing or bottom dropping a bait to better control the descent. All it ever does is break and need servicing, I recently had 2 reels that had some anti-reverse issues but had some parts replaced and they are back to new. Use the drag on the reels to fight the fish and open the bail to release then line.....Also a good practice to get into is always close the bail with your hand, don't try to and grind it back over with the handle.
  20. lostmans1

    Back In Action- Cash Prizes And All

    thanks guys....feels good to be back in the saddle. snook and reds for the next 2 months, then the focus goes to poons! that's what im really stoked for!
  21. lostmans1

    Favorite Fish To Catch?

    Snook and reds will always hold a special place in my heart but nothing will ever beat that rush of fighting and landing a tarpon....a true fight with aerial acrobatics and just tough enough to make the chase the much more fun.
  22. lostmans1

    Gf's 1St Red On Artificial

    lol ha! nice red....yea she diefinately got that fish in tournament style.
  23. lostmans1

    Crisp Park Ramp

    its not bad, just not a ton of parking. Barry he wouldn't go offshore from that ramp I think he was just saying that because he needs to pull his boat to launch at maximo or fort Desoto or where he will launch from when hes headed offshore.
  24. lostmans1

    All Things "beefy"

    lol Weedon. nice fish! you know its not Weedon because there aren't 42 boats in the background!
  25. lostmans1

    Plenty Of Kings

    LLoyd you can use your standard heavy spinning gear- a 20-40lb class spinning rod and a 6000 reel.....anything you can throw 275-300 yards of 50-65 lb braid on...that way that setup can be used for inshore groupers-tarpon-kings-big snook. I think a rod like that is a necessity whether you are inshore or offshore.