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  1. There are two thing you can do to help prevent this. * INSTALL BEARING BUDDIES *Bearing buddies are designed to keep a slight amount of pressure on the grease in the hub thus helping to keep water out of the inner hub and bearings. ** TAKE YOUR TIME LAUNCHING **After a road trip your bearings and hubs get warm. If you have ever soldered copper pipe or electric wire you will have noticed that solder flows toward heat. The same applies to your bearings and hubs. The cool and often salty water wants to flow into the warm hubs. The best thing you can do is park for a short time before launching and let the hubs cool down while you load your equipment and check the boat over. Also train yourself to feel your hubs with the BACK of your hand for heat when you arrive. You will be able to detect most upcoming bearing issues if the hubs are running hot. Your hubs should be warm to the touch. The threshold of pain is around 130 F and if your bearings are running above that temperature you most likely have a problem. The back of your hand is more sensitive to heat. (If you touch a very hot hub with the inside of your finger tips you may burn skin before you feel it.) You can try this at home with hot tap water. You will quickly see which side of your hand will spend less time in contact with a hot object. The less time in contact with heat the less damage you do.Richie
  2. Xavier, When is the movie coming out ? We will have to hit the water again soon!Richie
  3. I can't believe you two are concerned about wind conditions....??? Your going after the "Big Ugly" in a yack......... May want to carry your passport with you........Crabs are very easy to catch all over up this way. Anything dead on a line will just about land you a crab. (Dead Pin Fish,Squid, or old fish remains will work) Hook it on a line and let it sit on the bottom and when you see the tip start bouncing reel it in very slow. Just be ready to do battle as they are rather feisty to say the least once you get them in a boat. ( I suggest you have your landing net handy)I have found that a pair of sheet metal shears works great to cut them up to bait sized portions.Richie
  4. Try just one drop of the original super glue. I use this with gulp and a jig head and it tends to keep the bait on the hook even after a decent fight. I just purchased some Z-man shrimp last week and had the same problem. Great action but hard to work with!Richie
  5. Xav, Keep an eye on the weather. That cold front moved in here this morning and will shut the fishing down for a few days. I'd rather see you fish close to home than to spend a bunch of money to come up here for poor fishing. I promise I will keep you posted on whats going on in Oz over the next few days. Richie
  6. Not sure what is up for the weekend yet ( I know I have a party to go to in the afternoon and I think it is Saturday) Xav but I do have another launch I would like to show you. Keep an eye on this thread and Paul should be posting a reply.
  7. SunBked and I are coming down Saturday before the Extravaganza and are planning on fishing the area. Is anyone looking to hook up and wet some lines? Paul posted this under the main heading for the extravaganza but it is not showing under recent my posts. That may be the reason he only got one reply.Richie
  8. It was a great day to be out on the water and it was fun to meet and fish with some of the TOF guys. Fishing was slow but we did get some cast net practice in and I got to see a big shark that made me glad I was not in a Kayak. I headed in early because I am just worn out from to many days in the sun and on the water in the last 2 weeks. Hope the new guys had fun and I hope they will hook up with us again in the future. Richie
  9. See you guys at the boat ramp on the North end of Ozello Trail. Just in case I don't make it to Ed's at 5:30No Paul not your fault I lost the trout. I should have you on speed dial instead of looking for you in my contact list
  10. Fished from 7 till 11:45Spent most of the first 2 hours pounding mullet schools with live shrimp looking for reds Gave up on that idea and went looking for trout with what was left of the live shrimp. Total catch 7 trout 2 slot size fish and the rest were close and one of those was 15 but went backLost 2 trout. Lost 1 while talking to my fishin buddy Paul on the cell phone :)Landed 2 on suspending Mirro Lure and 1 jack (Lime green and Chrome) Had several missed strikes on the Mirro3 Jacks 2 Snapper1 big ugly catfishToday was a live bait day for me and as the sun got higher the trout moved into the weed beds with a foot or two of water over them . I do most of my fishing with gulp or soft plastics. Still room in the front of the boat for tomorrow if anyone wants to make a road trip.Richie
  11. On my way out to check fish creek. Will let you guys know what's up this evening. I may be bringing the tug boat tomorrow in the morning. I think I have room for a body if anyone is interested in a non paddling experience shoot me a PMRichie
  12. LTF:Shoot SunBked a private message. He loves that paddle and is really good with it. Your welcome to come up and fish Ozello with us any time we are available. (as are the rest of the guys on this forum)
  13. I just pulled up Google Earth for the launch ramp and you need to turn left off of Bear Creek on to S. Fishcreek Point. and go to the end of it. DO NOT run over the land owners chickens. You do not end up in the St. Martins river but you do end up in Fish Creek. (Believe me, that's not a bad thing) :)Richie
  14. Great report Paul! I really had a great time fishing with you over the weekend. I do hope you will re consider that offer Gary made you to write reports for our area. Maybe in the future a couple of the guys from the Tampa area will come up and learn some new water with us. !!!!Richie
  15. Check out the video on U tube called The Dry No Mouth Cast net Method from Shadstocking.com ( I think it is his U tube name)Keep in mind that the guy is left handed but the method he uses is easy to learn and will have you casting well in about a dozen practice tosses. Just make sure you have all the weights in your strong hand or you will really get tired fast.Richie
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