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  1. thisguy

    I'm 99% sure I'm cursed or something

    Lol I know exactly how Bill Dance felt! You can't get mad cause it was your fault, all you can do is shake your head. I control my gopro with my phone by the way, the last thing I wanted to do was text anyone lol I figured that was a good time to turn off the camera haha.I would have just pulled the drain plug and given up fishing if the other rod went over, I thought about that after watching the video too. I put my foot on it toward the end of the video.I don't like teaching others at my expense Andy lol.
  2. thisguy

    I'm 99% sure I'm cursed or something

    I've always been cautious with rods with live bait or some kind of stink bait like gulp, now I'm gonna be paranoid with every rod even if they're not in the water lol.I've never had a run of bad luck like this, actually other than breaking a few cheap rods I've never lost any gear now that I think about it. Just this year, so far I'm up to $850 in lost/stolen gear. Thanks, the boat is great every time I'm at the ramp I get compliments or questions about it. I'm just hoping I don't sink it with this bad luck streak I've been having.It was definitely a fish I was anchored up in 5 feet of water.
  3. thisguy

    I'm 99% sure I'm cursed or something

    I usually have a rod with live bait in the rear rod holder, and then I toss a lure off the front. Something grabbed the live bait rod at the back and I went to reset it. But I still can't believe something grabbed a plastic worm sitting on the bottom. I'm gonna start dead sticking plastic lures from now on lol.I was hoping it was a lady fish so it would start jumping and I could see where it went. I'm guessing it was a redfish as it never slowed down when it hit the water and I never saw anything jump.Chalk this up as another lesson learned...
  4. thisguy

    I'm 99% sure I'm cursed or something

    So far this year there's the trolling motor that went over board, my Costa Del Mars that were stolen, and now this.
  5. would have thought in a million years something would grab a freshwater plastic worm that's just sitting on the bottom. Spent 2 hours dragging the bottom with a 2oz jig head with no luck.
  6. Hahaha man I gotta start posting more positive stuff. You'd think I was the unluckiest person in the world from this thread lol.I'm undecided if I want to spend the money on them again, I mean they were NICE but I don't know if they were the $200 kind of nice ya know. Maybe drop to the the 400 plastic lenses this time, but after having having the glass lenses I don't know if I'll be disappointed in them. Decisions, decisions...
  7. Lol yeah that's me. Never found it, I didn't spend too much time looking for it though maybe 2 hours. I found them on sale at West Marine for $250 so it wasn't too big of a loss. I bought a new one the following weekend so I wasn't really determined to find it.
  8. There's not too many people walking around my neighborhood, more recently two kids have been walking around cutting grass that I've never seen before. And my car is surrounded by sand and they left me a lovely shoe print, and I know exactly what shoe the print was made from. So if the shoe fits...
  9. Someone stole my Costa Del Mar Jose's out of my car in front of my house last night. I'm checking craigslist and ebay regularly but if anyone hears anything locally please shoot me a pm. Didn't touch my stradic ci4 so I'm assuming they're not fishermen. Didn't touch anything else in the car, the glove box and jar of change wasn't messed with, they just left my passenger side door cracked open.
  10. thisguy

    trolling motor: bow mount vs. stern w/mount?

    The anytide mounts are only $60-$80. I have a similar setup on the gheenoe. I'd say definitely go with the stern/transom motor, you save $300-$400 easy and they're gonna do the same thing, one will just take up way less space.On that note I've resorted to taking mine off when running through any kind of chop, they sink really fast (speaking from experience) lol.
  11. thisguy

    Recommendations For a Fish Finder / GPS

    What's your price range? And did you want to stick with a Garmin since it sounds like it may be wired for one?
  12. thisguy

    Question for the videographer fishermen

    Not with my gopro, there's only two buttons both very accessible.
  13. thisguy

    Question for the videographer fishermen

    All my videos are shot with the head or chest mount. I've tried mounting the camera to the boat but like you've noticed you miss a lot of the action.
  14. thisguy

    Looks like I'm going Gheenoe!

    It's probably too late, but if you have the money I'd go for a Low Tide 25 also known as the LT25. It's one of the widest gheenoes they make, and also way drier. The classic is just as wide but not as dry or fast.
  15. thisguy

    pickerel fishing

    I also had a friend catch a small one (12-14") at Lake Tarpon while bass fishing, he fishes there pretty often and has only caught one so i wouldn't get my hopes up on targeted them.