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  1. plfalcon


    Nice report as always . NOW THATS A KING Fish ! Sweeet
  2. plfalcon

    Just Missed The Slam!

    Nice !
  3. plfalcon

    6/1/16 Sjs Slam With Nice Snook

    Quality Slam for SURE , well done Mike , Congrats .
  4. Great day on the water, Congrats . Were you using live bait ?
  5. plfalcon


    I'm up for FLYING a POON or 2 !
  6. plfalcon

    My Intro

    Welcome to the site.
  7. plfalcon

    6" Jack Plate - Needed Or Not

    On my 22' Pathfinder bay boat , I"ll use it most of the time when on the flats . I am able to get in shallower water with the jack plate and idle around on the flats without the lower unit hitting the bottom and the jack plate keeps from tearing up the grass flats. It allows me to get into water that is around 2' to 2 1/2' feet deep , idle around without any problems . Without the jack plate you will be at the mercy of the tilt- trim system on your outboard , which will eventually left the prop out of the water ,rendering your propulsion useless. Tons of FISH in that skinny water that you should visit .
  8. plfalcon

    Nice Red 4/20

    Nice Fat Red , Congrats .
  9. plfalcon


    Hit my favorite flats, with the outgoing tide in upper Tampa Bay. Caught numerous of species around oyster bars and cuts , using live shrimp and Z man paddler's plastics on an 1/8 ounce jig head. Was able to catch the Slam in a couple hours with only one dink Snook being caught. On this outing the trout seem to dominate most of the action and the Reds were not around until the tide change to incoming. Gotta love springtime. Red (1).zip
  10. plfalcon

    New To This Forum

    Welcome to the site . Nice Red .
  11. plfalcon

    Friday Night - Boys Night Out

    Priceless ! Well done Dad .
  12. plfalcon

    Strangest Catch Ever!

    Excellent job returning the purse. I'm sure she appreciates it and relieved that it was found. I know that it took some time on your part to return the purse to law enforcement and it seems like this world needs more people like you, well done. By the way , did you catch anything ?
  13. plfalcon


    Great report . Congrats on the Jack Pot win ! Yes , it is sweet to see the Youngster fishing today .
  14. plfalcon

    Cold Front Snook & Others

    Nice work on the river .
  15. plfalcon

    Pre And Post Spawn Bass

    Nice work.