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  1. cwegescheide

    Florida Fish & Boar

    I'd like to get in to boar hunting one of these days..
  2. cwegescheide

    Close To 40 Snook On Topwater Saturday. Crazy

    Hey Barry. I did get a nice 26" red on the way back to the launch but I wasn't really trying for them.
  3. Saturday was one of the craziest days I have ever had. I couldn't believe how active they were. Nothing of any real size to it, a lot of dinks, a few that got the drag screamin but it was still fun. I had a few things working in my favor. Its finally cooling down a bit and Saturday was ideal. I was on the water ALL day. You know when you have one of those days you cant cast worth a crap? Well this wasn't one of them. I was really making some ridiculous casts, the lure was landing right where I wanted. Just a few inches from the groves, in little nooks, under overhangs, I was hitting a lot of them and it was those casts that paid off. Yeah I was climbing in the bushes quite a few times to retrieve my lure as well. The kayak looked like a salad when I was finally done for the day. The current was really moving too. I worked outgoing as well as incoming and the tide was great. I found a few schools of decent size, nothing photo worthy, most were small but it was still fun. It was fun out there with soo much activity. The heat of the summer was getting to me. Cheers!
  4. Hi Everyone, I have a 14' Hobie Pro Angler that I am looking to sell. Its yellow (papaya) and in excellent condition. I got it for my ex and she went out in it twice. My fiends would go out with me sometimes. That's it. Few scratches on the bottom from typical use. Not much though. Very clean. 1900 OBO Chris 3178473730
  5. cwegescheide

    Ocean Fishing

    I forgot to mention, the closest the gulf stream to the beach is in South Florida.
  6. cwegescheide

    Ocean Fishing

    The further north you go on the east coast of Fla you go the further the gulf stream is from the beach. I have went many times to south florida to do what they call a drift fishing for Kings, Wahoo, Tuna, Sailfish etc.. Its a blast. I love it. We usually drift about 10 to 12 miles. About 2 miles off the beach and your in 500' of water for example. If you were interested in going I would highly recommend getting in touch with SouthFloridaKayakGuides.com They are top notch guys. The main guy, Robinson Rodriguez just won the Extreme Kayak offshore fishing tournament series this year.
  7. cwegescheide

    Ekft Ladies Division Champ, Pam

    FWIW I used to use Wheatie balls for Carp on Kentucky Lake when I was a kid. lol
  8. cwegescheide

    Ekft Ladies Division Champ, Pam

    Unbelievable! That's awesome! Congratulations Pam! Cant wait to see the pic
  9. Hey Everybody, I'm setting up an offshore trip this weekend with an offshore guide I met in the Bahamas. Gonna drift about 15 miles or so from Pompano/Boynton area. Drifting in the gulf stream.. Gonna be sweet.. If you're interested hit me up. (its best to text) Chris 3178473730
  10. cwegescheide

    Saddle Creek Bassin'

    That's a beauty!
  11. Yeah, I will probably hear from Robinson today as far as when we are going out. Peacocks? so your going to stay in the skinny stuff? I'm planning on going deep. Thanks for the invite. Tight lines! Chris
  12. 33" on a 1000 reel and 4/10 rod a couple years ago. Man that was fun..
  13. Hey everybody. I havent been on in a while. Just curious if anybody from TOF was doing the Battle in the Bahamas? Im doing the 5 day trip. Super stoked about it. How sick would it be to hook up with a Marlin or Tuna on a kayak! Gotta go for it Who's in? Chris
  14. cwegescheide

    largest shark you have encountered on you kayak

    When I first got my kayak I liked to go fish Ft Desoto. I caught a few decent reds, a few were hooked deep and bled pretty good in my kayak. Fast forward a few hrs later I was sitting in my kayak relaxing eating my lunch and notice something creating a ripple on the surface of the water about 150yrds away from me heading my direction. It was flat calm that day. The water was like glass. I watched this thing coming towards me thinking this thing was going too fast to be a sting ray.. The closer it got to me the bigger the ripple got, going to a small wave coming off this fishes back. Then I see the dorsal fin break the surface of the water. At this point it was maybe 30yrds from me and closing FAST. The water coming off its back had to be close to 1' at this point. I am not kidding, I almost passed out it freaked me out soo bad. Ive never felt a sensation like that in my life. This thing was coming straight at me like a torpedo broad side. I started pedaling and turned hard right all the while with my eyes on this beast coming at me. When the shark saw me turn it changed course slightly and dipped back down beneath the surface of the water. My heart was pounding as I pedaled directly back to shore. When I got to shore I was shaking. Ive never been so glad to be on dry land. I could not believe what I had just saw. After I calmed down a bit I couldn't wait to call my buddies and tell them what just happened. Kick ass!!
  15. Awesome! Sounds good to me. Im going down the night before we are supposed to drop off our kayaks. Maybe we can meet up somewhere and have a refreshing beverage or two. Ill pm you guys my contact info.
  16. Ok well I hope its gonna be a good trip anyways Josh, Derick, John and myself chartered a trip with Capt Travis Palladeno to take us DEEP in the gulf hunting monsters baby! :thumbsup: Damn I cant wait! This could be a ridiculous trip! :smiley-shoc
  17. cwegescheide

    Deep water off Boca.

    Yeah I hear the goggle eye is the ticket down there. I didn't realize you can get yellowfin in Pompano. I thought just Blackfin. Cool man. Chris
  18. cwegescheide

    Tarpon time

    Oh man that kicks soo much ass! :worthy:
  19. cwegescheide

    Off shore Yak Fishing

    Yeah man. You did the Extreme tournament? I did it a while back. It was really rough and not many people caught anything that day. You do any good? I'd be down to go back to Pompano. I like that city. Pretty cool. Or someplace else similar. Please keep me in the loopChris
  20. cwegescheide

    Whats happenin! Its been a while..

    I gotta do something, I've been told I'm on probation on a FB skinny water fishing page until I post a report. :smiley-laug
  21. Wow look at all the new members :thumbsup: Its been a while since I've been on. Been workin like a dog for a while. Things are finally settling down and I'm looking forward to getting back on the yak. I was gonna go this past weekend but it was just too damn hot.. Season II of "Fishin with Wojo" is about to commense! Yeah baby hahahaCatch em up! Chris