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    Since this was a Full Moon 44 Hour trip leaving at 10:00 I came down on Thursday to catch bait with my Pin Fish pal Omar. The bite was slow and I had multiple tackle issues including my rod tip breaking and both my main reel and my backup deciding they’d had enough. Oh well “Stuff” happens especially when you are fishing. Fortunately, my buddy was not only catching fish but had a backup that worked. There is luck (as in life) involved in fishing but being prepared is what makes you consistent and is what counts overall.


      We had almost a full load of anglers eager for some offshore action. Trolling on the way out was slow but there were a few Kings and Spanish landed. In general, the trolling has been sketchy. I think this is due to seasonal transition. It seems that as a season peeks (in this case Summer) there is a lull in the action.


     We started around 9:00 PM in great conditions with a solid 10 knot wind that would last throughout the trip.  This is a blessing as it gives the Captain a good anchor heading and us a break from the heat. The Mangrove Snapper bite was solid all night with decent numbers on every stop. I was especially pleased with the average size I caught as I had a significant number in the five-pound class. Although I didn’t have any hook ups there were a number of Gags caught during the night as well as one Cobia. On the spot the Cobia was caught I had a monster hook up that took me to the Bow and as far as I know is still running. It was likely a Big Shark but I told people it had to be a world record Cobia. Side note/ Fishermen aren’t liars we just “Dream Big”


     Sunrise, time for big live bait. On the very first day light drop I put down a big Pin Fish and before I could tighten my line BANG! Turned out to be a “Keeper Gag” I quickly fired another down and got hit just as quick. This time it was a throw back Red Grouper. I would end up catching at least five of those on this stop and I kid you not at least 30 throughout the trip. Not sure what the Scientist say but from my prospective the future is bright for Red Grouper.


      After a few more stops in this area where I picked up some additional Mangos, Captain Garett Hubbard said we were going to make a move to a wreck in search of Amber Jack. After a run of more than an hour the Captain said we were close to the wreck but he wanted to stop on some “Hard Bottom” to get an anchor heading first. He said we were most likely to get Grouper here and possibly Snapper. As soon as my bait hit bottom I was hooked up on a nice AJ. Looking around so were many others. The bite was ON! I did eventually get “Sawed” of by braid but fortunately the AJ’s were biting so well I had another one on as soon as I re-rigged. This time I landed one in the 30 B range. Tip: I often get asked why I make so many rigs up before we start fishing. People assume it is due to hanging bottom. There are multiple reasons but the primary one is I want to be in the water as much as possible thus, I want to spend as minimal time as possible rigging while it is fishing time. When tying multiple rigs, you need a safe place to hang them from and don’t tie swivels to them as if you do you will have a tangled mess.


     Next stop we were on the wreck and the AJ’s were on FIRE! The whole boat was hooked up This can be a challenge and hopeless with out cooperation.  The bad news is many nice fish were lost, good news many were landed as they were chewing. As the action slowed down I decided to switch over to my Snapper Rod and fire down a Threadfin hoping for some Mango action. This time of year, I never go below 60 LB line as it is Gag season. After soaking the dead bait for some time, I pulled up on it and BANG! Monster Fish ON! I knew right away I had a “Homesteader Gag” on. Try as I may I could not turn him so I had no choice but to let him run. Right as he slowed down and I thought I turned him the line popped. When I reeled in my leader was badly frayed down at hook level. This was conformation it was a big Gag as he hadn’t cut me off just wore the leader out. Oh well that’s what keeps you coming back.


     After the wreck we went to some near by ledges where the AJ action was intense to say the least. Bad news, not everybody limited out but good news, everybody had a chance too. I managed to land one in the 60 LB range and picked some decent Goozers as well.


     Time for one last stop before heading back. Captain set us up on a wreck. Though there was steady AJ action I decided to focus on dead bait hoping for a Gag or big Mango’s. I did get a couple of big Vermilion Snapper but, no Gags or Goozers. However, there was an exciting moment. I was on the bottom and got slammed! My drag started “Singing” I never thought it was a Gag as it was moving too fast. I was sure it wasn’t an AJ either. I had it on line for a while and actually turned it and began working it back to the boat. It was a classic fight. The fish tacking drag but, I was  steadily gaining on it.  All of a sudden, the Monster took one more run and just came un-buttoned. I reeled in and to my surprise my hook had broken. This is rare as I was using 8/0 Mustad hooks that are usually sound. Oh well one thing I’ve learned time and again. “There are multiple ways to lose a fish and you don’t have him until he is over the rail” When your fishing 100 miles offshore you have to be prepared for anything.


