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  1. hookthis1

    Florida Keys Fish Id

    This was a while back that I caught this fish and I've tried to identify with no luck. Anybody know what it is?
  2. hookthis1

    Fishing Maps

    Been a very long time since I looked at this site. Just simply been busy. Maybe i'm doing something wrong but before on the fishing maps there were specific spots marked for what fish commonly caught in that spot. Now when I look at the maps it's just a google map image with nothing else. Are fishy spots no longer marked on these maps?
  3. hookthis1

    Rain Rain And More Rain!

    Very much appreciated Phil! I hate seeing that also. stuff like that makes counties want to ban fishing in areas.
  4. hookthis1

    Fishing has been awesome

    Great report but, where the pics? Lol
  5. hookthis1

    More Red Grouper

    Great report. I'm scheduled to go on the hubbards tof trip. I'm hoping we catch all kinds of fish.
  6. hookthis1

    Anglers banned from bridge

    Called in sick...I'm not sure how tall that bridge is, I haven't seen it yet, but I know that the Venice pier is very tall. Even taller then the skyway pier and people have success.
  7. hookthis1

    Anglers banned from bridge

    The ideal thing would be to build a catwalk like the Gandy bridge had. Everybody would be happy.
  8. Great to hear your report Cyrus. Sad to hear about your house and truck though. I'm glad you're able to live in your house now. I know this is easier said then done, but we all need to keep our heads up through tough times like that. its hard to keep a positive attitude, buy it will payoff.
  9. hookthis1

    Deep water+Grass=Big Trout

    Nice gators!!.great job!
  10. That's a trophy Snook! Great read Mike. You should have a replica made and mount it on Barry's living room wall to remind him how much bigger your fish were lol!
  11. hookthis1

    4 Redfish This Evening!

    Nice reds man! I never caught anything in that skinny of water. Good job Andrew!
  12. hookthis1

    You never know what youre gonna get

    Cool pictures! Thanks for the report.
  13. hookthis1

    Beast Halibut

    Make a great halibut sandwich lol!
  14. hookthis1

    Fiddler Crabs?

    I haven't used them much only because lately I haven't found them at bait shops. When you find them they are cheap or you can take the time to harvest them. But yes Pompano will eat them and black drum. I hear Redfish will but I'm not positive on that. I'm sure other species do also but since I'm not positive what other species do I don't want to mislead you.