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  1. captain g

    Palm Beach County Kdw Tournament

    The Palm Beach County KDW Tournament is scheduled for Saturday June 3,2017. The event is being sponsored by the West Palm Beach Fishing Club.. If you require additional info, please contact the club at 561-832-6780 If you need additional info, please contact the club
  2. captain g

    Proud Of My Spouse

    This year while fishing with my wife for tarpon, my wife caught a lifetime fish. Being members of the West Palm Beach Fishing Club,my wife was awarded a certificate for the largest tarpon caught this year. The fish weighed approx. 180pds and was released unharmed. This fish dragged my wife around for 45minutes and even broke her fight during the battle. She never asked for help or gave up. I could never be more proud.
  3. I have been writing the offshore fishing report for Palm Beach/Jupiter on the Online fisherman for about 3 years now and I have to say I have never had so much fun working here. Guy Harvey has been an enormous influence in my life with his first hand knowledge of fishing and consevation(as well as his art) It is going to be a great partnership and I look forward to being more involved with this merger. Thank you Online fisherman for everything. Capt. Gary Friedman
  4. captain g

    Biscayne Bay Permit Fishing Report

    Nice permit, we only get those slobs off the wrecks off Palm Beach.
  5. captain g

    God Bless the USA and Happy Fourth of July

    Happy 4th to all, if you plan on being out on the water, please take extra care. Let everyone come home in one piece :thumbsup:
  6. captain g


    I love that.....way to go FWC
  7. captain g

    New to the area

    Nice to meet you, welcome :thumbsup:
  8. captain g

    Heading out this evening!

    Really nice fish. congrads :thumbsup:
  9. captain g

    New to the Forum

    Good to meet you Vic
  10. captain g

    Ashley's first boated Kingfish!

    Ashley gets thumbs up, looks like she put in a full day :thumbsup:
  11. Nice fish guys, keep it up.......
  12. captain g


    Welcome, if you have any questions, or want to share some info, please feel free.
  13. captain g

    Tarpon school

    Dk,Your off to a good start, and no, an anchor buoy is not necessary. I have one and found the only time I use it is when i anchor in 300 feet or better.Some of the necessities are flares,first aid kit and small tool box. make sure you follow all Coast Guard requirements as far as life vests and floatation devices.When I started out, I too had a hand held radio and I never was able to raise anyone.A good VHF is a great idea, but if you plan on staying close to shore, a cellphone will be just as productive. Just make sure you have the necessary phone numbers such as USCG and tow boat company.