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  1. Saw them from the ICAST reviews and it looks like a sweet lure to use. Has anyone used them in this area, or does any stores locally have them. Also if you have used them can you give me a little feedback. Im just debating on if i should spend $20 on a single lure.
  2. Hey mike, I gotta get with you soon. Going to book a few charters with my dad and my father in law.
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    Water Temperature-Spring is here!

    Topwater snookin is heating up. This was 2 of the SMALL ones I got last Wednesday.
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    Re: Yakkin Weedon tomorrow Monday Feb 6th

    Also watch out for manatees
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    spook jr hook comparison

    I'm still hung up on hooks for the spook Jr. So far I have a couple to compare. Spook 1, pink top, has stock hooks. Spook 2 red top chrome has vmc o shaugnessy 4x short shank size 4. Spook 3, bone has kvd elite 2x short 1x strong size 2 th76bln. I filled a tupperware up with fresh water and dropped them in. Here's what they look likeSpook 1Spook 2Spook 3Spook 1,3,2 from left to rightTop viewNow I'm not sure how saltwater will change the buoyancy of the lure but the freshwater results are obvious. What are your thoughts and opinions.
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    spook jr hook comparison

    Johnd, can you find these hooks locally? I would rather support a local tackle shop than ordering online...
  7. Yes I have a pair of superbowl tickets for sale to this Sundays game. Asking price is $8,000 for the pair. Section 102 row11 seats 15 and 16. If you refer a buyer, I will give you $300 cash. Serious inquiries only, no trades, cash only. Pm me or call 813-523-0709 ask for Glenn.
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    SLAMMING THE KITCHEN 1/15 & 1/17

    Doa paddle tail
  9. Monday 1/15/12 I set out with "Bubba" who just moved down from Alabama. We arrive at the kitchen at roughly 6am. It is very very chilly and we are having hopes that the cold front didnt shut the fishing down. There was a morning solunar from roughly 6:30-8:30 and we launched at low tide. It wasnt long before bubba got a small trout. We hit the mangroves with not much luck. Hut the deeper interior holes with a trout here and there. Hit the deep structures with a trout here and there and a load of ladies to boot. We tried to go out on the flats but the tide started going out again. Did i mention the West wind was howling something brutal. So we fished the interior for the outgoing until the tide switched tried to hit the flats again but still not enough water. Back to the interior. About now we have loaded up on trout but nothing else. We make our way down a small cut and spooked what seemed like a red. Worked the area and i finally get the first red of the day around 2:30pm, measured in at roughly 21". Released the red and tried working the area some more with no luck. Made our way back to a low flow area with patchy algae/grass with an adjacent structure and i get what feels like a small spunky red. When the fish made his jump i saw the black lined wonder wink at me. Yes its a snook. Landed the fish and snapped a quick pic let him suck my thumb and sent him on his way. Woo HOO slamma jamma!!We worked the area a little longer to try and get bubba a snook or red but struck out. Got off the water around 4:30pm and headed home. Next time Bubba, we will get you some fish so you can call this place home!!!Wednesday 1/17/12 last minute plans came together with myself and bicoastal (Andrew)to hit the kitchen. Since he missed the kitchen clinic i decided to show him around. Andrew launched before me and i launched around 1:30. Tides sucked as far as movement but the main key was that there was alot of water. Incoming all day until a 2.4ft high tide at 9pm. As i was hitting the interior islands i picked up 2 trout within the first 10 casts. Wiggled my way through the channels trying to find andrew and picked up a small 20" red in my "go to" spot.Made my way out to the flat where i met up with andrew. Showed him the oyster beds and i picked up another redOff in the distance we can see the storm coming and the winds started to increase. I found a nice island with a small ledge with some nice patchy grass/algae and made a few casts to the backside of it with a couple nibbles but no hookups. I moved closer to the top of the island and cast to a nice ambush area where there is oysters on the point and a sand flat on top of the island 2 bounces of the paddle tail and fish on!! after about a 3-4 minute battle the fish was boatside. He posed for a glamour shot too. Meausred at 27" natural layReleased the big boy to be caught another day. So now the storm is approaching and i get my gear on as the temp is dropping and the wind shifting every which way. And then it lets loose. Now we arent the type of people to just give up when it starts raining. Nope. We kept on fishing. No lightning, only heard one boom of thunder so we were safe. As its raining im still in the same side of the island but now the side of the island is a dead zone from the wind so i wasnt moving at all. Kept fan casting and got a nice thump but missed. Recast and blammo fish on!! A nice jump from the black lined wonder and up to the boat for a pic. Luckily i had some dry paper towels in my drybox so i dried off the lens and snapped a pic. This ended up being my best HARDCORE PICTURE so far. Who says the fish dont bite while its raining?We keep fishing, and i get hooked up about 20 casts later in the same spot to a bigger snook which measured roughly 20" which rounded out my second slam of the day. Went to take a pic but batteries went dead. I have extra batteries but couldnt change them out in the monsoon. Meanwhile, poor andrew is struggling. He has a blowfish, a cichlid and some ladyfish and diggs up a small trout. Thats gotta be some kind of slam..I tried to critique his methods but it seems like the fish like the way i wiggled my worm today. By now the winds have shifted directly southern and we took a little refuge on the north sides of a couple islands one of which has an oyster bed point. I made my way over and the fish gave himself away. One cast, and i swear he must have been there with his mouth open and before i could click the bail over I feel the thump in the line. Set the hook and little red on. ~20. Released to be caught another day. We worked the area a little more with nothing much except the damn needlefish so i show andrew the oysterbeds on the back side of the island. Bunch of stingrays, no other activity though. We decided now to hit the interior islands. Couple of ladies here and there and andrew gets a small red not much bigger than his shoe. By now its getting late and we started to head back. The sun disappeared quickly but the memories will last a long time. I had a great time andrew, thanks for sticking it out in the monsoon with me. KEEP IT HARDCORE!!!!!
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    SLAMMING THE KITCHEN 1/15 & 1/17