      See you out there!




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    Catching bait was slow but steady but, with a little help from a friend I was able to reach my goal so time to head for the boat. Trolling on the way out was slow as even my friend and legend “Jig Head” Ed struck out. Good news it picked up the next day between spots as several Tuna were caught.


     We started around Midnight in winds 10-15 with seas about 3’. Having a breeze this time of year is a blessing as it gives you a break from the heat. Fortunately, it would stay this way throughout the trip. The Mangrove Snapper bite never really took off.  I’m not sure exactly why as they have been biting well. The Porgies and Vermillion chewed the whole trip.


     Sunrise brought the expectation of Gags and Amber Jacks. On the very first stop after Sun up I dropped down a “Big” Pin hoping for a Gag attack. After soaking it for at least ten minutes I noticed a few Mangos coming up so I decided to switch to a Threadfin. I got several decent bites but produced no fish. One of my philosophies is “If I’m going to soak a bait it might as well be a livey” I dropped down a Pin and after a 5-minute soak I felt it get nervous. Suddenly Bang! FISH ON! Turned out to be a nice Gag in the 10 LB. range.  Baiting up as quick as I could I shot down another. I barely gone the line tight when I got slammed.   I cranked as hard as I could but he cut me off. I reeled up my line and my leader was shredded.  Just as soon as I rigged up the Captain announced it was time to move.


     We made a couple more stops in the general area but I didn’t get any more hook ups. To be fair there were a number of Gags caught around the boat.  Captain Bryon said it was time to target some AJ’s and thus we needed to make an hour run. (It was during this run that some Black Fins were landed).


      On the very first stop after the move I dropped down a hand sized Pin Fish. Bang! I knew right away this was no Jack. Turned out to be a Gag at least 15 LBS.  Looking around the boat I could see people hooking AJ’s everywhere. I waited until the anglers at my sides got their fish in.  Dropping another large Pin I got hit on the way down. Ended up catching a Jack in the 30 LB. range. Tip/ pet Peeve/ When some one has a big fish such as an AJ on use a little patience or common sense and don’t drop down right on top of them as the likely result is you will get tangled with them and lose fishing time not to mention cause someone to lose a nice fish. Either wait (tough to do) or if there is room move to another spot and drop down.


     On the next stop I saw 4 rods (Including mine) bend at the same time. At first, I wasn’t sure what I had on as it fought hard on the bottom but then seemed to relax. Just as I thought it might be a Gag it started taking drag.  I knew it was a Big AJ. Sometimes Big Jacks will swim up with you not really knowing they are hooked. When they wake up the fight is ON! After some fish aerobics First Mate Will gaffed a Reef Donkey in the 70 LB. class.


      The next several stops saw much of the same. Big AJ’s a scattering of Gags as well as some keeper Red Grouper, Scamp Grouper and “Picky” Mangos.  I did hook what I am sure was another big AJ but I got tangled in some lines and lost it. Time to head back, take a week off and get ready for the “Full Moon 44 Hour Trip. I can’t wait!


     P.S. Just as we were pulling anchor “Jig Head” hooked a Sail. He passed the Rod to Will who cranked it all the way to the boat where it broke off on the anchor rope but not before some great “Tail Walking” Check out the video on Hubbard’s FB Page.


      See you out there!

