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  1. Great report as always, John! You mentioned that you were "sawed" off by braid. I know that Hubbard's discourages braid but I'm wondering why they don't just prohibit it. Do you know or have any idea? Barry
  2. This post has been the latest topic for exactly one month. It's looking more and more that this may be the end of The Online Fisherman forum. TOF was an active and fun forum for a long time. If this is the end, then RIP TOF.
  3. Andy, do you ever use spoons for pickerel? I remember catching a bunch on a red/white Dardevle.
  4. Merry Christmas to you and your family, Andy. Nice catch but I wouldn't eat the pickerel.....too many bones for my taste. Enjoy! :-)
  5. You still have the touch, Andy! Wish the fishing was better but at least the weather was great.
  6. Andy, I read all of your posts but for a couple of months I couldn't get logged in. Today is the first time I've been able to change my password and log in. Glad you're coming down to visit for a while. The Shadow will strike the jetty again!
  7. Those were some big brookies. I used to catch them in New Jersey but much smaller. Looked like there a lot of rocks in the river. I have no idea how you kept the lower units from getting destroyed! No idea who fell in the river but the water must have been freezing! lol Barry
  8. Hi Andy! Glad to see The Shadow is fishing and doing well. That's a nice striper and that's a whole mess of fish in the other post. The forum isn't what it used to be but there are still some of us old timers around. lol I rotated the pic for you. Thanks for posting and it's a pleasure to hear from you! :D Barry
  9. I'm no spring chicken either so I'm right there with ya! lol
  10. Take care of yourself, Bob. Looking for more fine reports from you, but take your time healing! Excellent video of some real nice fish.
  11. Welcome aboard! Glad to have you join us and your website looks like a winner!
  12. Welcome!! Glad to have you. :)
  13. Not sure at all but I'm gonna guess the bigger fish is an Atlantic Croaker.
  14. Nice fish! You don't keep them but are they edible? Or are there too many bones?
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