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    Vagabond 5 days Fishing

    Vagabond Sportfishing - Cedros Isle - Baja Mx trip out of San Diego, Ca. (5 Days) Left the docks with a nice load of bait. Mike told us first on the plate would be BFT offshore then to the islands for some YT. Arrived at the grounds put the jigs in the water at 5:30 AM. Nothing on the deck all day. Finally around dusk found a school that wanted to play I think we scratched around 20 BFT, one at 64lbs and another large one of three was 60.0lb good for 2nd in JP. We were 9 hours from the islands and that was our target.Arrived at Cedros at gray light Mike worked the spots all day for a load of YT. Everybody had fish that day but we were on the move all day. A vote for the next day plans kept us at the island and it was a good call. We worked the same in the AM for yellows then took off for Chester's Rock. Found a few bigger models I think the largest was 36lb and that same guy Gordon Nagy landed a 34lbs Left handed Halibut. Seals took a few others there, not much happening so back to looking for the yellow. Mike found his spot and the crew kept them around the boat for over 4hrs. All mine were jig fish. Limits for all and everybody got all they wanted, blue & white Jr. and 2X mint surface iron was the best choice.After a long day and some tired arms Mike made the call that we would be getting back in late. Being the BFT guy he is the call was to return to the tuna. First jigs went in the water at 5:30 again. The first was a small yellowtail that was returned to his home. We later got a nice Albi stop for six all nice size, for one on bait 30lbs. The Capt. Mike worked his magic and found the school of Blue Fin Tuna that wanted to play. On the call for heavy chum and keep it steady the BOYS came up and stuck with us for our finale stop almost 3hrs in which we left them biting and I think Mike called in another to take over, since we had to leave. Over 60 fish on last stop it was AWESOME. Everybody on the trip was great and fun to fish with. No pic right now but working on a video that I will share later. I am sure I left out a lot. We will see you next year. Thanks again to Mike and the crew for the trip to remember. And to Dan and Mike in the Galley for the Seven pound weight gain. Here is a link to a trailer of the video..
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    I have used the MX2 and it does work.. As long as there is no dead cells (Check with a Hydrometer) you will get back your battery life. It works on new batteries as well. The Inox MX2 is just added to your battery, a few oz per cell. Then do a hard charge on it and it is good, I saw better cycling after the 3rd charge and it has been great for 8 months now. I put it in my car as well. Jeff - One Cool Tuna