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    barrynfla reacted to CaptMichaelSavedow in Aug 2018 Florida Daytona New Smyrna Beach Orlando Area   
    Summer 2018 continues to be productive and fun fishing and catching in the Indian River and Mosquito Lagoon backcountry here at the New Smyrna Beach Florida area, from the intracoastal backwaters with it’s maze of channels, creeks and islands to the flats on the south end of my area. As late summer is creeping in, the larger “bull” Redfish begin to gather at times in the ICW channel and near close by Ponce Inlet, by fall and the spawn the big Reds group up around the inlet area. On the right tide and location, a few can be caught as they are looking for baitfish and drifting blue crabs on the surface, most of the fish are 20 to 30 lbs. which is about 38” to 45”. On a recent “right” morning, referred new clients Rick and sons from Georgia were treated to a couple big fish on our trip which also included some mixed bag action with Seatrout, Snapper, Jacks Crevalle, Ladyfish and more. Timothy landed a 44” Redfish on a live blue crab, this is a 30lb. fish ………………

    …………..brother Samuel was next up with this 38” Red which also bit a crab…………………..

    Sight fishing the flats at Mosquito Lagoon is always a fun but challenging trip, Matt from Philadelphia had it on his bucket list and got to experience our encounter with several tailing Redfish in very shallow water at sunrise and was able to connect with this 27” Red………………..

    Sharks are always the star of the show for freshwater fishermen who only fish the salt on special occasions, Josh from Tennessee had an epic battle on one of my light tackle spinning rods and landed this 40” Shovelnose Hammerhead for a quick photo before release………………..

    It has been a good year for Black Drum here in my back water area with catches on many of my trips through all of 2018, new local clients Don and Virgil had a double hookup and landing of this pair of drum ……………

    Young Katie from Georgia caught a nice Redfish while out with her family on a mixed bag variety trip also catching all the different species along the way ……………………

    Kyle from North Carolina came on a trip with a bunch of buddies visiting Orlando, several Black Drum caught in addition to the usual bunch of different types of fish too …………………..

    Indian River and Mosquito Lagoon Backcountry and Flats Fishing
    Near Daytona Beach, New Smyrna Beach, and Orlando, East Central Florida
    CALL OR TEXT ME ANYTIME 386-689-3781
    See my website http://EdgewaterRiverGuide.com
    Capt. Michael Savedow
    Edgewater River Guide, Inc. Since 2003
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    barrynfla reacted to john martin in Donkey Time!   
    With the opening of Amber Jack season comes the need for Big Baits. With that in mind I met up with my buddy Omar at one of our “Secret” Pinfish spots. The bite started out slow so we ended up moving to a “Top Secret” spot and after a few hours we got what we needed and head toward the dock with Reef Donkeys in our dreams.


     Now that ARS season is over the trip loads are lighter which is a great time to fish a Party Boat. We left on time with 30 anglers eager for action. Trolling on the way out was a bit slow but I did see a couple of Kings and Bonita find their way over the rail.


     We started around Midnight in perfect conditions as far as wind and seas. Wind was 10-15 the whole trip which is a blessing for August and the oppressive heat. The only issue was the current which was surprisingly strong most of the trip. The first couple of stops saw some Mangrove Snapper action but, the third stop they were fired up. For about thirty minutes they were hitting so fast I would cast and literally start winding as soon it hit bottom as I had a fish on!


     Time for one last stop before Sunrise. The Mango bite although not as hot as the previous spot was decent but the Gag bite on the stern was epic. I started hearing a steady call for Gaff! Turned out they were at the right place at the right time.  The mates were so busy on the stern I ended up gaffing the one Gag caught on the bow. In total 17 Gags were boated on this stop.  The biggest disappointment for me on this stop (beyond not getting a Gag) was seeing so many people in their bunks that missed out on the bite. I’ve seen people catch fish all over the boat but never from the bunk. As I say “If you want to catch the fish of your dreams you have to fish while others are dreaming”


     Side note: People often assume Captains put the stern on the best spot. Although this maybe true in some cases I have seen no evidence of this.  I have fished all over the boat and in my current role I usually fish in the bow area. I remember a time last year when a guy accused the Captain of putting only me on the fish. Some how with 40 people on board the Captain was so skilled he positioned the boat so only I caught fish. In general, the reason the stern appears to catch the most fish is it often has the greatest number of experienced anglers.  The legendary Captain Wilson Hubbard had a saying “20 % of the Fishermen catch 80% of the fish, always have always will.  In the case of this stop I think it was a combination of the wind and current that had the stern just over the ledge we were on and the Gags congregated there.


