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  1. Be sure to check out the deeper holes , that's where I've caught most of my fish lately. Deep water and fish slow. You can make a good cheap kayak anchor out of a 5# dumbbell weight from Walmart , be sure to let out some extra line when you anchor so it will hold.well. If you're fishing Palma Sola Bay check out channel south of the humpback bridge. Have fun exploring.
  2. A couple of suggestions , maybe sponsor another event like we had before at Ft. Desoto. Maybe put together some fishing outings where we get together and fish. It could be done in a tourney format but might work better as just a friendly get-together with maybe a cook-out afterwards. No more fishing spots revealed on the forums. You can use private messaging for that or phone calls after you get to know someone. There is a lot of great info on the site but I miss the old days when there was always something new in the forums . Hopefully it will come back to life. I have met some great people from the site and have enjoyed fishing and learning from them.
  3. I got to go out with a buddy yesterday on his boat. We got out about 10 am and fished till pm . We ended up keeping 13 nice Sheeps, biggest was 18'' and we lost one at the boat that was a lot bigger, I'm guessing 20'' +. We had 6 keeper snappers and a couple of grunts. We were in 20' of water on rock piles using fish-finder rigs with shrimp. Most were caught before 1 pm, then the tide died and Flipper moved in and things died off from there. Good eats for supper tonite !
  4. Great story John ! You earned those fish.
  5. Those crappie are fun to catch and very good eating ! That's the main thing I fish for when I'm back in Indiana. Fill up that bucket ! Keep your reports coming. Happy New Year to you and yours.
  6. Great report John , very useful info . You got to love those South Shore Anglers Tournaments ! They have great prizes and some awesome Raffle prizes !
  7. Nice job David T putting BA on some fish he was starting to get cranky ! I guess the reason that head is so big is because it has so much fishing knowledge in it. He is the Man ! That head would look better with a 5 gallon bucket over it though !
  8. Very nice ! Missed you at the SSA tourney but that gave the rest of us a chance ! Looks like Uncle put it on you. That is a heck of a fish !
  9. The South Shore Angler's Tourney was held yesterday in 25 mph winds and very low water conditions. The Kayak guys were the big winners for the day. They were able to get to places a lot of others couldn't with boats Many anglers had to go to plan B,C,or D just to get to fish-able water because of the low water and the Red Tide in several places along the South Shore and other parts of Tampa Bay. The Kayak guys stayed farther north and fished their secret spot's with better results. The big winner for the day was kayaker John Bishop with a 28 1/4" Redfish and a 22" Trout. He also won the biggest Redfish, He won a $500 Gift certificate from Loadmaster Trailers for winning overall and a Wang Anchor for having the largest Redfish. George Martin also in a kayak won the Trout Division with a 25" Trout , he won a week-end at The Dream-In Resort on Anna Maria Island. Darren Radulski won the youth division and got a Family-Nite out at The Alley as his prize. As always very nice prices for just a $25 entry fee or in this case a $25 Toy to be donated to the U.S. Marines Toys for Tots program.Several nice Door prices were also raffled of including A new Bull Bay Rod donated by Bull Bay Rods of Lakeland and 2 19" TV's donated by the Bud Light Safety Program and Toys donated by Target. Over a $1000 of toys and gift certificates will be donated. Thanks to the Alley in Apollo Beach for hosting the Captain's Meeting and The Weigh-In. Next event will be the Longest Trout Tournament in March with a $25 entry fee.
  10. Way to go Andy. Those are some nice crappie and some great eating. They are fun to catch on light tackle. Thanks for the report, keep them coming.
  11. Looks pretty good. I enjoy readinabout fishing and might even learn something. I look forward to following it.
  12. I like that last picture, he looks like he's looking right at you.
  13. Glad to hear you got out John. I know you've been iitching to get out after being on house arrest from the Doctor.
  14. Iv'e got both now. Thanks
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