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  1. Saw this on the local Fishhawk Online Yard Sale FB page. Thought there may be someone who might be interested. Call 813-610-9239 Marc, for details. Advertised at $42,500 OBO
  2. 1fishnguy

    Fishing Supply Liquidators ?

    Was there Saturday for first time. Tons of stuff. But, I didn't think there was any special deal on the combos I looked at. Penn Battle II boat rod was $159.995. Bass Pro @ $139.95. Walmart online $122. Small kids rod was $39.95 same as bait shop price. I took a pass on it all. Went to Southeastern on Florida on Monday and bought a 20-40# Okuma combo with two spools for $99. SE is my go to.
  3. I haven't done any freshwater fishing since I moved to FL 20 years ago. I used to fish bass (large and smallmouth) crappie and walleye up in Ohio and Lake Erie. I've been mostly a bay fisherman but would like to try a bit of freshwater. I have a Key Largo 180CC. Are there any lakes nearby Brandon (up to 45 miles) that are suitable for that boat?
  4. 1fishnguy

    Help Me Buy My First Boat :) 7K Budget

    The Key Largo is a much under-rated boat. I've had a 176CC and now a 180CC. Easy to maintain. Good ride. Indestructible Yamaha power. Take your time. You may find one like mine. It was 5 years old and only had 17hrs!
  5. 1fishnguy

    The Fallen...

    In Memory of SSgt. John D. Wren KIA Dec 2, 1943 Mt. Pantano, Italy Interred at Sicily-Rome American Cemetery Nettuno, Italy (near Anzio) Silver Star, Purple Heart The resting place of 7,861 fallen American soldiers and a memorial to 3,095 soldiers MIA. Beautiful and serene location. Well taken care of. Italians still remember and have great appreciation for the sacrifice. There will be ceremonies there today. I've been fortune enough to go there several times. Not far from Rome's Fiumicino airport.
  6. 1fishnguy

    Grilled grouper/snapper reuben sandwich

    I know this is an ancient thread, but sauerkraut must be cooked to prep it for great Reubens. I bake mine with added brown sugar and caraway seeds for a few hours. It breaks it down a bit and sweetens it up. I never use it directly out of the bag/jar as its too harsh tasting.
  7. 1fishnguy

    Restaurants With Redfish On The Menu

    At least 30% of imported fish are mislabeled. Take it for what its worth when ordering "fancy" fish in restaurants. The newspaper had an article about USF researcher inventing a probe system that can identify grouper raw or cooked. Hopefully, these work and get used by regulators. Otherwise, we're paying grouper prices for Asian catfish...
  8. 1fishnguy

    Be Careful Where You Fish!

    That guy was fishing for trouser trout!
  9. 1fishnguy

    Restaurants With Redfish On The Menu

    Fish wholesalers and some restaurants are known to falsify their offerings. Unless you see it before its cooked its a crapshoot as to what you're getting. With the global economy you don't know where it's from, what its fed or what it swims in.
  10. Caught one like that under a dock in TB by St Pete with Capt. Sergio Atanes.
  11. 1fishnguy

    Power Pole Month Long Giveaway!

    Bad link?
  12. Likely goes back to the US Treasury. Hopefully, it'd be used to either offset expenses or the debt. But, you know politicians and unbudgeted money can't be left in the same room....
  13. Correct. Seize his ill gotten gains and revoke his ability to get a fishing license at all. A poacher is a thief and felon. As far as Sarbanes Oxley, the US started down that path back in the 80's with laws that take away the power of judges to make judgments. We put pot smokers away for decades while bankers that crash the world economy receive NO punishment. Only last week CITI and BoA were among the several fined $4.3 BILLION dollars for corruption. Shouldn't these guys be prosecuted under Sarbanes/Oxley or RICO? Their running criminal enterprises. Yet, no one goes to jail. $$$$$$$$$ talks.
  14. 1fishnguy

    types of boats

    Boat design is a balance of compromises. Find the balance that suits your intended uses and style of fishing. The latest Bay/Reef lines of boats from various manufacturers may be a place to start. Example: