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  1. davidt

    Afternoon On The Lmr

    Nice sunset pic. I should've edited your big ass head out of it though. Those trout saved the day for me, definitely. We probably caught about 30 or 40 of them easily. Aggressive little bastards. Thanks for joining me, bro
  2. Thanks Lance, we gotta get together asap bro. When are you in town next?
  3. Heck yeah! It made me work to get it to the boat. This was somewhere around 4 am and was one of the last stops of the night, so heck yeah I was mad...and tired...
  4. Thanks Andy! I've been fishing for 5 years. I credit Gary, Captain Dave and this website for all my knowledge.
  5. For those of you that know me know that I dock fish at night a lot and have had some darn good nights in the past but last night was probably one of the best I've ever had. It was seriously nonstop action all night long. I decided to take my nephew out that recently just started to get into fishing a little bit. He hadn't really caught any quality fish yet so that was my mission - to get him on some quality fish. We got on the water around 7pm so that we had enough daylight to find whitebait. Three or four tosses of the net on the Coffeepot Bayou flats blacked out the livewell without even having to chum at all. Went over to a killer flat closeby that's usually stacked with fish on an outgoing tide and sure enough it didn't disappoint. It was snook after snook for about 30 minutes until all of a sudden out of nowhere came the wind and the storms. I decided it was time to get to some shelter for a little bit and pulled my stick-it anchor only to get pushed by the steady 25-30 mph wind that came out of nowhere right into some really shallow water where we immediately got stuck and my alarm started going off because I sucked up some mud. The storm kept coming and I had to jump out of the boat to push it off the flat while there was lightning all around us and a motor that might need working on to get the sand out of the cooling passage...not a good feeling, especially since I was with my nephew. Finally, I pushed the boat into deeper water and started it up and it was peeing fine but the alarm was still going off. At that point I had to keep going to get us out of there before we got struck by lightning so I kept going (since it was peeing just fine I figured I would be okay). Sure enough the alarm finally stopped and we were on our way to safety. After that craziness we started hitting docks and it was just nonstop action all night long. We limited out on real decent sized snapper, caught about 10 or 12 reds (biggest one at 26.5") and tons of snook all night long (probably around 40 total - with the largest one right at 32.75"). The bite seriously did not stop for more than 5 or 10 minutes at a time. It was one of those nights people dream of having. Gotta love Florida fishing! We didn't take many, but here's a few pics: Get out there and catchem up!
  6. davidt

    Linesider Luck

    That fish is definitely slobby
  7. davidt

    Lookin For A Boat. 18-21 Ft. >15 Cash

    Your best bet is to wait until the fall. From early Spring throughout the summer boats are way overpriced because of the demand for them. Wait until the fall and you'll find the perfect boat for thousands cheaper than you will pay now.
  8. davidt

    New Moon Snapper On Fire

    Nice report, Bob! Nice seeing you again also! Here's a pic of the AJ I caught. Wasn't quite as big as the winning one, but it was my first so I was happy. I don't know how the heck John was able to get that thing in. This one whooped my butt and his was probably another 15 or 20 lbs bigger than mine...
  9. davidt

    Big Poon

    Ahhhhh, now I see why you didn't hit me back yesterday...good reason...lol. Nice fish man. Hit me up. Let's go get some more of those
  10. davidt

    My (New To Me) Skiff.....

    Phil is the man. Amazing work today.
  11. davidt

    Can I Get A Lift?

  12. davidt

    Back In Action- Cash Prizes And All

    Sounds like the fish "gods" were on your side that night. Good job bro. Congrats
  13. Thanks Andy! I agree. I definitely think people abusing the rules could easily put a hurting on the snook population
  14. pork chops = whitebait aka greenbacks