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  1. Ive got a St Croix Triumph 6' 6" MF Rod Id like to sell. Only used it a couple of times so its in like new condition. Just more comfortable with the 7' and 7'6 rods. $50 if anyone is interested.
  2. I got a call yesterday, which was just shy of 4 weeks of TFO having my rods. They told me that the rods were now back at the store, but were STILL not repaired and that I needed to call by 1:30 (it was about 12:30 when I got the call) or they would send them down to the St Pete location for repair. I told them to hold my rods and I picked them up so that I could take them someplace else. Ive been shopping at both the Tampa location and now Tarpon as long as Ive lived in the area, but I couldnt bring myself to give them any more business on this, or anything else really. To have the rods that long, never call to tell me what is going on and not make any real effort to correct it other that generically offering "some discounts on something" when I picked up the rods was just extremely poor service. If others have had an easier experience, then thats great but it certainly wasnt the case for me. Would have liked to have spoken to Capt Dave about it but he wasnt there when I went by and Im sure he has been aware of the issues over the past month anyhow.
  3. I didnt know they sent them out for repairs. About a year ago I had a rod done and I had it back in a day or two, which is why I went back. I still havent heard anything on my rods from this time around. Getting pretty ridiculous at this point. Id try to get them back and take them someplace else but I dont think they even have them at the store right now. Open to suggestions as to who has a better place for this type of thing.
  4. Has anyone else has had issues with having rods repaired at the Tarpon location for TFO? I had one done a year ago and it was quick and fairly priced, so over Christmas Break I brought in 2 rods to get eyelits repaired. The experience this time around has been pretty bad. I think that the date I brought them in was Dec 27 and it is now Jan 14 and I dont have my rods back or any idea when I might be able to get them. I figured posting here might be more effective since calling in has got me nowhere and I know the guys read the forums. The first time I called I mentioned that it had been a week and a half so I was curious when I could pick up my rods. The guy who answered was pretty rude and told me "it hasnt been close to a week and a half...its been 8 days" (wow, my mistake....I was way off). He then told me its a two week job and to follow up then. When it passed 3 weeks with no update I called back and the person who answered said "duuuuuuude, I dont really know what to tell you. We havent got anything back from our rod repair guy in weeks and nobody can get a hold of him." He didnt bother trying to give me a timetable on when I might see the rods again. So that was really reassuring. Plus, who doesnt love getting addressed as "dude" on the phone when they call a business? Really sets the expectation that you'll get some professional service. Anyways...TFO...you can do better than that. Ive shopped at both locations frequently and never had a problem but this isnt good. Does anyone have rods or reels in limbo up there or am I just lucky?
  5. Those are awesome shots! I got to see the reds tailing last night on the low tide. Unfortunately the lightning decided to roll in after I got only 2 fish and I had to haul ass back to the ramp almost as soon as they appeared. They were completely oblivious with their tails up, one school came within 6 or 7 feet of my kayak but I dont have the discipline to reach for a camera instead of my pole
  6. Nice fish! I think I may have seen you out there if there was a kayak near you at your last spot..... Good call getting out before the storm. I just made it back to where I launched from in time. Saw a couple tarpon roll on my way back but with the way the skies were looking and how choppy it was I didnt get to take a real good shot at them.
  7. That's awesome. Almost headed out there tonight to throw a few casts but got home from work a little late.
  8. Had a plan to hit a spot I hadn't gone in a while and got on the road to be there at sunup. I thought the bait shop that I was going to hit would be open but they weren't yet. No big deal. My girlfriend would prefer live bait but I figured we would be fine with artificials. Carry on to the place we want to launch and the wind is blowing straight out of the south right at us. With a long paddle to where we wanted to fish, it wasn't going to work. Got back in the truck to hit an area that would be more sheltered. Not a strong start. Anyways, we finally get launched at our second spot and there are birds crashing bait everywhere. Throw some casts with the Sebile and turns out its ladyfish. That's fine, we now have cut bait. Got 1 trout mixed in and a handful of ladyfish and moved on to our usual fishing hole to let out some ladyfish chunks. As soon as the first chunk hits the water, we have a fish on. Weird fight. Get it it to shore and it turns out to be a bonnet head. Not a banner day up to that point but after that it was pretty much non stop reds that were top of the slot or over for the next 2-3 hours. My girlfriend also managed a 32" snook to top it all off. The red in the pic measured 28". The fish were all over the dead bait but I couldn't event get a look on the spoon or jigs. Had to leave them biting when the weather got too hot to handle. Hated to leave since it will be at least another week or so before I can get out again.
  9. Looking to sell my Ocean Kayak Torque. It's in great shape, motor runs great (I can demo for you) and has had plenty of fish on board. It comes with an Everlast Battery, battery charger, and current registration. Great for saving your back on long windy paddles or backing fish out of the mangroves. I love using it but I'm looking for a skiff and there is only so much room in the garage. Feel free to ask any questions, and there are plenty of demo videos online if you aren't familiar with it. $1400 is a great deal.
  10. I think it handles great. You can ride with the seat in the lower position for more stability but I always ride with the seat in the high position and never had any problems. The bottom is pretty wide/flat so it would be pretty difficult to tip it even if trying. There are some pretty good demo videos for Jackson kayaks stability on the web.
  11. Thanks guys. I really wish that someone would just take the kayak body of a Native Slayer or Jackson Cuda and implement the drop-in motor of the torque to that. That way I wouldnt have to choose.
  12. Here is the ad on CL for my Jackson Cuda 14http://tampa.craigslist.org/pnl/spo/4238902956.htmlLove the kayak but I got a Ocean Torque as a gift so I cant really keep both. In great shape and its an awesome ride for kayak fishing. The raised seat it really comfortable and makes it such a dry ride. Ill be sad to see it go.
  13. Glad this topic came up.....and Im pretty sure I saw you at Double Branch a few Sundays ago. I just bought a Torque but I was paddling my Jackson Cuda that day. Still havent sold it....not positive on how I feel about the Torque yet but I didnt even think about the registration until I met with the guy who sold it to me. Love having the motor but hate not having a way to raise it in the real shallow water, especially with all these negative winter tides.
  14. If you are looking for wading spots in Port Charlotte, the website for Fishin Franks keeps a great list. Or just stop in to talk to them, its a great shop. I grew up in PC but live in Tampa now. Loved fishing that area.
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