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  1. groupernugget

    Grouper And Reef Fishing Gear

    I have an old school Senator 6/0 reel on a 6'6" broomstick of a rod (I think it's a dogfish rod) with 40# mono, a 2 speed reel with 60# braid on a 6' 100# jigging rod, and a spheros spinning reel on a 7' redbone rod rated to 40# I think. Just like ol' lostmans said up there, I grab the spinning setup 9 times out of 10 for comfort, ease, and better fishability. I feel more on the spinning and I can really control how I want to fight the fish. That being said, I definitely get rocked more often on the spinning than I do on the other two. It's a trade off. Can't go wrong with a big conventional setup for grouper fishing but once you get it dialed in and know what those fish are going to do you can employ those newfound skills to working on 'em with a nice, comfy spinning rod. Happy digging.
  2. groupernugget

    The Angling Authority

    What is this weak sauce??? It looks like this guy opened microsoft paint and tried to get crafty and paste a pic of himself onto a boat holding a fishing rod. This is the least salty thing I've ever seen. This is the opposite of salty- it's sweet. This is sweeter than werthers original. Ahh... It's good to be back on the internets.
  3. groupernugget

    I'm tearing up... For sale- Scout 175 Sportfish

    Hahaha! For you, yea, I'll throw those in!
  4. groupernugget

    What brand and weight braid do you use

    I've tried other stuff over the years but I keep going back to the classic Power pro in dark green... As for weight, it depends on what type of fishing I'll be doing but I generally like to have at least two rods with me. I have an ultralight rod/reel with 10# power pro for open flats or if I'm feeling adventurous and I want to try to pull that snook out from under the 'groves. The other one is my 20# set up which is what I use more often than not... I like the stiffness of the power pro. I feel like some of the softer lines are more prone to tangles and wind knots but maybe it's just me. As with anything, it's all about what you're most comfortable with. For me that's rough, stiff power pro.
  5. groupernugget

    I'm tearing up... For sale- Scout 175 Sportfish

    Haha thanks guys. I'm sad to let her go but it's the right thing to do... I'll get a junker that I can beat up and throw around once this one sells. I just can't keep up with this ol' girl anymore...
  6. Have you ever dreamed about what it's like to skip over a light to moderate tampa bay chop at 42 mph while burning only 6 mpg in a noble, sharp nosed, bright white, and gorgeously shaped ocean chariot? Have you ever dreamed of gliding accross a smooth 1' grass flat at sunset as you proudly idle back to the boat ramp looking fabulous and standing tall in your redfish poop covered shirt and hair crusted with the fine glitter of whitebait scales?Do you enjoy the sound of children laughing? How would you like to savor some spiced sipping rum out of your "WORLD'S BEST DAD/MOM" mug as those joyful laughing children swing into sight port side after their tube launches 4' into the air over your wake?Are you and the old lady/man stuck in a rut? Don't you think a little champagne on ice, the gentle rocking of the ocean, and a perfect, unobstructed florida sun setting over the gulf might put a little spark back in your love motor? Or maybe the love motor was beyond repair so now you just want to party han solo on the sandbar with college aged spring breakers?Whoever you are and whatever your motives, you need to focus up and listen to what I'm about to say: this magnificent boat is the answer to all of life's questions.This here, folks, is one of the fishiest boats in the bay. This is THE BOAT that Lostmans1 and I came up on. I can't think of a single species of Tampa Bay fish that hasn't come over the rail of this magnificent ocean machine. Wanna fish the pass for Tarpon? No problem! Gotta get on that 1' flat for tailing reds in December? You got it. Shoot through a hole in the mangroves to get to your secret snook alcove? Yea- she comes standard with that t-shirt. It's not just a fishing boat though. Oh no, it's so much more. Family fun? YES! Sunset cruises? I recomend it! Wanna go treasure hunting somewhere? Uhh, sure. Just want to get out of the house and nap under some mangroves? I do it all the time...No but seriously. For sale today is my 2005 Scout 175 Sportfish with a 2006 Yamaha 115 Four Stroke. She's a dry ride, built like a brick s$$t house, and is just a great all around boat. The Magic Tilt trailer is great also. She drafts about a foot loaded down. Will run in about 2'. Handles chop like a 20'+ boat (seriously). 17'6" long 7.5' beam. Very simple, reliable, and pretty boat with 1 livewell, 1 bilge, and 1 battery. There's no radio so bring your own stinking boombox if you need Rihanna to catch fish. I've never had a trolling motor and I've never needed one. Less stuff to break down! The standing record on this boat is something like 70 redfish in a day with 2 anglers. I don't remember precisely, maybe Lostmans1 will stop by and remind me. This boat has had one owner. Me. I'm absolutely heartbroken, but it's time to let her go. My career is making it tough to get out there every weekend and I know if the boat sits around for too long it'll really start to break down. She needs a new family. I'm throwing this up here on TOF before I post it anywhere else because this forum and the guys in it are my people! This is going to be unlike any other ad for a boat like you've seen because the price is going to start at the low point and climb up as I continue to get stuff fixed, polished, replaced, etc. She runs great, she's clean, and everything works, but there are a few aesthetic things I'll be working on in the coming days. I'm getting the hull cleaned and detailed, getting the hinges on the front hatch replaced, replacing the instrument panel backdrop, getting a new cooler/front seat, etc. If you're not worried about those things and you want to jump on this before I put more money and time into it (and raise the price accordingly) you can stop me now and get a better deal. This boat is a great value for what I'm asking either way. All of the other 175s I've seen on boattrader and CL are going for a lot more and they all have 2 stroke 90 HPs... Thanks for reading my novel and for considering this Scout for the next chapter of your life.$13,500Seat Back cushion is getting repaired right now. Need to get a new cooler as well...
  7. groupernugget

    Sunday Funday in UTB

    February 10th is national Lostmans1 day. I think Matt and I combined caught about 1/10th of the fish that day...
  8. groupernugget

    Inshore Reel Recommendations

    x2 on the TDA's. I blew out the drag on mine too recently but after a quick service job she's smooth again. I love my Saros in the 2500. As far as I can tell it is the same reel as a stradic with fewer bearings. I believe it is in the $120ish range.I do think Jack's ballistic has the sexiest sounding drag in the world and is one of the smoothest reels I've ever laid hands on. Pricey though.
  9. groupernugget


    I think what you're looking for is something like this...
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    =))) :fish-taunt:
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    Somebody come swoop these up please before I get fired for constantly updating all my classified ads!
  13. groupernugget


    Price Reduced on the dragons $100. Smith glasses are SOLD