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  1. Long story short, I am picking up a Pathfinder and I am looking for another rider, to help split the driving. I will buy food and whatnot. Leaving late tonight or early tomorrow morning. Pm me a number I can reach you at, and post up in this thread. Thanks!
  2. Located in Bradenton. The rod was lightly used last season for Tarpon, but mainly took boat rides. I will take 45 bucks for it. Call or text me @727-288-6772 if you are interested.
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    My first video.. short! check it!

    Nice sheepshead.
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    Need Prayers!

    I have been back and forth with Anthony for the last few days. Here is the honesty, we almost lost him, but he didn't let that happen. He is fighting so hard right now and it's baby steps recovery, but he is getting there. As of tonight, when I was holding his hand and talking to him, I kid you not, I felt his thumb try to grip my hand for about a half of a second, if that. I know Anthony very well, and he is very stubborn. I can only assume this is a part of his stubbornness. The faith is alive and I know he is going to be back to himself eventually; calling me at 6 am to bother me, walking in my house without knocking and bugging me about leaving my gear on the boat in my front yard. Keep praying guys, I know it is helping.This was just a little over a week ago on my boat.
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    Fishing with Alex and Matthew! 11/23/13

    Glad you had fun Alex.
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    Hard bottom inside the Bay

    Think your right the more I look at it' date=' you can kind of see the blocks of color on the side.[/quote']Yes, black grouper, not gag!
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    Hard bottom inside the Bay

    No one can identify the top two fish??!!
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    Hard bottom inside the Bay

    Posting from my phone so I can't really write a full report, but I've been scoping out charts, finding and exploring some interesting looking bottom in the bay. Lots of Mangos, monster gags that can't be stopped and a few surprise fish! Anchoring 20 ft in front of the bottom, and drifting back cut pieces of pilchards has been the most productive method for me. Heavy chumming only helps. The Gags have been creating a bomb site behind the boat and can visually be seen eating the chummers and even smoking mangos that get in the way! Name this fish ; )Another Baby! Probably the 5th or 6th I've seen the last couple trips. Throwing spooks in the madness Gotta feed my guests!
  9. After a two month streak of no fishing, I was finally able to get alex to drop the school work and head down to Anna Maria to hit the water with me. The plan was to head south and look for micro permit and pompano in the morning, and target redfish in the afternoon. After a long 9 mile run to Lido, we staged up on the flat, rigged with buck tails and pompano jigs, with high expectations to kill it, well that didn't go as planned! After about 1000 casts and an assortment of trash fish, we picked up and headed to the nearest pass, where we anchored up and attempted the pompano deal there. Within seconds of being anchored, Alex already had his bucktail in the water, jigging it up and I kid you not on the 3rd of 4th jig, his rod was bent at the cork with a mondo Jack on the line, with about 30 others following it to the boat. With an incoming tide, we really thought we were gonna do some damage here, long story short, we caught several sub 10 pound jacks, and Alex landed a monster blue fish. It was a lot of fun, but I was over losing tackle to these fish, time to move on to something else. With a heavy east wind, I knew Sarasota bay was going to be a bit sporty on the ride in. Although my boat is quite beamy, 2 ft quarter seas can throw her around a little bit. Matthew, a friend of mine, was sitting on the Yeti in front of my console, while Alex was sitting next to me, we were all getting a bit wet, but it wasn't an issue. You see, Matt is from Connecticut, where you don't cross nasty bays in poling skiffs on the daily basis, I don't think he was prepared for what happened next. The only think I remember, is Matt going airborne, landing on the deck, getting up, and having one of my top water plugs embedded into his ass. After a quick look, it was a confirmed deep hook set. Matt had the idea of going to the walk in clinic and paying a hundred bucks for removal, my idea didn't involve a hundred bucks, but rather, a set of side cutters and a quick count to 3. Alex was the surgeon, and I counted to three, it was out on two! Anyways, we headed to a spot where some hungry Redfish were awaiting our arrival, and Matt totally forgot about the hook incident. I don't want to create a thesis statement about this trip, so I will wrap it up. Here is how the rest of the day went. We lost count of Redfish, all fish were 27 inches and up, and we ended the trip with a triple hookup, which was probably the coolest thing that has happened on my boat, besides that Gulf Stream trip in the Keys, which I don't talk about too often!
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    The Hunt for Red November

    Yeah. My mistake.