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  1. I would like to see a "mini" version that doubles as "wading buddy". Maybe something that weighs significantly lighter than 125lbs.
  2. I have used the LocTite brand with the brush applicator on my jigs to keep soft plastic on, and it does work great. One thing though...dont forget and leave the glue in the boat or car as it will get dried out from heat and you'll have to buy another. Good idea with the Dowel fishnfoy. I am going to try this.
  3. Video updated with censor beep. Sorry about that ladies, gentlemen and children.
  4. Please mute up to 18 seconds if you are offended by language. Sorry. http://youtu.be/4u7Xu1izy90
  5. It don't look that big to me. You might want to check your ruler.Picture is horrible too.
  6. Thats alot of friend grouper fingers........ :thumbsup: Nice fish.
  7. How did u cook that pomp augi.
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