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  1. The bluegill spawn after the bass in large communities with multiple beds. There is usually a big bass hanging near by to eat them.
  2. Too bad about the snook, but you learned something new in the shallow bay, that was worth the trip.
  3. Depending on the lake, the spawn is in progress or finished some time ago. Next is the gill spawn that I am hoping produces some fat gill eaters.
  4. Thanks for the kind words Dave, those were good times. Great write up and some great points, thanks for taking the time to share your experiences. I believe you guys are referring to the same Cody I follow on FB, he is now serving our country as a marine I believe, and is no linger in Florida. He is a hell of a young fishermen. As for location, I don't crop my pics only to make the fish look bigger. LOL
  5. I agree that social media is making forums outdated. Most people posting here are older and have belong to forums for years. I post on both, but that's because most of the fisherman I know online are from other parts of the country and don't understand how it is locally. For example, if I post a report and picture of a 20" flounder caught here, you guys would appreciate its size, guys from California would say that's a tiny halibut. LOL I believe eventually fishing forums will be as popular as record players and pagers.
  6. Good fishing considering the conditions. That wind has been brutal
  7. Good way to end the day. Too bad about the snook.
  8. When you wind it tight it does not come out that easily. The hook would be set before the line comes out. I have caught a few small fish on the smaller version and the hook up was not a problem.
  9. Are you asking about the spooltek? I am sure they have them at TFO and dogfish
  10. Doubt it will affect them at all, just an earlier start.
  11. I purchased a spooltek for saltwater but I don't really use it that much. In my opinion the concept the the most innovative idea I have seen for fishing since the DOA shrimp, but the realism, action and sink rate are not what I look for in a a swimbait. Are they effective? Extremely, but for deeper water or at night, the guys down in Miami have great success with snook, Jewish, tarpon, and even snapper around the canals and bridges. I am hoping that when their patent expires and other companies pick up on the concept, new baits will be made with a more baitfish type profile and different tail design more suited for shallower water. If so, I will use them all the time. I modified mine by drilling out some the the weight near the head, just to be able to use it in the canals, otherwise they sink Into the bottom. If you decide to get one I can explain how I did it. If the mods want I can do a full review.
  12. It been a rough winter. Hopefully spring will heat things up.
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