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  1. edquin

    Trailer Repair Shop

    There is a shop on hillsborough ave. just east of dale mabry, have never had work done there but have bought parts from them.
  2. edquin

    Hell Yeah Let's Go!

    Epic trip and pictures Thanks for sharing.
  3. edquin

    A First

    Go Robbie go Robbie go Robbie !!
  4. Has the shadow grown? He looks taller to me
  5. Speaking of the shadow has he arrived there yet ?
  6. edquin

    Fishing In Our Soul

    Nice Timmy Thanks
  7. edquin


    Be careful wading key vista flats in the summer,BIG bulls and nurse sharks use those flats to breed.
  8. edquin

    Ekft Ladies Division Champ, Pam

    WAYTAGO Gal !!
  9. I've seen pics of big drum caught at the outflow very recently.
  10. edquin

    Back In Action...sort Of!

    Fordee, Good to see you out and testing the water (sort of speak)
  11. edquin

    Eagle Point Park?

    9r It's not a bad launch, a little steep. There is some excellent fishing around the corner to the north,both in the bayou and on the gulf side in sand bay,a few feeder creeks that empty out and a few scattered ousters scattered throughout sand bay, Key is stealth the reds are VERY spooky here and a high tide is a must. Spring and late fall are the best here. During the summer Bull sharks come to spawn in Sand Bay. Directly to the south is Gulf Harbors, Excellent fishing in the deeper channels with rocks, truth be known some canals hold keeper grouper ALL year. Hope that heads you in the right direction.
  12. edquin

    Night Time Is The Right Time

    Nice work Pat!! Sorry I couldn't make it had to be back at work early, not like in our younger years.
  13. Good to hear from you again David.