    the color for both days were glow/gold
  11. on 1/7/12 myself and 8 other anglers made it out to the first "touring the kitchen" event. Well not an event, but it should be. Launched at a negative low tide with an incoming tide all day. 2 slams were caught, and over 200 trout between the 9 of us. My lure of choice for the day was a chartreuse 1/8 oz mission fishin jig head with silver and glow doa paddle tail, 25lb ohero floro. Here are the pics from SaurrdayMonday was a 2 man mission on the south shoreToday i get a text from daveyt asking if i wanted to go fishing. Well, we set up a time and we launched on the south shore of beautiful tampa bay around 12:30pm. I have never fished the particular area before and Daveyt was going to show me some spots. We made our way out to a small flat in between 2 islands with channels on either side. Not too long into the trip i get hooked up with a beautiful redi get to another spot and picked off 3 more within 15 casts or so. One fish was had 20 spots. My personal best spotted red.So now i have 4 reds landed and daveyt still has his skunk on. I convinced him to throw on the same paddle tail i was using and boy did it pay off. Davey gets hooked up less than 15 minutes later on a nice red. Once the red was close to the boat he decided that he wanted to go and stay under the boat. A little coaxing and out he came into the hands of his master.http://i113.photobucket.com/albums/n222/GSELLERS1245/100_0082.jpghttp://i113.photobucket.com/albums/n222/GSELLERS1245/100_0083.jpghttp://i113.photobucket.com/albums/n222/GSELLERS1245/100_0084.jpghttp://i113.photobucket.com/albums/n222/GSELLERS1245/100_0088.jpgand the fish stachehttp://i113.photobucket.com/albums/n222/GSELLERS1245/100_0089.jpgAfter daveys fish i picked up another small redhttp://i113.photobucket.com/albums/n222/GSELLERS1245/100_0090.jpgSo now we chased all the reds away so we decided to move. The next area was on the back side of an island where there were thousands of mullet. So we work the mullet groups one after another. Then the ladyfish showed up. Every cast it was lady after lady. Davey managed to pick a slot trout out of one group of mullet and found a flounder on a nice sandy area. Since the ladies were demolishing the paddle tails we decided to mave. We headed out to the flats on the bay. As we get around the corner i pick up a decent trouthttp://i113.photobucket.com/albums/n222/GSELLERS1245/100_0092.jpgThen shortly after a carolina skiff scoots across the flat and marine patrol pulls them over. This scared off all the mullet so the bite shut down for about a half hour or so. We found some thick grass and started picking off reds one after another. I told davey the techinque i was using to skirt the paddle tail just above the grass and he picked off 3 in a row. We almost had a double, we were about a minute or so off. So about now the sun is going down and we see what looks like a bird orgy in the bay we wanted to check it out and see what was feeding on the bait that the birds were feeding off of. Well at the same time there was a cruise ship coming down the channel and i tell davey that we better not be on the flat when the wake hits so i decide to go and see what the birds are up to and what they are eating, of course when i get there all the bait is gone and the birds are just chillin. so we decide to call it a day and head in. As we were heading in the cruise ship wake hit the flat. We were in deep water and had 3 foot rollers so i imagine the wave was the same on the flat. We hit beef o bradys for some much deserved beers and food. What an awesome day on the water with an awesome friend. Thanks for getting me out of the house today bro. Total count for the day in 6 hours was 15 reds, 3 trout, 1 flounder, ass load of ladyfish, and 1 mullet [video width=425 height=344 type=youtube]jXstdyqb4Wg Some misc picshttp://i113.photobucket.com/albums/n222/GSELLERS1245/100_0093.jpghttp://i113.photobucket.com/albums/n222/GSELLERS1245/100_0096.jpghttp://i113.photobucket.com/albums/n222/GSELLERS1245/100_0099.jpghttp://i113.photobucket.com/albums/n222/GSELLERS1245/100_0101.jpgKEEP IT HARDCORE!!
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    1/7 kitchen and 1/9 south shore (lots of lictures)

