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  1. Publisher

    Growing a Forum?

    The days of Facebook pretty much killed forums. But it seems that the censorship, inability to maintain long conversations, and otehr factors are causing private forums to experience a comeback. Maintaining them is a major issue though, because they are bound to be hit by hacks from every weird nation on the planet - none of which have good intentions. These forums - and our user database - is powerful, and we watch that very carefully. The troll posts are just sickening and nobody wants to see that shit. If we want to expand these forums and make them truly useful again, we need a couple of people to manage them with/for us and we need to generate traffic. The traffic we can each generate just by telling people about it and telling them that if they wanna get pissed off about FISHING issues this can be their home. Fishing politics are welcome; they are not D or R.
  2. Publisher

    Any oldtimers still on this forum?

    I missed the gathering last week. If we wanna start these forums again a few of you have to help us manage it and dump stuff from trolls selling Setups with young Russian girls. And if you do, you can start talking it up on Facebook. They won't let a lot of the stuff be on your main pages butt Private Messaging the fact that we are running the forums will work.
  3. Publisher

    Our Florida as seen through the eyes of a Florida native

    Boy it's nice to read your stuff old man.
  4. Send more pictures!!!! If you put videos onto YouTube we would be glad to put links to them here on the forums and maybe onto the Home page.
  5. Publisher

    My FL. Friends

    Nice piggie. You're an old guy I was born in 1952. Don't have the leg strength I had at 30 but am still alive and waking up. And passionate about being alive and being an American. Welcome.
  6. Publisher

    Hi from South America

    We would LOVE to have you sending us pictures. I had a neighbor from your nation and he told me many stories about the beautiful fishing and countryside!. Feel free to post your stories here.
  7. Publisher

    Any oldtimers still on this forum?

    Me Tell people to come here. Forums lost popularity but they have advantages over FB. I love FB but forums are still more permanent. We just started paying attention to these again. We can use help.
  8. I just read this old post and found it very interesting. I have also fished the bay for lots(!) of years. One of my premiere fishing buddies (the MOST premiere actually) Captain Mike Plastic once showed me the secret to winning the National Sheepshead Competition. Not that there is a national Sheepshead Competition, of course, but the method proves the best. Buy frozen shrimp. Thaw Shell them Put on small hook (#8 or #10) Push tiny hook through (Now Peeled) shrimp meat Use split shot on the line or tie a light-weight(!) rig that will bring baits to bottom. Drop bait to bottom Feel tug Lift. Do NOT set hook; simply lift. Fight fish Unhook fish Repeat from Step #5.
  9. Publisher

    New Guy In Florida City

    The Kayak community is very active here Prison Guy. We just started to pay attention to forums again and focusing on people who paddle to fish is something we are gonna spend a lot of time doing. And thanks. All LEOs deserve thanks.
  10. Publisher

    Unboxing – B-Bait

    The idea of putting scent into a capsule is brilliant. Just brillient. And the size and shape of those things has got to produce. I would imagine they're gonna work on redfish as well as they work on black bass. Tell us how they produce. The issue with guys like you doing reviews is that you know how to work lures. It ain't the lure that produces
  11. Publisher

    setting the drag on one of my rods

    If you are still watching we will start to address your question(s). They are worth spending time on but I wanted to make sure answering it would mean something. We have had issues with the forums and we are just getting back to answering live questions. Sorry you got lost in the abyss
  12. Publisher

    When to cast and when to jig

    Jigs work very well. Two things. First, try putting a "tail" on them. In addition to the bucktail or fake hair they have on them, get a big soft-plastic lure and put that on as well. The wiggle makes the jigs more effective. Secondly, try a frozen sardine on a jig. When fish refuse to hit artificials they will almost always eat real bait. One other thing; drop the jig all the way to the bottom; feel it tap. They lift it up a foot or two. Keep the lure close to the bottom but just off of it. Fish you see mid column are just as likely to be looking down as they are to be looking up - a little more maybe. Hope this helps. Tight lines
  13. Publisher

    Any oldtimers still on this forum?

    White perch. They sure eat well. The memories of me fishing with my Uncle Eddie are so close now and so warm it's a beautiful thing. It's hard to beat Florida. But at least you can vote in both places and at least zero out one Jerseyite that does it here.
  14. Publisher

    Any oldtimers still on this forum?

    Are those White Perch???? I used to catch them with my Uncle Eddie in NJ many many years ago. I can still remember the bobbers going under. I also remember some really epic days. It used to be so cold I would go to my uncle's station wagon to warm up. Here I do that when it's 60F. poyssick
  15. Publisher

    Plenty of fish

    I just saw this. What a haul. Amazing. We have friends that have fished at 200 feet and the markers were just lit up. They took all kinds of fish and limited out on American Reds. They don't seem to be very threatened. poyssick