     The day bite overall was decent for this time of year as Mangos bit on every stop and gags were steadily picked as well. Of course, the near extinct American Red Snapper aggravated us on every stop. The good news is we are catching so many most anglers are becoming experts at venting and releasing so they can breed and be ready for next season. I did manage to get a “keeper” size Gag.


     Captain Bryon announced we were going to make an hour move to a wreck. Time for a brief nap and dream of the AJ’s to come. We got anchored up and the bite was instant. AJ’s were on the line everywhere. Great news they were all legal size although no Giants except of course the ones that got away. Bad news one angler decided it was a good idea to drop down straight 200 LB Braided line on a reel with no drag. The result was he hooked an AJ he couldn’t reel in that acted as a “Buzz Saw” and cut off at least 8 other angler’s fish as when mono hits braid it is like a hot knife on butter. I don’t want to start the argument about braid but I would ask you to consider not using it for AJ’s on a Party Boat.  As for me I was one of two against the braid.


     The rest of the trip saw steady action and I managed to pick Mangos all day. On one stop late in the trip I was using a large Threadfin win BANG! Big Hit! At first, I thought I had a decent Gag but actually got more excited as I realized I likely had a Big Goozer on. Turned out I was right. I reeled up by far the biggest Mango of the trip it had to be in the 7-8 LB range. It appeared to be hooked well in fact the hooks were out of sight. As I tried to swing it over the rail the entire bait popped out so fast it hit me in the back of the head. The fish had swallowed the bait without taking the hooks. That’s why I say you don’t have it till its in the box. Time to head home and get ready for the next one.


      See you out there!


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    barrynfla reacted to john martin in Glad To Be Back!   
    If you wondered where I’ve been I am pleased to announce I’m Back! I took ARS season off but have returned to just in time to get in on some Gag action and welcome in AJ season which is only days away.


      My first trip back was the full Moon 44-hour trip. Since this trip leaves at 10:00 AM I came down on Thursday and teamed up with my Buddy Omar to catch bait. After a couple of stops and a few hours we had enough bait so time to get some rest and head out in the morning. Tip: This time of year, in order to keep Pin Fish fresh, you must keep the water fresh and cool. I recommend changing the water just before you quit for the day. To keep it cool freeze a gallon of water in an old milk jug. Place the jug in the water. Make sure it isn’t leaking as to much added fresh water could be a problem.

     We started around 9:00 PM in calm conditions with a ripping current that would be a challenge most of the trip. Since I’d missed Red Snapper season I predicted I’d catch a ‘Big One” this trip. Sure, enough on the first drop I got slammed! I reeled up an ARS at least 10 LBS. It would be the first of many caught during the trip. I was hoping my fellow anglers would have done a better job of thinning them out. Perhaps they aren’t as endangered as we have been led to believe.


     The Mango bite was decent all night although it never would get to what I’d call chewing. The size was above average and I managed to land several in the 5-6 LB range. The best stop of the night saw not only large Goozers but some of the biggest Yellow Tails I’ve seen outside of the Bahamas.  I caught one in the 5 LB range but the guy next to me landed one that had to be 8 LBS.


     Overall the night bite was solid and I had mixed feelings about the pending sun rise. I knew I would have a better shot at a Gag but I also knew it was going to be a scorcher. Both proved to be true as shortly after Day break I put down a Big Pin and BANG! Big fish on. After a few tense moments I cranked up a nice Gag in the 15 LB range.


    As predicted the day was extremely hot and standing at the rail during its height was more than many could handle. The bite throughout the day saw a very specific pattern. Either no bites or a quick flurry and then it would stop as soon as it started. One technique I use in these conditions is to soak a big live bait with the thought there might be a home steading Gag that will eventually give in to temptation. During the day I had three big hits that resulted in two break offs and one rock up.  I guess I am a bit rusty.


      Fishing the Summer months in Florida can be a challenge but, it can also be rewarding with a little planning. I suggest if you fish an overnight trip make sure you get some rest on the way out as your best fishing is generally at night. As I like to say “If you want to catch the fish of your dreams you have to fish while others are dreaming”.  Also stay hydrated and suck up some AC between stops.


    Time to rest up and get ready for some “Reef Donkey” Action!


    See you out there!

