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  1. sideshow

    Saying Goodbye Is Very Difficult

    Glad to see you back
  2. sideshow

    My First Hogfish

    Nice catch Congratz .
  3. sideshow

    Born To Fish...and Hunt

    Always love your reports
  4. sideshow

    All Good Things Must Come To An End

    Nice write up. What charter is this ?
  5. sideshow

    Need Help Finding A Charter

    Well when we did the TOF trip not even half the boat caught a fish. my group which was 4 of us didn't get 1 fish either. We were told we would get a discount on a next trip. I have a friend who had setup a charter with 2 Georges and invited me to take her son out for his birthday . I had them cancel their reservation and I called Dylan and he said no to the discount. Oh well .I decide to go with Hubbards anyway . 3 reservations, ice, drinks, rod rentals, bait came up to over $480.00 . Just a really bad day . 2 trips in a row really sucks. I understand fishing is fishing , but being a local and in 2 trips getting nothing and paying about a grand between both trips leaves a sour taste in my mouth . The only good thing abut the trip was spending time with friends . I did say hi to Dylan and talk a bit. He and his family are good people. I might one day do the 39 hour , but I don't think I can ever do another 12 hour. I'm not going to ask for a future discount after being told no once already. I'll repeat again I know it isn't their fault , but doesn't help the loss of funds or the back to back quiet trips .
  6. sideshow

    Need Help Finding A Charter

    If you remember the TOF charter we did. Not even close to that trip . Maybe 25 fish total on board. Need a private charter . Dropped $480.00 on that trip for a friend and her son who's birthday it was. My friend caught a red grouper and that was pretty much it for all 3 of us.
  7. sideshow

    Need Help Finding A Charter

    Ok . Called back and was able to reserve 3 spots that was open. Hoping this trip goes better then the last tof hubards event. Wish we got a discount , but we don't
  8. I'm looking for a charter for Saturday night or Sunday 12 hours I will be with friends want to go out for America red snapper right now. Was trying to see if tof got a discount at Hubbards but we don't and by time I found out they were booked so I'm trying 258 Charter that goes out Saturday night or Sunday for 12 hours . It's my friend's son's birthday so we're trying to get him out
  9. sideshow

    Huge Grouper And Much More

    Wow that's a nice haul . Might call tomorrow for Sundays 10 hor trip to check on pricing.
  10. sideshow

    111Lb Cubera Snapper Caught On Hubbard's 39Hr Trip!

    Crazy . Thinking about doing the 10 trip Sunday with 2 others
  11. sideshow

    Kind Of New

    Welcome back home .
  12. sideshow

    Am I On The Right Track

    I have never targeted them , but I will tell you a spot a Captain told me about , but never tries. Howard Franklin bridge. from the east side anchor between the 2 to 4th pylon. Claims he has caught a lot there on numerous trips. If you try it please post feedback. I would like to target them , but will be trying grouper this week end
  13. Love it. Just steer clear of any cops lol .
  14. sideshow


    One day I'll get my Poon . I see they are hitting right now .
  15. sideshow

    Tarpon Bite?

    I have a friend catching quite a few on the beaches this week.