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  1. I just replumbed sections of my bait well it was 1/2 pvc but with 'fine" threads. I took all my pieces I neede to a litlle hardware store called Palmer's located around 49th st n and 46th ave n St Pete they had what i needed. This little place has everything.
  2. new never used still has tag. The rod retails between $170.00 - $190.00 in the box stores and online. Asking $130.00 or reasaonable offer. Located in Pinellas Thanks
  3. I have never fished for snook on the beaches or in the pass. Should you fish from your boat or beach the boat and walk while fan casting. I'm sure as with anything fishing related there will be pros and cons on both. I want to fish with artificials only so any help would be appreciated.
  4. piscator

    Tipping a Inshore guide

    I'm sure It's been asked a hundred times before but is $60 on $600 insultig or do I need to go to the full Benjamin?
  5. piscator

    Paying for a charter

    then i guess cash it shall be. cc have advantages for me = cash rewards
  6. piscator

    Paying for a charter

    I have noticed on several guides websites(I'm looking to book a charter) that they'll give you the rates for a charter but not a method of payment. Is it cash only or are credit cards excepted. A full day with two people can cost north of $600.00. Being able to use a credit card would be a good option for some. It should go without saying the tip should be cash.
  7. piscator

    Looking for boat storage around Dunedin

    Thanks for the replies. I'm just looking for a storage lot but it has to have power.
  8. Moving to Dunedin and need a place to store my 17 ft boat. Looking for a lot with 24 hour accsess and electric. Wanting to stay in the Dunedin Palm Harbor area. Thanks in advance
  9. piscator

    WTB Flats Boat

    I have some physiclal limitations so I'm not able to push a boat around a flat. The polling platform makes a nice seat for the misses. If I can troll in 8" to"10 that should work. I appreciate all of you guys keeping a eye out for me.
  10. piscator

    WTB Flats Boat

    The 16 footers are a bit small. The maverick has already been sold and the action craft on the treasure coast is spoken for.I have seen some Back Countries that look sweet but I heard they have some transom issues. Funny I have looked at every city in Florida on CL. I guess that's what you do when you can't fish. I do have a 17 ft classic mako I'm just looking for a more deckspace. Thanks for all the replies.Looking back at some of the adds may have to look at the 16's. Like said earlier it's the buyers time of year.
  11. piscator

    WTB Flats Boat

    Looking for a Flats boat(action craft hewes and the like). I would like to spend no more then $13,000.00. Thanks in advance
  12. piscator

    flats reel

    I own two ballistics 3000 I also own three procyons and four tierras. The tierras are my favorite a tad heavier but very never a problem. the procyons are nice to. The ballistics have been diapointing for sure like mentioned noisy and stiff. the reels have always been taken care of. I sent them both(ballistics) back to daiwa will see how that goes.
  13. I have the a 76mlf 7'6 ML fast action 6-14lb 1/8 1/2 oz. It is in great/good(cork is discolored no chips) condition. I had it paired with a 2000 DiawaTierra. I used when I fished with live bait(shrimp greenbacks). I'll sell the rod for $55.00 if interested shoot me a message.
  14. piscator

    zman baits

    The zman jigheads are disapointing. The barb above the hook bends. After a few times straightening the barb out they break off. The mission fishin jigheads do work better. I was drinking the zman kool aid but Ithink I'll go back to the D.O.A cal shad.
  15. piscator

    zman baits

    Thanks guys fotrtaking your time to reply. I guess I could snip and re tie the supper glue tip hansn't worked well for me.