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  1. shallow minded

    Kayak Power

    Polarity reversed maybe?
  2. shallow minded

    Kayak Power

    I'm stumped then, even one 12ah battery should be able to run any sonar. Does it work if you disconnect everything else?
  3. shallow minded

    Kayak Power

    Are your two batteries in parallel?
  4. shallow minded

    Kayak Power

    Not familiar with your system, but is the yak system fused? Blown fuse maybe. Check the connection to see if it's got power, work back from there.
  5. shallow minded

    Hi, Everyone!

    Bad news. . . I think someone forgot to feed the crickets too.
  6. shallow minded

    Cold Weather Fishing Report 12-20-17

    I'm the only person in my family that eats fish now that my son has grown up and moved away. I end up giving away a lot too. I have some older neighbors who miss being able to catch their own so it works out ok.
  7. shallow minded

    Att: Shallow Minded

    Thanks, I was surprised you weren't using a DOA. I thought maybe this was your "secret weapon" LOL.
  8. shallow minded

    We Were In Venice Fl. For Two Weeks.

    What's that lure in the flounder's mouth?
  9. shallow minded

    Nov. Is Pertty Good In Md.

    You're definitely remembered. I picked up quite a few flounder tips from your posts. I can almost catch them on purpose thanks to you!
  10. shallow minded

    Nov. Is Pertty Good In Md.

    I don't think it's a lack of interest in your fishing or location. It's just that participation in this forum is almost down to just the weekly posting about the Hubbard's trip. To bad, it used to be a good forum.
  11. shallow minded

    Andy Is Still Fishing 8-31-17

    Glad to hear you're still at it! I really miss the flounder reports.
  12. shallow minded

    Identify My Fish

    That's it- pigfish, just couldn't think of the name.
  13. shallow minded

    Identify My Fish

    I'm not sure, but I thought the bigger one was some type of pinfish. The smaller is a sand perch. I do know both are good grouper bait.
  14. shallow minded

    Great Fishing Continues

    My guess would be Louisiana inside state waters. 25 trout limit and red snapper is open.
  15. shallow minded

    Tampa Bay Gags

    Kind of cool how much their color can vary.