    I have been tinkering with the thought of jewbanging, I mean goliath kayak fishing. I have felt the power of these fish first hand and even on solid structure they are stubborn. Dangit Gary, you have my wheels Turning now. My best yet is roughly 350lbs.
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    1/7 kitchen and 1/9 south shore (lots of lictures)

    I also play photographer if the fishing is slow. I'll follow my buddies around and take shots of them. If we know its a big fish I try and get some action shots.
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    1/7 kitchen and 1/9 south shore (lots of lictures)

    Waterproof Kodak easyshare. Keep it in my pocket
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    1/7 kitchen and 1/9 south shore (lots of lictures)

    you and your army of LIVE SHRIMP
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    Redbone rods and Shimano sedona reels for sale

    Sedona 2500 soldThe other 2 redbone rods and 4000 sedona package deal for $120
  17. i have 2 redbone rods for sale and 2 shimano sedona reels for sale. Both reels have original receipts and original boxes, not sure if i have the redbone receipts. shimano sedona 2500fd purchased on 5/27/11 from DSG original box with spool spacers, spooled with 30lb (8lb diam) ohero braid Paid $59.99 asking $40oboShimano sedona 4000fd purchased on 9/3/11 from TFO original box with spool spacers, spooled with 30lb (8lb diam) ohero braid paid 54.99 asking $35 oboHurricane Redbone 7' medium action Paid $89.99 Asking $50Hurricane Redbone 7'6" medium action Paid $89.99 Asking $50If you buy all items listed above $150PM me or call 813-five23-0709
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    monday 1/9 kayak fishing