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    barrynfla reacted to CaptMichaelSavedow in Daytona New Smyrna Beach Orlando Mosquito Lagoon   
    We are having a fun and busy summer of 2018 so far, wide variety of fish catching here in the Indian River and north Mosquito Lagoon backcountry. Landing Seatrout, Redfish, Snook, Black Drum, Mangrove Snapper, Whiting, Jack Crevalle, Ladyfish, and always some surprise catches on many trips, like Sharks, Pompano, Tarpon, and more. Usually catching 10 to 15 or more different species on most backcountry mixed bag trips. The back water area is full of life in the summer months, with surface striking fish in the morning hitting baitfish and shrimp, white water attacks making for fun sight fishing and catching. Loads of baitfish schools everywhere including mullet, pilchards, and menhaden are a summer fixture of food for game fish, dolphins, and birds. Water temperatures have reached the normal lower 80’ F levels, so careful handling of CPR ( catch photo release ) fish is needed as higher water temps means lower oxygen levels. Lots of teenage size “rolling” Tarpon are a frequent sight in our back waters, they are notorious for being super picky on biting a bait, but this 20 lb.( 39” ) Silver King had to have Alex from South Carolina’s live shrimp and stayed attached through the fight for a very quick photo before release………………

    Black Drum continue to be a usual catch as they have all year, being a shellfish eater, they are quick to take our shrimp baits, most summer drum here in the north Indian River backcountry are school size of 1 to 5 lbs and roam along the bottom of holes and channels., repeat clients Andy and David from hooked up together from a school and landed these 2 Drum……

    Long time repeat client Don from Texas, was out again on his usual summer trip while here on their family vacation, catching all the different species, including a nice Drum for young Cooper……………..

    Young Brooks was out with repeat clients dad and grandpa from Georgia for another flats fishing Redfish trip, they made sure the youngster reeled in each of the 4 Reds they hooked up on mullet baits…………………..

    Seatrout are an every trip catch here in the backcountry, Jamie shows off a nice Speck she caught and released……………..

    Nathan had “big fish” on a recent trip with his dad Ed, repeat Orlando clients, on a windy afternoon trip we squeezed in after a stormy morning forced us to wait until later that day for our trip………………..

    Robert had a great time on the trip he was on with a group of friends from Virginia despite his lack of smile holding up his big Black Drum for a “CPR” photo……………….

    Fun Friendly Light Tackle Fishing Adventures
    Closest Saltwater Fishing to Orlando at New Smyrna Beach
    Calm Water Indian River Backcountry
    CALL OR TEXT ME ANYTIME 386-689-3781
    Capt. Michael Savedow
    Edgewater River Guide, Inc. Since 2003
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    barrynfla reacted to capt.pwatson in Beach Mackerel   
    This time of the year mackerel go nuts off the coast. My favorite is live chumming these fish. Find some structure, it can be a bridge, wreck, or ledge. Anchor up and start chumming. Take your greenbacks and crush their backs, two to three at a time, and toss them behind the boat. Tackle wise I like to start off with 40lb flouro and a long shank hook. Once they get fired up I will switch it up to wire so we don't loose as many hooks. This time of year it is easy to get limits along Anna Maria Island. 
    Captain Philip Watson
    Just Kickin Back Charters

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    barrynfla reacted to peterc in Make This Great Again. 3/22/18   
    HI Andy, Just saw this. I think this venue is pretty much dead. The Facebook groups have replaced it. I really don't see much activity on this or the Cap't Mel anymore. Hope you are doing well.
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    barrynfla reacted to john martin in Stubborn Fish   
    Big baits on board all the gear loaded, time to toss the lines and head out for a great weekend of fishing. Trolling on the way out was slower than I expected with most anglers catching more of each other than fish. It got better a couple of hours in as we were in deeper water and some of the anglers had found their bunks. Several nice kings were landed. The highlight of the troll happened right at dusk when an angler I’d helped make lure choices at the dock and showed him A-Z on rigging got slammed. Running the trolling deck can be a bit tedious but it is all worth it to see and hear the joy when I gaffed a large Blackfin that was the first Tuna my new friend had ever caught.
      If you’ve been following my reports you know the Mangrove Snapper bite has been slow. I wish I could report it has improved but it hasn’t. I remain optimistic that it will improve. The ones I’ve cleaned still don’t have any roe in them so my hope is once the spawn starts so will the bite. One thing that has been hot is the big Vermilion Snapper bite, they continue to chew and are full of roe so maybe there is a connection.

