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  1. flhukrs

    Cast net

    Can you pm me
  2. flhukrs

    Guide suggestions for Marathon, Fl

    Thanks Steve. I'll look him up.
  3. I'm takings the family back to Marathon in July. My wife really wants to catch a dolphin. So i called the motel to see if they had deals with local guides. They gave me two. I called and emaied them a month ago with no response. Business must be really good. Any suggestions to book. It will be me, wife and three kids( 11,9,6).
  4. I'm selling my kayak. Great condition, very fast. I am selling because I am close to buying another boat and feel it will sit. The picture is from Dicks sporting Goods I will send actual photos via phone serious inquiry. Feel free to call 813-763-1577
  5. flhukrs

    Short Afternoon on Double Branch

    Gotta be it.....pretty cool. Wonder what they are counting down to?
  6. I have two boys that love the water. Glad to see that you know what its all about. Congratulation on a fantastic family day.
  7. flhukrs

    Thought I was gonna sink today!!!

    I launched out of Simmons Park once with the whole family (wife and three small kids) in tow on the maiden voyage of my 24ft boat. Thought it was dragging a little. Something didn't seem right. Moved the kids, opened the hatch and found the twin engines half under water. Slowed down (bad move) opened hatches and found water in bottom storage. With all the excitement of the new boat, I didn't lock the plugs. I quickly plugged the boat and limped back in. Kids were scared to go back out. This was 2 yrs ago but every member in the family checks all of the plugs in every boat that we go on now.I think we all have these stories....right of passage :excited001: . Point is, as dumb as you felt, there is always someone reaching for the title. I've been a world champ several times. :thumbsup: Glad it worked out.
  8. Gulf Stream 17-19' CC boat cover. Call Jason @ 813-763-1577
  9. Anyone ever put-in at this park or around the area with a kayak?
  10. flhukrs

    where to launch a kayak

    The kayak maps do not show good launch spots. Maybe a good option for down the road.
  11. flhukrs

    GPS/Chartplotter $225

    Larwence LMS-522c, great condition, no transducer,used 3 times before boat was sold. call me or email, ask for Roger 813-763-1577
  12. Should I fish incoming or out going tide?
  13. flhukrs

    Tarpon school

    How is 7. That would give guys getting off work and those traveling. Tell me what you think. I get with Gary and Don.
  14. flhukrs

    Tarpon school

    First class will be the 24th of May so your safe. I don't see most of us being able to guarantee 100% attendance. Life seems to get in the way.
  15. flhukrs

    Tarpon school