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  1. As always I pop on from time to time with some videos. Figured I would do the same again. These two videos are from the same content just done different. Check em out and let me know what you think. Also thank you Phil Lovelady for the advice on location
  2. Permanent move! Cool deal man we will meet up! Yeah but that's fine I don't care about big reds I care about the hunt and the skinny water snook have grown BIG on me after landing those big girls. So I am stoked for some sick beach snooking!
  3. Well... Tomorrow I will be making the move back over to Bradenton to work at Pierce Manufacturing. So you all can expect some local videos from me for once!! Look forward to getting to know that area over there more and possibly meeting up with a few of you. Nonetheless hope you all are having a good weekend!
  4. Finally took a day off from the monster snook and went back to my roots. These fish had some fire under them! They were taking off like rockets! Hope you all enjoy the video!
  5. FINALLY!! Live bait, 40lb Leader, 10lb braid, 8-17lb Shadow Stalker rod and Okuma RTX 25 reel... yeah they always pick the lighter rod https://instagram.com/p/4HvACbSCt9/?taken-by=andrewbenak
  6. Ponce Inlet is SOUTH from Daytona Beach. Lol... Phil stop fishing so much and get some sleep! Good fishing down that way like Phill said. Let us know how you do.
  7. It is camo in color (not the white urban). 2 CRACKS IN THE HULL!! cracks are on top near scupper hole. Selling it as is. I don't need to sell it as I let friends use it from time to time. If someone can make the fix or doesn't care about draining a couple gallons after use then make me an offer. Will throw in paddle for right price. Andrew
  8. Again man those guys fish allllll day and with even merge a couple days fishing to make that one show. I go out for 3-4 hours. I like to think I make clips right now and I am looking to actually make videos and short films soon when I can start planning some weekend trips to particular locations. Again like I told bassin.. I am solo..no film crew and no audio crew... lol little different then a paid show
  9. its hard to capture good audio on windy days... you can't just cut out the wind sound and also I am doing this alone... no audio crew no film crew. It's me. I get what you are saying but its almost impossible to go out and get good clean audio everytime.
  10. I know this topic has been dead but wanted to just get your thoughts on this idea. First off I do the videos I do now because I love them like that. I love that music and I love syncing it to be well... awesome. So it got me thinking of how I can keep the videos the way I desire but also attract more people with more informative videos... so. I came up with something pretty simple.. a recap. Pretty much do the videos the same way I do them now but after it do a recap and explain some things about the catches. Explain tide weather, where the fish were and do some voice over on the clips. Why did I decide this? Well... lets me just say one thing lol. It is hard enough videoing my trips let alone making sure my audio recorder is on and thinking of things to say. This will make things wayyyyy easier on me yet I am still giving you all what you are asking for. So I am curious your thoughts on it. One other thing is this also allows some of you to simply watch the video and if you are not interested in the information after you can just close the video.
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