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  1. tknaebel

    10' Lifetime Tamarack Angler Kayak

    Thanks Barry! So far he's really enjoying it but it's only been 3 months. He's now in Pensacola for 10 months doing A and C school. He would hold on to it but he's not sure where he'll be after Pensacola. He is getting his fishing tackle and taking it back when he comes home for the week of New Years.
  2. Son just left for the Navy and asked me to sell his kayak for him. 10' Lifetime Tamarack Angler 2 rear rod holders and 1 forward swivel rod holder, Fold up back rest, paddle, life jacket and small fold up anchor. Email or PM if you have any questions. [email protected] $350 or best offer.
  3. tknaebel

    275 Extension in St. Pete

    I'll believe it the day i drive on it. Rumors of this road have been around for close to 20 years. The state bought all the property that the oval track and drag strip are on between Ulmerton and 118th close to 10 years ago. Long before that everybody at the track was thinking the end was near. Well, they're still racing on those same tracks.I started racing out there back in 1994 and stopped in 2006.
  4. tknaebel

    Tarpon school

    Wow! That's a lot of bucks. I know Kris charges at least $250 and that's just the rod! I know you tarpon fish a lot so that's a good investment for you. For me' date=' who only fished for tarpon a couple of years ago' date=' I took Dave Rieumont's suggestions at TFO and paid, I think, under $150. Unfortunately, due to operator error :blush: the rig now rests somewhere under the Skyway. :fishing02:P. S. Thanks again, Tim and Dawn. [/quote'']Sorry you lost that rod Barry.We're in again if we can get it going. Still need to get one to the boat. Met a bunch of good people doing it the first time around.
  5. tknaebel

    Thanks to Autumn

    I need to try and remember the Caribbean Spotted Mackerel name. That one is a beast. They're fun to catch but the smell is horrible. You put him on some nice fish.
  6. tknaebel

    Islamorada fishing charters.

    Don't know about Islamorada but i have a great guy in Marathon if you want to go down a little farther.http://www.sweetenufcharters.com/
  7. tknaebel

    What's your worst fishing "injury"?

    Dealt with that from not wearing shoes while standing on the boat deck.Got stuck in the finger by a Pinfish. Had a small spot at the entry site that would not heal. After a few months and three different doctors got an answer. The fourth doctor looked at it and right away diagnosed it. I had a bacterial infection of the tendon in my finger. He said he sees it a couple times a year in fishermen. Had to have surgery since no drug would clear it up. They had to open my finger and the sheath around the tendon to scrap off the infection. Nothing too painful or bothersome. Those worst part was the big clunky badge i had to wear for a weekend after the surgery so i didn't bend my finger. Started physical therapy four days after surgery.Lesson learned. Clean any puncture wounds from a fish fin or hook. I have a cool scar from it now though. Chicks dig scars. One other that was not entierly from fishing but spending time in the sun with no sunscreen.MelanomaIt involved four surgeries, a skin graph, radiation treatments, Interferon treatments and wound care for radiation necroses caused by the radiation treatments.Wear sunscreen when you are outside.
  8. tknaebel

    Love the new site!

    They are all showing up now. Thank you!
  9. tknaebel

    Love the new site!

    Have not been by in a couple weeks and come back to something new. Looks awesome! Now i need to find the time to stick around.I am missing a bunch of the forum categories when i use the link from the main page. I can get to the missing ones with the drop down index box at the top right. I see other people are having the same issue and you're working hard at getting it 100%.
  10. tknaebel

    Safety check on land?

    FWC can write you a speeding ticket on the street if they feel like it. They are law enforcement and have jurisdiction anywhere they go. Kind of like a state trooper and local sheriff all in one. Of course they're more concerned about you while you're doing outdoor stuff.
  11. tknaebel

    How to use barnacles for Sheepshead?

    Fiddlers work offshore as well. Red Grouper and Grunts were caught on some Sunday.
  12. tknaebel

    Cypress Point Launch?

    I figured there was a story behind Barry's post.
  13. tknaebel


    They will eat anything and everything they can. Had one racing back and forth under the boat this past weekend trying to eat a couple ladyfish. We ended up leaving because we didn't want to train it anymore than it already was.
  14. tknaebel

    Practice can make you better!

    Practice is good.I'll just loop the line through a slip sinker and tie it back to the main line above the sinker. We all have a bunch of different size slip sinkers in our tackle bags. It's a little hard on the sinker if you use it on concrete though.
  15. tknaebel

    This CAN'T be good!

    The summer time fertilizer ban by the counties around Tampa Bay have really improved the water quality and the sea grass is coming back. Maybe some of these other coastal counties should ban fertilizing during the summer as well. I don't even want to think about the mess from the run off of Lake O and the damage it has done on both coast down to the south.