     If the American Red Snapper bite is any indication of what the season is going to be then, this season (starts June 1) promises to be a stellar one. Large ARS came up on virtually every stop during the trip. The bite was so strong I heard one angler say “Perhaps they should switch the rules and let us keep 20 Red Snapper and only 4 Mangos” (Don’t give them any ideas) 
      The biggest disappointment was the Amber Jack bite or should I say the lack of an AJ bite. After the opening weekend when I got my two fish limit I was certain this trip would be more of the same but the Fish Gods had other plans.  Not only did I not even get a hook up but there was only one keeper landed on the boat. My first thought was we just didn’t get on them but I know Capt. Brian has them dialed in.  On one stop during the day this belief was proven true when the young fisherman next to me reeled up a nice Scamp with two large AJ’s following behind. I dropped a bait right in front of them and they ignored it.  They were there bit just wouldn’t bite.
      The most exciting bite of the trip came just before Sunrise when I heard First Mate Will holler Blackfins everywhere get your baits out. Sure enough, Tunas were coming over the rail. I reeled up as quick as I could and put down a big live Pin on a glow in the dark jig head and BANG! BIG FISH ON! I knew instantly I had a nice one on. While I was reeling up I saw several nice Blackfin landed. A few more cranks and it would be my turn. Calling for the gaff and what the*** Turns out it was an extra-large Bonita at least 20 LBS. talk about a fish buzz kill.  Undaunted I tried again and much to my chagrin (and the mates) the same thing happened again.
      Over all I had a pretty good trip as I ended up with six nice size Goozers and my limit of large Vermilion as well as multiple fat Porgies and two nice Scamps. I caught more ARS than I can count and three nice Gags all caught and released.
      As my reports indicate I often catch and release large fish, primarily ARS and Gags. People often ask me how to vent the fish and how do I know they survive. The best proof that I have they survive is the number of tagged fish I’ve caught. In fact, the gentleman next to me caught and released two Red Snapper that had been tagged on this trip. These had likely been tagged by FWC professional researchers. The good news is with the right tool and minimal training any angler can learn to properly vent fish.  
      There are multiple videos on the web showing how to do it but I’ll give you a brief overview.  First you need a tool. The ideal tool is a “venting tool” which can be purchased at any tackle store. Essentially it is a large tube or needle with a sharp end for puncturing the fish air bladder. Lay the fish on a flat surface, the bladder is located just behind the pectoral fin. If you run your fingers down from the meat of the fish towards the belly you can feel the bulge of the air in the bladder. Once the bladder is located place the tool at a 45-degree angle. Apply enough pressure to puncture the skin and into the bladder but not so much pressure that you risk doing internal damage.  You should hear the hiss of the escaping air. A little practice and you will have it down. Note on larger fish it may be necessary to left up a scale and go beneath it.  The faster you can get the fish back in the water the better.  It is in all our best interest to get this down for the future of our sport.
      I have included a couple of pictures demonstrating proper technique one of which is a Gag vented by Jon the mate on this trip.
      See you out there!!!

