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  1. Thanks. I have fished 4th street for years and have done very well. Still have not done well at the fort. Mostly small reds n trout
  2. 7-8 with the Fluor and 5 with braid
  3. That's fort desoto south st Pete off 275. Gonna hit the water around 6:45 just after the gate. Lil place up on the left I use to catch reds at, but have not tried it in a year.
  4. Hitting desoto area for first time in ages Pitching pins so hopefully get some reds.
  5. We caught two smaller ones but saw some monsters. Jacks n Mack were a pain
  6. Very early in the morning. We also went up to jetty just off Clearwater must have seen 40 snook gathered there. This was a boat day only placed it in kayak report because I'm usually in my Jackson 99% of the time. Think I'm hitting the Fort at day break tomorrow. Tight lines all
  7. We caught 8 snook this one was right at 35in. One red was 33in. All on whitebait n pins
  8. I caught my biggest trout n red with popping cork. Never leave home without a Cajun Thunder
  9. Getting out early Sunday gonna pitch pins and cut bait for snook n reds,,,, which location would you guys choose this week. Btw caught a 35in snook off honeymoon 2 weeks ago will post pic ASAP
  10. toddylove

    Beer Survey

    dirt wolf been my fav for a few months now. Also any "enjoy by certain dates by Stone Brewery". Double IPA all the way
  11. Gonna be spending a three day weekend at Cedar Key next week and was looking for any help on where to fish. We will be staying at a rental close to the boat docks. Looks like great fishing on the images but have no clue where I should go since it is my first time there. Any help appreciated.
  12. Been very busy with work, but with the weather cooling down soon I will make it a priority to get on the water. Im still in clermont so its quite a drive. Love the Jackson cuda though!!!!!!
  13. First time Ive fished the Upper Bay and was very surprised. 2 reds over 26in and 4 snook ( a little on the small side biggest one was 27in). Caught on live shrimp and a zaraspook jr. Gonna try it again tomorrow on the falling tide. Ill download some pics later. Goodluck all
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