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  1. soon my dad has to get the titles and paper put in his name to get the stickers and numbers then i will name the boat possums smiles lol but we shooting for may speckle trouts come in pretty hard around may
  2. this the whole boat got the 1/2" treated plywood deck painted with nonskid paint called SURE STEP at $27-29 a gallon at home depot then mixed Al's rubber crumb you can buy from ebay for $12 mixed into the non skid paint i have a soft but tough non slip deck for under $60 sure beats paying $140-165 on anti skid or slip paint from other companies and it holds up well even under the sun but next i have to add the steering console and bolt down the transom wall with four aluminum flat bars 1/4" thick to keep the transom from flexing under use. but all in all we getting ready to go fishing soon thanks for your help firecat. lol the gray seat is my suburban third seat that wont be there i had to move it to cut grass lol i will have better pictures when im done
  3. got the motor on the jack plate almost done just have to build my steering console and get my tags im going fishing soon lol but before that i have to take it off and weld up that back transom wall take out the short 2x6 and put a long piece in then bolt that down with aluminum flat bars to keep my transom from bouncing but it came out okay been busy dealing with life lol
  4. okay gotcha fire i will put my trailers lights on today then put the boat on the trailer and start my jack plate board and i will go with the same method you went with using the epoxy thanks finishing is near lol finally
  5. Here is the aluminum flat plate 12"x12"x1/4 to go inside the transom to spread the load could not find the metal here but ordered it from Aluminum Supply Inc. total was $60.65 6061-t6 aluminum
  6. been busy getting over the flu i am almost there i got the jack plate together just got to screw my deck down saturday and then get started with the jack plate like you did with my final adjustments and screw through the transom and bolt the plate down and my motor transom will be bolted through the aluminum like you said last question if i use treated wood for my motor plate do i still have to epoxy the wood my plate will be 12"x 12" my angle bars or 12" and 15" im looking at afour inch rise or 5" http://www.theonlinefisherman.com/media/kunena/attachments/legacy/images/jack_plate_stage_one.jpg
  7. It's a 20" shaft i said 23 cause he had the motor tilted back its 20" and the transom is 16" thats the measurements i stood it up measured down to the plate its 20" lol but here's the boat finished painting it i got my galvanized tires and rims yesterday but etrailer sent the wrong size spindle nut so now i have to get that from the hardware store down here in the next two weeks ill be putting in the deck and painting on some non skid coating but as soon as i get the boat on the trailer ill put a picture up.
  8. okay fire i got over the flu i painted the whole boat will put picture up soon its foggy outside waiting on my galvanized tires to come wednesday to do the trailer so i can put the boat on it but i have some measurements for advise on the plate here we go i measured the transom its 16" and from the motor mounting transom bracket down to the caviation plate its 23" maybe less cause the guy had the motor tilted back a inch or two trying to get a little rise on the plate. but i need to lift 6" or 5" sounds like a lot also like you said on the boat mount angle bar that is bolted to the transom wall i want to go longer to get more foot catch on the wall wit support but i wont bolt on the bracket below waterline lol hope you understand me oh and the welding i think ill will let Trapper from swamp people tv show weld my transom area so the transom will be done by a professional
  9. myrtle grove marina is a great spot to launch from from there its like a 40 minute boat ride to the gulf things changed they only have backdown ramps for launching boats they sell fuel snacks bait ice etc and have boat storage if you want to leave your boat there instead of dragging things back home our parish president billy nungessor took over the marina but alot of people came here from all over usa they go out to they camps duck hunting gator hunting fishing etc i dont know if you watch swamp people but trapper and tommy i know them we worked together for bout 6 years they do some good hunting and shrimping along with my cousin wilk they do it all but its a great spot they sell condos etc waterfront lots they have guys out here that do tour fishing guiding jobs to they make good money but since billy brought it out things will get better he has money plus he the parish president so do so gently when you get time to check things out i know the guy who sells the waterlots etc its all about connection then after a days fishing you can hop over to new orleans french quarter and enjoy the seafood and bourbon street mardi gras is a very good time to be here in new orleans people come from all over the world to party that week but since hurricane katrina things coming back to the basics
  10. fishing doing okay since the oil spill they been catching some big ones i just started bank fishing but we catching big reds lot throw back rat reds small trout we didnt get a good cold blast yet for the trout to come into the banks yet but they there at certain places they getting them but after i get over this flu its back to working on my boat but i have to go get my medz right quick :dry: :woohoo:
  11. okay im sorry to say the stuff is not durafix its alumaloy from ebay is the the same as durafix you talking about ebay guy states alumaloy durafix alladdin hts 2000 basically the same thing.
  12. im working on my boat 10 days in the year i got the flu already lol but happy new years man from louisiana
  13. 250 feet of water omg where do you guys get the strength to fish big waters like that my little boat aint going in that gulf sucks tho that i live like right there where gulf sits so pretty maybe oneday i might ride out there in my lil flat but that wont be soon and yes standard horizon looks like a great unit to have but lets go for my google maps before i get gps because ill just be inshore fishing not off shore or in 250 feet of water
  14. okay i picked up the motor saturday we drove all day to get it but i caught the flu i am sick real bad so my work shut down until im well again lol it hurts when i breathe man but i think ill cancel the durafix thing and let my cousin next door deal with the welding
  15. i got you firecat i cant wait wait til start we going get the motor tommorrow morning i got everything setup for the pieces and parts if home depot dont have what i need ebay has everything to build that jack plate also durafix works real good with aluminum welding this stuff fix cracks holes etc but for heavy jobs they said to buy the 1lbs rod just look up durafix on youtube and also this things welds with propane torch bernzomatic quick fire torch is good so i cant wait to get a crack at that transom firecat
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