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    barrynfla reacted to harbison in Fishing With The Legends   
    As we near the end of our journey, 'Jersey-Girl' proudly serves what has become her specialty... the very best chicken, yellow rice, and apple pie in the entire universe: [/url" rel="noopener" target="_blank">http://s644.photobucket.com/user/harbisonphoto/media/APRIL%206%202018/43_zpsdskmahnz.jpg.html'> What an adventure. But all good things must, until next weekend when we do it all over again, come to an end. Mr. Lonnie Graham, Cocoa, Florida, is so proud of the woman his daughter, Ashley, has become: Those huge smiles are for real: [/url" rel="noopener" target="_blank">http://s644.photobucket.com/user/harbisonphoto/media/APRIL%206%202018/46_zps0ich9m87.jpg.html'> A very proud Captain Garett Hubbard: [/url" rel="noopener" target="_blank">http://s644.photobucket.com/user/harbisonphoto/media/APRIL%206%202018/48_zpssncvz5bw.jpg.html'> Ever think people from Benzonia, Michigan, can't catch our Southern fish? How about winning the snapper jackpot with a 5.3 pound mangrove snapper? The winning grouper hit the scales at 7.2 pounds: There is already a future place on the Hubbard History Board as, 'The LEGEND Continues' with another best of the best, Captain Garett Hubbard: [/url" rel="noopener" target="_blank">http://s644.photobucket.com/user/harbisonphoto/media/APRIL%206%202018/50_zpsrvoaepuy.jpg.html'> Coming 4/19/18 is the first really BIG one of the year, a very exciting deep drop trip. Guiding the Florida Fisherman ll will be another 'LEGEND,' Captain Mark Hubbard. Co-Captain for this very special 63 hour trip will be one of the best in the business, Master Captain, Captain Bryon Holland. Captain Holland brings decades of on the water experience: As we pass the 100 fathom mark the fish are different, and BIG: [/url" rel="noopener" target="_blank">http://s644.photobucket.com/user/harbisonphoto/media/APRIL%206%202018/51_zpsyiajmf4t.jpg.html'> [/url" rel="noopener" target="_blank">http://s644.photobucket.com/user/harbisonphoto/media/APRIL%206%202018/53_zpshltlrkt5.jpg.html'> 2017 was an excellent year for Florida fishing. 2018 is starting out even better. With Captains like Captain Mark Hubbard, Captain Bryon Holland and Captain Garett Hubbard 'Fishing With The many LEGENDS' is alive and well. Captain Wilson Hubbard can be very proud, proud of the legacy he began decades ago.       Check out the short, action packed, on the water video of our trips:  Click on the following YouTube link           
      Bob Harbison   Florida Outdoor Writers Association
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    Posted Today, 04:45 AM
    Good luck with getting any Info. on the fishing form anymore. Seems like no one wants to help anyone any more. It use to be a great fishing forum to get Info. Now seems like everyone just wants to beat their own drum. If you can, search way back on this site to see some great post and Info.with pictures. Any old Capt.Mel folks out there that want to join in. Maybe you can get this fishing forum great again. ----------I just answered a new guy that ask for Info. about fishing. I moved the post over here so all could see it. Got that out of my system, now I'm done.

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    Fishing continues to improve as the water begins to warm a bit. Trolling on the way out is still spotty but has been strong further off shore between spots, especially Tuna. I’ve seen reports come in this week that the Kings are back so I expect this weekend’s 44 Hour trip to see dramatic improvement.


     People always ask “How was the fishing?” To which I usually respond “The fishing is always good, but the catching comes and goes” That has certainly been the case for the month of February which I am glad is a short month.  One of the things that makes the “fishing always good” is the people I work with and those I get to meet and pass on a bit of knowledge and passion for our fishery.  I just feel like saying thanks to all I’ve met and to all I’ve yet to meet.


      We started fishing around mid-night in calm seas and the Mangrove Snapper bite was hot from the start. I caught three decent Mangos on the first stop. The first stop is where the Captain gets his initial anchor heading so it is often a quick stop.  The second stop saw continued Snapper action and a quick flurry of Red Grouper action. I had a large Threadfin on and got slammed. BIG FISH ON! It took drag three times before I had it coming my way. Just as I had it coming it came unbuttoned. While I was fighting the fish the two anglers next to me reeled in two nice Red Grouper. I am convinced I had a large Red Grouper on as well. The rest of the night spots saw much of the same action.


      The rising Sun saw a slowing of the Snapper bite, at least the Mango bite as the American Red Snapper bite was steady all day and into the night. The seas were fairly calm and the current was strong which made the stern the most consistent spot.  Those of us on the bow struggled to get a consistent bite but throughout the day I did manage to get a few more Mangos. In fairness if I could keep all I caught I would have had a solid trip as I caught and released two nice Gags and on the last stop I caught six Red Snapper four of which were over ten pounds. All were successfully released so perhaps we will meet again. Next up the 44 hr Full Moon trip and I’m sittin’ on ready!


      See you out there!