    Anyone wanna join. Not sure of a location, don't really care just want to get on the water. Pm or call 813-523-070nine
  19. I have had alot of people asking where "the kitchen" is and if it is a good fishery. Well here is your chance to find out a ton of information about the area. I will be showing the how to's of the area. Ambush spots, drop offs, oyster beds, structure, where the grassy areas are and where they will be, where the alligator hangs out etc... Anyone is welcome to join. Plan is to make a day out of it. So if you want to join let me know. PM, or call me 81three-five23-070nine. Hope to see some new chefs in the kitchen
  20. This morning brian03 (brian), bicoastal (andrew), mike (not on the forum yet but he will be) and myself met up at ft d for a day of fishin. As we arrived it was nice and still. No winds, nada. 10 minutes later the rain hits us. So i suggested a spot out of the wind (kinda) and off we went. The 4 of us launched at the crack of dawn with hopes the cold front didnt turn the bite off. However it did turn the wind on and boy did it blow. It didnt take long before a fish was on. A small rat red caught by mike and i do not think it was photographed. I was next to hook up with what i thought was a nice fat red or a snook. Surprise, surprise, lookie who came out to play. Dont mind the pink lip grippers. I had to take the wifes pair because mine are shot.It was not long before i get anothernow its brians turnWe all kind of ventured around trying to find shelter from the wind for the duration of the morning. Not alot of action, but good times with some new friends. I managed a few flounder and a lizard fish but nothing else. Andrew did manage a beautiful shot of ole gloryheres a pic of the group and some unidentified peopleAll in all a windy cold day sure beats the hell out of being at work. Guys if you have any other pics to add please do so. Lure of choice for me: 1/8oz mission fishin jig head with DOA gold/glo cal paddle tail and 25lb ohero floro.Technique: working deep drop offs in front of grovesKeeping your kayak from blowing away: it didnt happen :)Now on the way home i just had to get some action on my new reel so i decided to hit CCC with the new stradic ci4. I needed more than a lizard fish on the first day of use. So once again lure of choice was the same. Worked a small area and picked off a rat red and 4 flounder. I get snagged and ended up breaking off so i go to the truck to re rig. When i get back to the spot, the people who were 20 yards from me dead sticking dead shrimp moved into my spot because they saw me tearing the fish up with "fake bait". So i told them that i was glad they moved and that there was more fish in the spot they moved from. They laughed in disbelief. Alright...what they didnt know was that the spot they were in is a prime snookie spot. first cast in the spot KABLAMMO!!!! FISH ON!!! Nice head shakes, 12 jumps in total and landed. Nice fattie snook. As i was reeling him in i had some duckies that i swear were chanting go, go, go go....yay!the guys jaw dropped and he shook his head. Revived the snook and he swam off extremely strong. 3 casts later KABLAMMO FISH ON!! Landed!Revived and released. No measurements were taken i didnt have a ruler. so anyway 3 more casts later Booyah!! fish on!!Worked the area for 2 mins or so longer and the bite turned off. Packed it up and headed home. As i was leaving they guys moved back to the spot i was in...what a trip :)KEEP IT HARDCORE!!
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    1/7/2012 Touring the kitchen with kayaks

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    1/7/2012 Touring the kitchen with kayaks

    Launch time changed to 9am. That way we can stay warm.
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    The wind made us gag today 1/2/12

    Neither, I was standing on the rocks on the shore.
  24. Tackle for the day was a 7 ft redbone medium heavy with a shimano sedona 2500 reel. 30lb ohero braid, 25lb ohero leader line, 1/4 oz chartreuse mission fishin jig head, glow doa paddle tail. The fish was actually caught on 10/1/11 at the CCC. The morning was a tad chilly, but not too bad. There was a major solunar from 445-645am. The fish was hooked at 545. It was an extremely high tide. I started working she shoreline from east to west fan casting as i always do to try and cover more area. We have had a ton of luck at this spot so i knew some reds were going to be on the line that day. I noticed small bait fish scattered inside and out of the rocky shoreline which lead me to my next decision as to the approach. I started throwing parallel to the shoreline working my bait as close to the rocks as i can. Saw some feeding activity which gave the fish away. I slowly worked my way to that area. I used the flashlight app on my phone to charge up the glow paddle tail and made a long cast down the shoreline. i would vary my technique but not much. With the bait i used this technique: bounce bounce (while reeling) swim (reeling) bounce, swim etc... When the lure became visible to the fish he slurped it up right in front of the rocks. This fish fought like the laziest red i have ever hooked. I dont think he was even awake better yet he didnt have folgers in his cup The fish was landed, a few pics were taken and the fish revived. Nothing more else to say. It wasnt the rod, the reel, the 5 hour energy or the monster energy that caught the fish, it was observation. One of the best keys to success while fishing. The more you observe the more you turn your fishing into catching.