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    Snooks Reds and Some Lost Fish

    quality fish there! nice work
  2. lostmans1

    Fish id

    tarpon will eat anything dead or alive. From a 2" pass crab to a 24' Spanish mackerel everything is fair game as with most fish. mojarras are great bait and down in Boca Grande pass they are the "super secret" bait for snook and tarpon. although the old timers have a different name for them......maytbe silver dollars or something to that effect. I said oh yea, those are mojarra they said no "dem right dur are what we call _______" lol. I said ok, then that's what we will call them.
  3. lostmans1

    A must see!

    lol moron......."hey, you got this? yea, I got it"
  4. lostmans1

    I'm tearing up... For sale- Scout 175 Sportfish

    yea Steve this was his " I know I have to sell it, but don't really want to sell it post" lol. We will know he is serious when he puts it on the boat forums! and there are a lot of peeps on here that know Dave well and have been on that boat.
  5. lostmans1


    That big patch of red tide that was offshore in the northern counties has progressed south over the past few weeks. We were out last week fishing in about 50 ft of water and did not see any signs of it but a few guys that I have talked to have spotted some bad areas due west of Clearwater at about the 80 ft mark. The red tide committee predicts that it will continue moving south and slightly away from the coast which is good. I don't hate a lot of things in this world but red tide is certainly one of them. If you are offshore and see any signs report it to the FWC. lets hope it continues to move away
  6. lostmans1

    What brand and weight braid do you use

    2000 sized reel with 8lb power pro3000 sized reel with 10lb power pro4000 sized reel with 30lb power pro for structure fishing.If you fishing on the flats you will never need more than 10lb test. I like High Vis lines because most of the time I cant watch the line and know Ive gotten hit before I actually feel it for live baitin'. And it also helps out the other people I fish with so they can see where my line is.I have tried Ohero and wasn't a fan so switched back to power pro.
  7. lostmans1

    Tarpon time

    pics its hard to tell.....30-50ish
  8. lostmans1

    Stinky Hands

    wait- I thought we were fishing!
  9. lostmans1

    I'm tearing up... For sale- Scout 175 Sportfish

    Everything this man has said is true. I teamed up with this guy some years back and our correspondence throughout the week was always where we were going to fish and what we were going to target. This boat was on a Lift at Dave's house behind Weedon island and we fished from Egmont to UTB and have caught every species under the sun. Every once in a while we would load all the friends on it and go on tubing adventures, or take the ladies out for a spin but for the most part we were fishing. I think our redfish record was 72 reds in 1 day between the 2 of us with snook and trout mixed. Ill never forget that day. This boat offers a nice, dry ride and it can get up and go. The best aspect of this boat to me is the ride. Every other boat in that 17ft range is really choppy, loud, and you always end up getting wet. Great boat for the money. If you are planning on getting a boat soon check this thing out.
  10. lostmans1

    Red Tide Tampa Bay CCC area?

    thats your classic UTB water. I hate UTB in the summers, love it in the late fall-winter
  11. lostmans1

    a few groupers

    Went out last week out of the Seminole boat ramp and headed due west offshore to a few spots that a buddy had. We were armed with 1 box of emergency squid and 1 box of emergency sardines and we had the livewell filled with pinfish. Our first spot yielded 2 really nice red grouper and a couple of shorts We spent some time outrunning a storm and while idling around watching the storm we started to mark some fish and then we found it... a real nice showing out of no where. The general rule is 1st guy to catch a fish on a certain spot gets to name it. I caught it and my buddy said oh great. I said yup, it is now known as GubbleGusters. We have a tarpon spot in tampa bay that is known at Bubblegusters and a spot in Boca grande that is known as GubbleBusters. I love confusing everyone lol. but if your ever on his boat and see that name in the charts you know I was there! :thumbsup: Ok so bunch of shorts at this next spot then we got into some gags and 2 suprises. the first a 6 ft nurse shark, and then shortly after an 8 foot nurse shark. I did all my fishing on heavy spinning gear while the other guys were rocking conventionals. Had there been some real big gags around I would've been in some trouble for sure but the spinning was just too fun.Baits- pinfish-gruntsFish- grunts- red grouper-gag grouper- nurse sharksdepth 45-50 ftHad the most enthusiastic FWC officer stop us pulling into the ramp and after measuring a few fish he seemed really excited for us and congratulated us on some good meat. Pretty cool he was so pumped up.and that's a grunt shoved in that groupers mouth, not much else to say there.
  12. lostmans1

    From oversea

    yea that's interesting about the swiss laws. of course theres always the hold the fish for a picture and accidentally let him flop back in the water lol.
  13. lostmans1

    a few groupers

    yea that grouper didn't last very long. I had one single bag with 2 portions make it to the freezer but all the rest was fried up the next day.
  14. welcome DT! good peeps on here for sure.
  15. lostmans1

    Gandy Bridge Area tampa side

    yea it can get pretty gnarly out there with the boats but right now you will find snook hanging out in the shallow parts around the bridge and snapper and black drum stacked up on some of the deeper pilings.A better area in the Kayak might be the hula bay flats or the flats just outside of Georgetown. Both those flats are holding tons of bait and the trout are going nuts on them. Redfish will be pushed up around the oyster bars on the hula bay flats and the trout will be hanging throughtout the flats in 3-6 ft of water. some snook will be out on the flats as well, its a good time to fish.
  16. lostmans1


    lol yea- summertime is live bait time. we used a few smaller grunts we caught but we went out there with 6 dozen pins and used every one of them.
  17. lostmans1

    New GeoBass

    dude had a spider burrowed in his ear! lol. that was awesome
  18. lostmans1

    a few groupers

    Yea I got one but as you can im not the most computer savvy person in the world. :smiley-laug
  19. lostmans1

    From oversea

    All the way from Switzerland! that's awesome. Its hard to beat those beaches! and to think most of the people on this forum are only a few hours away, you come from across the globe!Entertain us a little- what kind of fish do you catch in Switzerland?
  20. lostmans1


    we found a few. big pinfish and grunts were what they wanted.
  21. lostmans1

    a few groupers

    I still have no clue how to unrotate those pics so just pick up your screen and turn it
  22. lostmans1

    Boss grouper!

    i saw that- that's awesome
  23. lostmans1

    A Mountain of Fish

    oh well Will has a terminology all his own! lol. Yeah those fish are pretty cool lookin...is that the first time you have seen them caught out there?What would rank as the most awkward catch on those boats you have seen?
  24. lostmans1

    So here's a little motivation for your tuesday

    nice work man. that's awesome. In high school I lost a bunch of weight and got all buff and then when all the activities stopped I ballooned back outwards lol. Great job and your definitely an inspiration. keep it up! and yes all your fish will appear much larger!
  25. lostmans1

    A Mountain of Fish

    Threadfin herrings on that bait bob. you can tell by those little spots on the top of the back. and MUCH oilier than the pilchards. great baits. And those AJs must have put a hurtin on those guys!