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    The overall bite has been a bit slow the past several trips and in general this trip was no different. I think it is primarily due to changes in water temperature. The last two trips I’ve been on there appears to be a cold under current. I have experienced this several times when I used to fish the East coast. We’d be fishing in 80 – 90-degree weather but when you reeled in your sinker would feel like ice. I experienced this two weeks ago in the Gulf and the fish just shut down. This past weekend the conditions had improved and the bite although slow was much better. I am hopeful about this weekend weather permitting.
      One thing that has been good is the weather. We started out in spring like conditions with mild seas. The trolling has been slow as well but with my buddy “Jig Head” Ed on board I figured it would improve. As I was walking around the corner I heard Ed’s drag peal off and I knew he had a BIG ONE ON! Captain slowed the boat down and Ed started cranking. I could still see the high rises on the beach so I figured we were 10-15 miles out so it was likely a big King. Standing with gaff in hand I was surprised to look down and see a large Blackfin Tuna on the line.  I can’t remember catching one this close to shore. The rest of the way out saw a couple of hook ups lost but no more Tuna. Once out deep the trolling between spots saw several Tuna and a Big King of course caught by Ed.
      We started around midnight and the bite was actually pretty good. I caught seven mangrove Snapper on the first spot. For me it slowed from there as I only caught two more before Sun up. I did land several nice Porgies and Vermilion Snapper. I also caught more than I could count short Red Grouper which although aggravating for me, made the FWC researchers on board ecstatic as they tagged and released over a hundred during the trip. One of the issues was the New Moon current which was ripping towards the stern making it difficult to chum the fish up on the bow.
      We picked during the day but I did manage landing a couple of decent Gags and Red Snapper all of which were successfully released. Around the boat several nice Red Grouper were caught including one over 18 LBS. The highlight of the trip for me was seeing an angler next to me land a female Hogfish over 8 LBS. I know they are out there and have landed several myself but overall catching them is rare on the 39 Hour trips.
      Forever the optimist I look forward to my next report being loaded with BANG! BIG FISH ON!

      See you out there!

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    No Barry never used them for casting. I have used them for ice fishing./ Jigging.
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    barrynfla reacted to andys in Peretty Good Fishing This Morning 2-20-18   
    The ice is gone, the weather is nice, the water Temp. is starting to rise in Md., and the fish are starting to bite. I caught all fish from shore on this Albino Shad color lure on a 1/16th jig head. It's not like when I lived and fished in FL. But it's all I got now. And it's still fun. I released all fish but one bass and two pickerel. One of my friends ask me for a few fish.

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    Newbie here. I'm glad to have found this great online fishing community. I'm hoping to learn more from the other members here. Cheers!
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    Tim, go to the Venice south Jetty. My fishing friends hang out there every morning and can give you some fishing Info. I use to hang out and fish there for fifteen years. They are probably catching sheepshead, maybe a few pompano, and trout right now. Tell them Andy the flounder man sent you. IMHO these are the kind of fishing people that is good to know. Good luck!

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    I'm the only person in my family that eats fish now that my son has grown up and moved away. I end up giving away a lot too. I have some older neighbors who miss being able to catch their own so it works out ok.

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    Barry, I don't eat any fish I catch. I give them to people that love to eat fish and can use a little help.
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    Merry Christmas to you and your family, Andy.  Nice catch but I wouldn't eat the pickerel.....too many bones for my taste.  Enjoy!  :-)
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    Did pretty good this morning. The fish hit all the while I was fishing. In other words, I left them biting. Caught with jig head and minnow. A few with bobber, and a few casting without bobber. I know some of you that moved to FL. from up north know about these fish. Merry Christmas to all my FL. friends.

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    Pretty good crappie fishing in Md. 12-6-17
     It was cold and windy this morning but it was very good crappie fishing. Caught Nine large crappie, well large for me crappie. They were all 12 to 13". The three over the bucket are all different fish. A five gallon bucket is 12" across. All caught on this little jig

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    Just got back from Venice FL. yesterday. Good to be home on the Eastern Shore of Md. Fishing was slow fishing from shore/beach. A little too much wind and pretty cool in the morning. Here is a few of the fish we caught.

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    My Brother in-law is there now and he is catching a few beach flounder. can't wait to help him out with the beach flounder. Him and I made this catch of beach flounder a few years ago right around this time of year. Thanks Guy's!!